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Originally Posted by thedeskE View Post

Why? It has Will Smith On The Cover
Exactly. The percentage of people out there who review things before having anything to do with them (participating, buying, etc.) must be shockingly small. Hell, I review underwear before I buy it (usually from a garage sale).


Chances are very good that I was drinking when I posted the above.

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Originally Posted by Mr. Hanky View Post

Wow, such venom out there for M Night and Will Smith v1/v2! tongue.gif

I must be the only one on Earth that thought this movie was decent...much better than I was expecting. I, too, was initially turned-off by the prospect of the Will and son connection, but I got over that in about 5 min. The sci-fi elements were nicely designed. I liked the concept of returning to Earth with more vicious nature. I liked the concept of son earning his place of respect to his father. I liked the drama of parent trying to guide child on a dangerous mission, but then feeling helpless when inevitably disconnected from communication to the child. I liked M Night's classic touch of weaving in a backstory of something very tragic (the death of the sister) and growing from it (very much in the vein of Signs).

I did think Will Smith's acting was a little strange earlier in the he was channeling a Lawrence Fishburne impression.

Maybe it was employing some worn-out emotional plays, but it was good enough to jerk a few tears from me. I dunno...maybe I'm emotional, today? I did watch After Armageddon, earlier.

Just finished it myself. All the while wondering why all the hate. Really decent flick. Pleasantly surprised since this thread is all of the exposure I've had to the movie. Biggest complaint was the accent and cadence of the pair.
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I've went back-forth with renting this......looks like the jury is pass!
Originally Posted by thehun View Post

Originally Posted by zoey67 View Post

Yep this was garbage,..I'm not going to even bother with a summary/review. This felt like the whole thing was a vehicle for Will's son to make his mark and get him out there to the masses.

The problem was they forgot about everything else including the worst performance by Will. I've never seen him in such bad form. He tried to play off this general/commander by being stoic and presidential but it was so hokey and lame. This should have went straight to video or Starz/Encore.
+1 verbatim saved me from typing redundant words.

Bummer! frown.gif No good I take it? I might reconsider my blind buy....hard to get a read on this one as it seems to be a love it or hate it type. Not sure what to do!

Originally Posted by oink View Post

As an addict of big time sci-fi, I give this a rental.

It couldn't be as bad as everyone said, it just COULDN'T be....or so I kept telling myself.

The movie starts with a voice-over by Agent Jay Jr.
I dunno if this kid has a speech impediment or not, but...
Anyway, what he recites into the microphone sounds like it has some potential (alien invasion setup thingy).

Cut to the first scene of the Smiths at the dining table.....
Aaaaaaand it promptly goes into the toilet at warp speed factor 9.eek.gif
It's so shockingly bad, I dunno what to say.

I guess what I really want to know is who the he!! wrote and directed WROTE this....thing from the Satan's butt crack?????

I couldn't even give it my standard half hour before ejecting.

Interesting, we rented Pacific Rim, and it totally exceeeded my expectations, and my 3 kids, 12/10/8 loved it so much I bought it.
Originally Posted by Toe View Post

Originally Posted by thehun View Post

I saw you blind bought Pacific Rim, I saw it and quickly canceled my BD order YMMV
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