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Bertil 06-26-2001 12:36 PM

I found this on tomshardware.com:

Blue Lasers Increase Storage Capacity

Not sure how many of you are interested in what makes compact disk drives tick, but many of you might be interested in technology that will make their capacity four times larger. Elantec Semiconductor today introduced a new laser diode driver called the EL6250C for the violet/blue laser diode. Blue lasers are expected to provide a 300% to 400% increase in data storage capability in compact disk, CD-ROM, HDTV-capable DVD, and DVR drives over the infrared and red laser beams that are currently in use. To give you a little technical background, today’s lasers typically use infrared light (780 to 850 nanometers) or red light (635 to 670 nanometers). Blue lasers operate at a shorter wavelength (approximately 400 nanometers). A shorter wavelength creates a more concentrated beam of light that can focus to a smaller spot size, making it able to store and read much more information on the same size disk. The new EL6250C blue laser driver operates from two discrete supply voltages. The internal logic operates from +5V supply, while the blue laser diode threshold of +5V requires the output stage to run at greater than +6V. Having two supply voltages allows the EL6250C to minimize power consumption while driving the blue laser. The EL6250C integrates the current channels needed for the read, erase, bias and write laser drive power levels, along with a high frequency modulator (HFM) oscillator with high-speed laser driver output. It’s also supposed to reduce component count, in turn reducing production costs and saving board space The EL6250C in a 24-pin QSOP package is priced at $3.60 in 10,000-piece quantities and samples are available now. "

I can only hope this means "HD-DVD" type products soon.



Bertil 06-26-2001 12:40 PM

Here is the actual press release:


peterd 06-27-2001 06:48 PM

The technology is not the only factor in how fast HD DVDs come to market or how successful they become. I personally am not holding my breath. And here's a thread on the complimentary advances in the discs themselves in which my opinion is positively bullish compared to others.


kelliot 06-27-2001 09:05 PM

I think they are making the drivers, not the lasers.

Ken Elliott

Augustus2 06-28-2001 07:19 AM

Nichia Corp of Japan is busting a gut to get it's blue/violet laser into commercial production. For fans of the latest and greatest AV toys this is one of the big breaktthroughs to watch.

April 2002 is when they will supposedly begin producing the high-powered violet laser diodes that are essential for the development of next generation DVDs.

Importantly, these diodes can generate 30 milliwatts of laser light, which means they will not only read data from a disc but also write data to it. Current versions of the laser are workable but only generate 5 milliwatts of energy and so are read only.

Next-generation DVDs will hold about 5 times the data of current DVDs.

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