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zoey67's Avatar zoey67 05:31 AM 05-03-2013
Figured I brought this little film that went under the radar to Y'all attention that I just got done with from NF. I had a hunch with a low IMDB score and the trailer it was B material but cued it anyway because it looked interesting mix of The Town/Training day and mainly for Leguizamo. Who can forget Benny Blanco from the Bronx in Carlito's way? crazy good.

Anyways it was good I guess but the thing that stuck out most to me was the so-so acting which to me is a deal breaker. This was a solid cast full of veterans yet they acted like amateurs esp Tyrese who can't really pull off tough gangster when he's ex alter boy...whereas bunch of UNKNOWNS in The Baytown Outlaws were seasoned professionals. Well, Leguizamo and Cannavale as the cool FBI did pretty good actually. This film could have been 3x better with a better director I'm sure of that.

And the direction was really weird, like you were watching an 90's film which shocked me because I looked up the Dir which is none other than Brad Furman who made an amazing Lincoln Lawyer. This was nothing like that at all. But I'm really a stickler for good/poor acting so I think most of yous will find this at least worthy of a rental.

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