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Originally Posted by Neal Steffek View Post

The story quality were the same. Horrible.

Originally Posted by Dbuudo07 View Post

That's your opinion, which you're entitled to.

He does have a point. You could tell this is just a cashcow movie.

The storyline was equal to that of a mini series tv episode not a full feature film.
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Originally Posted by Neal Steffek View Post

Don't take it as an attack, there are some movies where I go into it knowing I have to dumb myself down to enjoy it. Take the Fast and Furious movies as an example. We know its nothing but mindless action but people like them anyways. (myself included) But the problem is with the Iron Man movies we expect better, we expect more. So when IM3 comes out we see it and we at the minimum want the story to make sense but it falls all over itself. That is the biggest reason so many of us movie lovers feel we were kicked in the nuts by Marvel this outing.

The way you put your quote above is a whole different tone and there is little I can say to that (in dispute). I was reacting to your comment "People with lower IQ's like this movie..." and that's what I take issue with along with pressing to convince other's why they shouldn't like IM3. You don't like it? You think it's stupid? You think it's boring for this that and the other reason? Fine, no prob. But telling us we have a lower IQ for liking this movie again, crosses a line IMO. Look, I'm not trying to be the forum police here and I'm certainly not in favor of suppressing commentary. I just think the commentary to be structured to the movie at hand rather than the people watching it.

I'm usually one to just leave a thread when it gets to this point so I offer my apologies to those trying to keep on topic and engage in healthy conversation. But I've been seeing this kind of thing on a few threads lately and I guess it just kind of got to me. Sorry folks.
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Originally Posted by Vancomycin View Post

This topic is for people who have seen this movie.

2. The Iron Man suit is weak in this movie. It breaks too easily and is not too "invincible". Also, too many Iron Man suits make the original less significant.

4. Why does the suit needs to be recharged? Isn't it being powered by that device in Tony's chest?
I have to agree with these points. I understand they wanted to make the point that Tony Stark is Iron Man, not the suits, but I don't think making them seem like disposable junk was the way to do it.
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Movie was entertaining..if you had a stop watch I would say Tony Stark IN the iron man suit (not remotely controlled) would have clocked in for about 15-20 minutes this whole movie. In the end I did think it was more directed towards kids and not die hard comic fans.

Here are my gripes on the film: The fact that Avengers left off with Tony and Banner (the Hulk) driving off to Malibu to do science work and that the whole movie was him talking to Banner left me thinking the entire time "Why didn't Banner/The Hulk appear or lend a hand to combat any of these guys" would have been a better secret weopon than 35 disposable tin can suits at the end. (Avengers he had the Mark 7 and Iron Man 3 he had the My estimate was 35 drones"

The twist of the Mandarin was a slap in the face to comic fans. Just felt it was a draw to get those who were already going to see it anyway a little more excited. It would have been like Bane turning out to be just a failed wrestler or bouncer...or the joker just being a guy who likes to dress like a clown. For non comic fans the Mandarin is Bat-Mans Joker..or Wolverines Sabretooth or Supermans Lex Luthor...this was just a joke.

The Iron Patriot storyline was a disaster. I understand due to licensing rights and movie studio legal stuff they could not pull off the real story of the Iron Patriot. (Spider-Man's Norman Osbourne takes control of the Iron Man suit and starts his Dark Avengers..bad guys in the Good Guy costumes)

Tony Starks entire compound is destroyed and not ONE Shield agent shows up to assess the situation or help out? I know they were forcing Avengers mentions but it would have been a nice tie-in.

I did like the first scene where he meets the doctor...the guy who saves him and dies in the caves with him in the first Iron Man.
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Hey everyone, new here and wanted to chime in here.

First thing is the whole Iron legion, or in this movie the house part protocol. If you remember it was not till they were on the boat after saving the flight crew that jarvis told tony the debris had been cleared and the door to the iron legion could be opened, this is why it took till the end to see them arrive.

The reason the Mk 42 was weak was because it was still a prototype and not combat ready, hence him having to rip it apart to get to his missiles and such, Also it was a Prehensile suit. It was overly light at 20lbs designed to be able to work with anyone allowing it to be truly universal to who can use it. As a note the Mk VII from the Avengers end was 40lbs.

After the Avengers Tony spent his time not sleeping building suits for everything there was, by doing this he built an army but he neglected a true combat suit designed to withstand numerous attacks, The Mk VII was a true combat built suit with plenty of armor plating and at the end of the Avengers it was in excellent shape aside from the helmet and he had this outside the bar in the beginning. Had he focused on only 1-2 suits they would have been far more resilient but instead he focused on numerous suits designed for just one specific job.

When he ordered the clean slate and destroyed all his suits he told pepper he was going to trim down the herd pretty much hinting that he planned to only build a small number of suits, this will lend its self to more powerful suits. Also all of the suits in this movie had individual RT Cores just like Rhodeys suit did, same goes for the Mk 42, They chose to go the route of the RT Core in his chest was solely for keeping him alive while the suits had their own power source.
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I don't think so. I like Iron Man 3.
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