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General Kenobi's Avatar General Kenobi 10:36 AM 09-27-2012

cshawnmcdonald's Avatar cshawnmcdonald 10:41 AM 09-27-2012
Please let it be as good as the previous three. Please don't jump the shark just one more time.
darthrsg's Avatar darthrsg 01:01 PM 10-04-2012
So the ghost went across the street?
zoey67's Avatar zoey67 12:25 AM 02-01-2013
Just got done with this last night with the lights turned off again in the dark and got another thriller. I love it, just keep em coming. if you liked the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, you will like this one as well. The little kid was amazing and so was that main teen age girl. Great production and execution.

Each one to me stand on it's own and they somehow managed to expand the series without cheapening it anyway like the Saw series for example. If they can keep this up, I'll def look forward to the 5th one.
wmcclain's Avatar wmcclain 05:29 AM 02-01-2013
The demon is pretty whimsical; remember when it kept hauling the pool cleaning gadget out? What a joker.

The witches coven are humorless people by comparison.

I don't recommend these but for some reason I keep watching them. Once only.

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