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Hank527 07-10-2001 12:39 PM

HDTV Adapter (Model 6000 ONLY) Digital Modulator for DishNetwork

Hank527 07-10-2001 12:41 PM


The HDTV Digital Modulator enables an existing Model 5000 receiver to receive and deliver DISH Network HDTV programming. This is accomplished when the Model 6000 receiver/HDTV digital modulator combination is connected to the customer's existing compatible HDTV digital tuner/decoder and high definition television. The modulator interfaces with the model 6000 receiver using the high-speed data port located on the rear of the receiver.

HDTV Digital Modulator Features:

F-connector-type coaxial output. Designed to interface with an existing HDTV Digital Tuner/Decoder through the antenna input.
F-connector-type coaxial antenna input to allow pass-through of a terrestrial digital signal.
Seamless interface when used with compatible HDTV models. Allows the user to seamlessly switch between DISH Network High Definition, DISH Network Standard Definition and terrestrial digital or analog broadcasts, all using the Model 6000 remote control. See "Products Tested for Compatibility" below.
Output port provides for the use of an IR extender to support the seamless interface (optional).
Supports Dolby Digital 5.1 sound when present in the source material and used with a Dolby Digital Decoder. The Dolby Digital interface to an external Dolby Digital Decoder is achieved via the SPDIF output on the HDTV Digital Tuner/Decoder.
At this time, the antenna must be pointed to the 61.5 satellite position to receive our HDTV HBO East Channel (Channel 861).

$299.00 (Requires Model 6000 receiver with dish antenna, an HDTV and HDTV decoder/tuner, not included.)

Products Currently Tested Compatible With The HDTV Digital Modulator:

Compatible TVs With Built-In HDTV Tuners:

Philips (Model #64PP990103) -> seamless IF (code 710)
Samsung (Model #HCH55 1W) -> seamless IF (code 730)
Zenith (Model #IQB64W10W)
Hitachi (Model #61HDX98B)
Compatible Set-Top Box HDTV Digital Tuners

Mitsubishi (Model #HD-1080) -> seamless IF (code 700)
Panasonic (Model #TU-DST50W)
Zenith (Model #IQADTV1W)
Unity Motion (Model #HDR-1000A)
Please note: This list will continue to grow as more HDTVs are introduced and tested. Models in italicized print have been tested compatible with the seamless interface.


Please note: This example includes a stand alone digital television tuner/decoder. If the HDTV set has a built-in digital television tuner/decoder, a separate tuner is not needed. In addition, the connections between the digital television tuner/decoder, the HDTV set and the Dolby Digital Decoder may differ from what is shown here.

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days.

HDTVMOD6000Regular price: $399.00Sale price: $359.00

dahester 07-10-2001 01:25 PM

Proceed with caution! Although the ad. lists the features of the Dish 5000 modulator, it's advertised as if it would work with a Dish 6000 (technically you can feed the 8-VSB output of the modulator into the Dish 6000 HDTV tuner module, but that would be an exercise in mental masturbation).

The price is appropriate for a Dish 5000 modulator; the 6000 HDTV tuner module is much less (around $150 last time I checked).

So, uh, where did you see this ad?


brzez 07-10-2001 02:24 PM

I came across this site a few weeks ago. They do not have any modulators in stock. The ad is misleading and they said they would clear it up but I guess they haven't gotton around to it. They did have a couple of these modulators a few months ago.

-- John

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