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RobertR's Avatar RobertR 10:55 AM 06-02-2012
Originally Posted by raaj View Post

So has been the "myth" that corporations and capitalism has the "good of all" in its interests.

Except I don't know anyone who promulgates that myth. If you like and buy a product, you only do so because you decide it's good for you. There's none of the pretense of forcing policy on everyone in the belief that it's "good" for everyone.


When these corporations start "buying" off the government, it is not capitalism or democracy anymore.

We're in agreement there. What people don't realize, though, is that policies that supposedly are for the "good of all" are simply measures to help some lobbying group.


People can at least control the fate of a government by electing good people who have their interests at heart. Not so much with a corporation.

People "vote" all the time on businesses, by choosing to buy or not buy from them. Those businesses that give people what they want succeed. Those that don't fail (except those that are propped up by government for the "good of all"). With government, you're much more likely to have a situation where politicians dictate what's "good" for everyone else (such as the propose NYC soda ban), based on who voted for them/supplied them money.

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