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Joe Q 06-17-2001 08:36 AM

This hard to find item for allowing recording of HD from DISH is going for BIG bucks.

You all might find this interesting:

I may have to sell one of my 2 Modulatorshttp://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif


Hidef 06-18-2001 04:33 PM

I've got two extra, unused, new in the box. ... and I'm not that greedy. Who really need's one...and why?


Abq-Pete 06-18-2001 08:38 PM

Just got a message from Dish Depot. They believe they will get another 60 units in a few weeks. They will fill the backorders from the previous rush before offering the balance.

Have faith!

Regards, Peter

PVR 06-18-2001 11:55 PM

Every time dish depot sells another batch they say it is absolutely the last batch they will ever sell... Hmm maybe they have a warehouse full.

Anyways, here we go again on eBay:

I wonder if the seller is an AVSforum member?

gridleak 06-19-2001 12:44 AM

Thanks, Peter

- gridleak... biased toward HD

bpearse 06-19-2001 05:55 PM

Just so forum members know, Dish Depot found another 60 and is selling them for $300. Do not pay crazy prices on Ebay (even from me!) Buy from Dish!


bpearse 06-19-2001 10:29 PM


Yup, that is me! I am selling the unit I bought off a forum member just a few weeks ago for $400. Since I was able to buy one from Dish Depot for only $299, I wanted to dump the $400 one. I hope I can recover my costs. We'll see. I know one recently went for $800 on eBay, but that must have been an anomoly. If I can get $450 range, I will be very happy.


GaryHDTV 06-21-2001 01:47 PM

Hey Bob...
ganelson = GaryHDTV

bpearse 06-21-2001 06:42 PM

Gary, see your PM.


iwantmyhdtvnow 06-22-2001 02:26 PM

Bad new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just called dish depot and they are not getting the hdtv modulators. He said that because of all the info going around the web on these that Dish cancelled his order. So, unless he was giving me the run around, no new units will be available at dish depot.

kagato 06-22-2001 03:29 PM

I don't want to seem like a jerk here. But with some work with search engines you can find the modulators. I did an Altavista search and found a place that had one left in about 45 minutes. So it can be done. (I bought it BTW). Of course I still need something to record with.

bpearse 06-22-2001 04:53 PM


You are a better man that I! I spent 4 hours on the web searching for Modulators, sent out over 120 emails to potential dealers, and in the end found one person in Florida who had two of them, supposedly. I have been trying for 3 weeks to buy from him, but he never returns emails or calls.

If you really found a legitimate in stock modulator, you are lucky. Please share the leads, if they have more than one!!!

Iwantmyhdtvnow: If this is true, then this is really bad news. If we are not supposed to talk about modulators, I wish someone would have told us!!! But I do not understand what the big deal is!!


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shorton 06-22-2001 05:25 PM

I had two for sale for the last year and no one in this hick town can afford the Dish 5000 and the additional buck for the modulator...I may still have one dish 5000 too. I can get firm figures sometime Monday and can respond by Tues.

I know that this forum is not for selling by "dealers" but I feel that this is filling a need, not just "spamming".
I also have at least one RCA D-vhs, but I don't know how it would do HD recording. It has a firewire port up front, but doesn't even have S-video outs. Go figure.

My e-mail is shorton@dnet.net

I hope this helps someone; If not, please forgive me.

bpearse 06-22-2001 05:31 PM

If you are able to find any member of this forum an HDTV Modulator for the 5000 for retail price, I assure you no one will ever flame you!!!

I have sent you an email.


shorton 06-22-2001 05:31 PM

BTW, I'm not really a new member. I had over 30 post (with NO sales offers) before they (avsforum) changed servers/format and dumped all of us lurkers who are smart enough to know we don't know enough to try to educate everyone else.

I had the same user name back then, so if you feel that you need to, you can do a search. Are the older post still available? Also, try a search for Alan's (the old tweaks section) old "handle". It was "APM".

jlin 06-22-2001 06:41 PM

According to Dishdepot, it was the 'programmers' (aka HBO or Showtime) that pressured DISH to cancel the availability of the HDTV modulators. Apparently they do read the forums and realize that a small group of HDTV owners are collecting HDTV movies on Super/D-VHS tapes.

Apparently Hollywood was responsible for the discontinuing of the 5000 receivers in the first place.

CKNA 06-22-2001 06:53 PM

I would not believe what Dishdepot says. There was no pressure from anybody. Basically Dish had a new model coming
out and if you think about it Dish 5000 is a very cumbersome way to watch HDTV. You have to have dual hookups, for SD and HD channels and there is no way to get DD audio on SD channels if you are using HDTV modulator. BTW I have two 5000 receivers myself.

GaryHDTV 06-22-2001 06:58 PM

SD channels with AC3 audio ARE passed by the modulator. You can hear and watch SD-DD through your OTA tuner.

CKNA 06-22-2001 08:03 PM


I tried to do that, but I get nothing when switching to SD channels. I must be missing something.

Ken H 06-22-2001 08:29 PM

Non-HDTV output on the 5000 w/HD modulator is only available from channels that have DD audio.

"better living thru modern expensive electronics"

bpearse 06-22-2001 09:22 PM

And what non-HD channels have DD?? I have never seen (or heard) any.


CKNA 06-22-2001 09:40 PM


SD channels on Dish with DD are: Showtime East and West and Starz East.

Ken H 06-22-2001 09:50 PM

Showtime East 318 & West 319, both are available with DD from Dish. There may be others, these I am sure of.

"better living thru modern expensive electronics"

bpearse 06-22-2001 10:08 PM

Thanks for the replies, Ken and CKNA. That explains it: I do not subscribe to SHO. Only HBO. I just could not justify buying SHO for only 1 HD movie per day.


Joe Q 06-22-2001 10:15 PM

Originally posted by CKNA:
I would not believe what Dishdepot says.
Here is the word directly from Mark at Dishdepot who is a very honest guy:

"We were officially notified yesterday that we will not be receiving the 60
additional Modulators for the Model 5000 as previously stated.
Apparently, Programmers, etc. have taken notice of some post and were not
very happy with the continued sale of this item. "


zx7r 06-22-2001 11:18 PM

I ordered 1 of the modulators, got a confirmation e-mail. I never received another e-mail from DishDepot stating that they will not be sending it. Has anybody else? My buddy was going to let me borrow hos 5000 w/mod until I got the mod for mine. Whats the word?

tmitchmd 06-22-2001 11:36 PM

A local source has stockpiled several 5000/HD mod combos and may be (finally) willing to part with them.

Will apparently only sell as matched sets.

Will likely cost significantly more (okay, a lot more!) than original retail, but they are new in box with full warranty.

Those who are seriously desperate should email me...

GaryHDTV 06-23-2001 09:22 AM

Bob... some PPV's are also DD.

JeremyJ 06-24-2001 01:20 AM

I hate to open this can of worms again, but if it's true the MPAA pressured the "programmers" and the programmers pressured Dish.... All I can say is this; the MPAA needs to get over itself. Where there is a will, there is a way. HD recording will NOT go away, just like audio cassettes, VCR's, MP3, DivX ;-) and DeCSS didn't go away. Sure they may make it difficult for a while. But inevitably, we will all be recording HDTV on some futuristic DVD-like format, or maybe we will just archive our favorite shows on our 100 terabyte HD-Tivo boxes.

Or heaven forbid, Hollywood could simply agree to an HD-DVD format, and make us buy all of our movies yet again. (I know I sure would!) I can never figure out why the MPAA and the RIAA are so afraid of making more money by giving us what we want.

Like I've always said, piracy will disappear if you follow two simple rules:

Make it available, and make it affordable. Break either of these rules and piracy will flourish.

Sorry, it's late and I'm rambling and off topic.


D-ILA, HTPC, HDTV, Panamorph(?)
"I owe you PAIN !" -- Willow to Glory

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GaryHDTV 06-24-2001 07:08 AM

With the demise of Napster, record sales have dropped. You would think this would be a lesson.

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