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Hi everybody,

First, thanks for all the info I've read over the past several weeks.

I just recently had FiOS TV installed with the Motorola HD-DVR (QIP6416) at one of the TV's. The issue I'm running in to is that when using the HDMI cable, the High Definition channels work fine until I switch back to them from Standard Definition channels.

Meaning, when I'm watching the HD channels and switch to SD channels, both types work fine. But when I switch back to the HD channels the video/picture is pushed to the right halfway off the display with bad video quality. The only way I can retrieve the HD channels again is by turning the TV's power off & on again, or by changing the TV's input to another one and then back to HDMI.

However, everything works fine through component cables or even through HDMI cables with the DVR set at 480p or 480i (the TV is 720p).

What confuses me is whether the problem is with the TV or the DVR. The DVR was just replaced by Verizon thinking that was the problem. The video problem continues so I can all but rule out receiving a "bad" DVR initially. What makes me think the problem is with the DVR is that the issue is when switching between SD to HD channels. However, I tend to think it may be the TV since I know many people are using HDMI from this DVR without any video problems.

Could the problem be an incompatibility issue between a specific TV and DVR when using HDMI? (a Verizon tech suggested) What does turning the TV's power off and on again do - reacquire the HDMI input setting to allow the video to work?

The TV is a Sharp Aquos 32" LCD - only a few months old. The TV displays DVD videos without a problem through HDMI, and I have tried several other HDMI cables.

I'm kind of stuck with what to do next. Verizon said it's Sharp's problem with a bad TV; Sharp says it's Motorola's problem with a problematic DVR, sending incorrect video output signals when switching between SD and HD; and Motorola has quit answering tech questions from Verizon customers stating that they are now supposed to give out Verizon's FiOS tech line # for any issues with the DVR.

Anyone else experience anything like this?

I apologize if this has already been discussed, but I couldn't fine any mention of a similar issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I'm now suspicious that the problem is coming from the Sharp Aquos, rather than from the DVR.

There is a well-known "pink" or "purple" (depending on who writes the problem description) issue with HD-Tivo from D* and the Sharp Aquos via HDMI, that is very similar to the problem you're describing with your Comcast 6416 and your Sharp Aquos. Except that instead of the image shifting as you describe, the color changes with the HD-Tivo story.

With the D* HD-Tivo issue, the solution is exactly as you describe... namely either (1) turn the TV off and then on (which presumably caused the HDMI-handshake to be reissued and things correct themselves), or (2) to change to another input and then come back to HDMI which again reissues the HDMI-handshake, or (3) change to another channel that has a different resolution (e.g. 1080i -> 720p or vice versa) which also reinitiates the HDMI-handshake to clear things up.

In my nephew's case (he has D* HD-Tivo and a Sharp Aquos 45") he got fed up and went through the DVI connector instead (via HDMI-to-DVI cable), which seemed to eliminate the problem. Same digitally-delivered picture (as opposed to using component cables), but the DVI approach did not seem susceptible to the HDMI-handshake symptom. Yes, he had to connect an audio cable as well but that was an acceptable price to pay to eliminate the "pink/purple" problem.

Anyway, I'm guessing your image-shift description is a very similar problem, and that going to DVI+audio (assuming you are using the speakers in the Aquos) might solve your dilemma. Again, I'm now suspicious the fault lies with the Sharp rather than with your Motorola DVR.
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I am having the exact same 'shifting to the right' issue with my Sharp Aquos 37" and Motorola PVR (on Shaw Digital Cable). Everything is fine if I use component video, but both HDMI cables (one cheap, one expensive) I've tried have had this issue. I had a cable guy come check my box but he couldn't figure out what the problem was - although he did say someone else with the same tv was having the problem as well. That makes me think it is a Sharp issue.
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Hi guys,
I have a similar problem with Sharp Aquos and Comcast Motorola cable box. The SD channels are coming fine but the HD channels shift to the rigth. This is when I use the HDMI-HDMI cable. If I use the HDMI-DVI cable, it works fine. Did any of you find a solution for this problem yet? Is this a Sharp problem. I bought my Sharp couple of weeks back and I reaaaaaally want to watch the HD channels. Any help with this problem is highly appreciated.

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I have an Aquos LC-37D4U and I am experiencing the same problem. Verizon just came yesterday to install FiOS. They tried three different boxes (all Motorolas, same model) and two different HDMI cables - one mine and one theirs - with no improvement.

I guess I am relieved that I am not the only one experiencing the problem, but I wish their were a solution. My component inputs are all spoken for right now. I don't want to downgrade to that.

Some of you have mentioned using HDMI to DVI, but my model doesn't have a DVI input, only HDMI. Has anyone tried HDMI to DVI back to HDMI? Is that possible?

(I am not using my TV's speakers, so I am not concerned about the audio.)
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Wow, chalk up another person having the exact problem as you guys with the HDMI.

Has anybody made any progress yet? I'm hoping its the TV so I can use my extended warranty from CC and upgrade my TV
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I don't now if this is the exact problem you're seeing, but it may add some insights:

[edit] When turning the box on, it may not display a picture, the picture may be solid green, a blue box may appear displaying an HDCP error, or multiple images may appear on HD channels
Cause: If you are using DVI or HDMI output, it may be because a proper HDCP handshake did not take place to allow the box to output the video to the TV. In this case, the DVI would display video for about 5 seconds then go blank or green. Occasionally, it may display video and put a big blue box saying there is an HDCP error (seen using a Sharp LC-45GD7U TV). On a Samsung TX-R2779H with a PII box and a DVI-to-HDMI cable, this led to multiple side-by-side images when watching a HD channel thru either DVI or component outputs.
Check to see if HDCP is enabled (obviously, while using component or other non-digital output).
If using Firmware 16.20 or later, check to see if the HDMI/DVI OUTPUT MODE is set properly.
This user (Doug) doesn't remember the exact sequence of events used to fix the problem, but it consisted of doing these things in a particular order after powering off the TV, the STB (fully powered off, as in unplug the power cord), and disconnecting the DVI cable:
Plug in STB
Turn on TV
Connect DVI cable
Power on STB
Note: After a few tries of various combinations, I got the DVI to work fine and the status display showed HDCP was enabled.
If you constantly have HDCP handshake issues between a PI/PII box and an HDMI display thru a DVI-to-HDMI cable or adapter, replace them with a PIII box and a pure HDMI connection. On the Samsung above, this not only resolved the issue, but also improved analog picture quality and added digital sound. (Many cable companies in the United States will "swap out" leased PI/PII boxes for PIII boxes, if available, at their local offices for no charge.)
Cause: The Motorola STBs with certain firmware revisions are known to have issues with HDMI/DVI repeaters, including most home theater receivers.
Remedy: None. Motorola fixed the HDCP handshake to allow repeaters as of Firmware 12.35.

Also see:

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I think I found a solution. I have the same Sharp 37" Aquos, but mine is Model LC-37DB5U. My Set Top Box is Motorola's QIP-6416-2 HD/DVR from Verizon with their new FIOS service just installed this past Thursday.

Turned the TV on -- which was pre-set at 1080i -- picture went crazy, sliding to the right. Had to change the Set Top Box setting to 720p, but by that time we had tried 2 boxes, 3 sets of HDMI Cables, and settled on Component Video Cables because they were the only thing that worked.

Solution, if you want to revert to the HDMI Cable...
a) Set the Motorola Set Top Box to 1080i / 16:9 (which the Sharp supports).
b) The picture will go crazy. Leave it alone! SHUT DOWN BOTH THE TV AND THE SET TOP BOX WITH THE MOTOROLA REMOTE.
c) You must then completely unplug the TV from the wall.
d) At this point, change out your Cables.
e) Plug the TV back in.
f) Start both units with the Motorola Remote.
You should now have a rock-solid 1080i picture over HDMI if you remembered to change your Video Source to Input 4 (or whatever you've labeled your HDMI Input to be).

If this does not work, carefully go through the procedure again, now that you have the HDMI Cable attached and have the TV using that Input Source. The first important part is to set the Set Top Box to 1080i so the TV can respond automatically to the signal feed -- it will. And the second MOST IMPORTANT PART is to unplug the TV completely -- simply restarting it will fail most times.

This may work on other Sharp models.

Don't ask me how I came up with this solution. It just popped into my head as I was dozing off in front of the TV after 2 hours of frustration trying to get it to work by following the "directions" -- Motorola's booklet is incorrect in some regards, and Sharp doesn't fully explain the procedure.

I am posting this as a new subject, also, because this thread is quite old.

Good luck!
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Here is the fix

Warning!! All of these instructions must followed on the STB receiver NOT the remote.

1. Press Power on STB box. Leave Television on.
2. Press Select then the Menu button.
3. Scroll down to 4:3 override.
4. Choose 480p
5. Press the Power button

Now power your STB receiver back on and you can view both HD and SD channels using the HDMI connection.
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