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rdgrimes's Avatar rdgrimes 06:22 AM 08-13-2014
Key Largo and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?
wmcclain's Avatar wmcclain 06:28 AM 08-13-2014
Yes. [Edit: Key Largo and How to Marry a Millionaire]. Images are about all I can contribute. Too much to say.

Between To Have and Have Not and today: you can't measure the time in years.

Mr.G's Avatar Mr.G 08:30 AM 08-13-2014
A real beauty and a talent from the very beginning.

I am quite fond of her performance in The Shootist with John Wayne.

They become good friends during and after this movie in spite of being political opposites.

It's a shame this film is not available on Blu-ray.
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bobby94928's Avatar bobby94928 08:59 AM 08-13-2014
One classy dame! RIP...
quad4.0's Avatar quad4.0 09:06 AM 08-13-2014
A very classy girl, who never allowed stupid actions in her life! RIP! We lost two greats this week!
REDdawn6's Avatar REDdawn6 02:38 PM 08-14-2014
I wonder who the 3rd to go is going to be ???
Josh Z's Avatar Josh Z 03:14 PM 08-14-2014
Originally Posted by REDdawn6 View Post
I wonder who the 3rd to go is going to be ???
Menahem Golan?
wmcclain's Avatar wmcclain 09:09 PM 08-21-2014

hanshotfirst1138's Avatar hanshotfirst1138 07:43 AM 09-02-2014
You don't get to be a much bigger legend than she was. The last of the Golden Age? She'll certainly be missed.
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