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Every time I turn on the boob tube the last couple of weeks, I see a trailer for this:

IIRC, this was a pulp novel not so long ago....akin to the Jane Austen vs. etc., etc.,....
Never read the Jane stuff, but the wife did and got a kick out of it.

At any rate, the movie is directed by the Russian guy who did Night Watch, Day Watch, Wanted, etc.

As goofy and silly (and dumb) as the trailer looks, IMO, the man has a talent for visuals.
Fingers crossed here for a cult classic (uhhh...make that triple crossed rolleyes.gifbiggrin.gif).

On a related note...after scrapping around the bottom of Amazon, I found a BD of this:

Unfortunately, I couldn't resist and ordered.
VERDICT: fifteen minutes, and out (it's really that bad mad.gif).
Wow wow wow, just horrible shite...completely stinks up the place.tongue.gif

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With new forum software I can't merge threads with redirects. This is the best I can do.  Here's original thread: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1393950/abraham-lincoln-vampire-hunter/0_50



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