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Originally Posted by GoCaboNow View Post
General Kenobi is Awesome! General Kenobi is Awesome when he is part of our team. General Kenobi is Awesome!

Predators will not kill them either, unless pressed. As witnessed in the original Alien Vs Predator when the predator did not kill Weyland since he detected the cancer (or whatever) in him.

I can't recall jackets or trailers getting me. I do remember being 16 and taking a date to Alien, at original release, and being so freaked by the movie I didn't even try anything with my date.

I don't remember the Alien trailer because I was only 3 at that time! But I love the sounds at the end of this trailer! Pretty damn scary imo!
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Was 4 or 5, remember asking to rent it on video and it being a no go. But I also remember my brother and I having 12" or so Alien dolls that were remarkably awesome by the toy standards of the time.

Not sure why but it was Friday the 13th Part III that traumatized me the most, I didn't see it in 3D but I suspect some of the pop out gags particularly the skull crush were too much for my 8 year old mind.
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'As Above So Below' I saw it, A couple of caveats, there a level of shakey cam in this and if you are claustrophobic this movie is not for you. There is blood but not creature ripped their heart out gore. There are supernatural forces at work and when things move underground things get weirder and weirder. If you didn't like the cave diving in "The Descent' you won't get into this.
Without really giving too much away, The story set up is a doctor is looking for something that an alchemist buried beneath Paris, there may be treasure, and the gates of hell are involved. Or it could be the real gates of hell.
Things start out slow ( in a good way) and when they go south they really go south. The dialog is very key to parts of this and it's important to take it all in, it will make things the less confusing. Things are not overly explained, so you will get draw you own conclusions.
It's good for a supernatural suspense movie, just don't expect a horror film. There is a good level of what the hell is going on suspense. I liked it. The film is from the Dowdle brothers you might know some of their work.

"Bring out yer dead!".."Wait I'm not dead yet!"..(Sound Austrian here) "WRONG !!" (You know what happens next..)
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Originally Posted by tenthplanet View Post
'As Above So Below' I saw it, A couple of caveats, there a level of shakey cam in this and if you are claustrophobic this movie is not for you.
I don't care for the shaky camera stuff but I can tolerate it to a point. Blair Witch, V/H/S, and REC didn't bother me too much. I could not watch Irreversible. That one got the honorary "Oink" treatment.
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