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Disclaimer: I like Adam Sandler, for the most part. He provided some great goofy comedies (like Happy Gilmore and Big Daddy) early in his career, and ended up providing some decent-enough characters as he grew up that were able to ground his screwball side and even provide a bit of sincerity.

In Funny People, he starred as a washed up actor who had built a career on goofy schlock and grew up to realize the futility of his actions in life. It was a touching role at times, as it seemed fairly autobiographical. I left that film feeling like perhaps Sandler had really learned some things, and we'd get to see more of his sincere side.

Now, he's starring in a film that his "Funny People" character would have felt right at home in.

Either I gave him too much credit (as did many critics and bloggers who are writing similar things about correlating his "Funny People" character and this trailer), or the man is really hard up for cash. Or perhaps he's locked into a few studio contracts and was forced to make this. Whatever the case may be, I shake my head.
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He doesn't need cash. The guy has got to be loaded out the wazzoo.

Anyway, there is one simple way to explain why Adam Sandler continues to make movies. Soem funny and stupid, but most just plain stupid.

His movies, for the most part(Click), are cheap too make, and in the end they turn a profit. He is most likely the highest paid person on the set without question(his production company is usually involved in his movies), and he gets his friends to work in these movies in small roles, for probably cheap prices(cheap according to Hollywood, and not the rest of the world, mind you), and the fact that they all actually "like" working together.

So cheaply made movie, plus a pretty good guaranteed return from distirbution in theaters/DVD/Blu-rays/etc..., and you get a nice profit is the main reason he gets work.

Other than that, most of his movies are so bad. But I have too admit, I liked Grown-ups. It made me laugh, and more importantly, remember that period in my own life as a kid growing up. We(Sandler and myself) are about the same age, and grew up in the Tri-state area(NY/NJ/Conn) at the same time.
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Agree, most of his movies are stupid to most of film enthusiasts like AVS members BUT his movies appeal to the general movie goer and that's where his movies are aimed at. He's smart and knows what appeals to joe 6 pack & his family...they make $$$ for the studios.

He has talent to do more but to him it's like...why should he make movies like Inception or True Grit when they don't make a fraction of some junk like Just go with it.
He's alright..I rather watch sandler's worst than the not nearly as annoying as Kutcher, Hayden, Rogan, Shia, russell brand.

IMO his best movie was punch drunk love...funny and very enjoyable dir by paul thomas anderson which probably helped a lot.
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What does it mean if, as I get older, I am finding his Movies funnier? I hated "Grown ups" for the record. Some I like, some not so much, but I actually laughed quite a bit from that trailer.
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I actually liked Click but that's about it.

@zoey what do you mean when they don't make a fraction of junk like Just Go With It? Inception and True Grit were far more successful than JGWI right?

I think Sandler can act. So maybe he's just lazy and prefer being on cruise control all the time. OTOH, if people are still paying for abominations like the Jackass movies...Sandler's career is safe and secured!


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There's a theory, based on the final scene, that this movie is a giant troll by Sandler. Essentially it claims he purposefully made an atrocious film, knowing perfectly well that audiences would still pay to see it and he and his friends would get paid.

Either way, Red-Letter Media (guy behind the outstanding Star Wars prequels breakdown), has review this film for your enjoyment (which is sitting at a 4% on RT btw).

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Funny this cam up because I saw this earlier on my Facebook page:

Girl: "What's playing at the movies that's good. I'm bored.
Guy: "Jack & Jill."
Girl: Oh, I LOVE Adam Sandler!"
Another Guy: Yeah, Sandler is pretty damn funny!"

This is why we can't have nice things...young people under 18.

"I am NOT suffering from insanity... I happen to be enjoying myself!"

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Seems like a rite of passage.

25 Male Actors Playing Female Characters (Before Adam Sandler)

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten Movies
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