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Joe_R's Avatar Joe_R 02:34 PM 11-24-2000
I rented Gladiator tonight. When I inserted the DVD, I got a 'Please Check Disc' error. I tried both discs a few times. Both had no scratches and both were clean. I took it back and got another set and the same problem. So I tried them on my PC DVD player and it worked fine. Then I tried a neighbors Tohsiba SD-2109. I'm wondering if it's because I have old firmware? I don't remember the codes for checking. So, anyone with a 3108 check both the disc and the firmware for me. Damed, another thing to buy...a new dvd player.

CraigR's Avatar CraigR 03:34 PM 11-24-2000
Joe R,
I have had a 3108 for close to two years without any problems. It played everything without a glitch. However, lately some of the new releases will not play. Examples; MI2, Titan AE, American Beauty, ID4, Mission to Mars, etc. I did not want to be without a player for several weeks while the firmware upgrade was made at Toshiba so I bought a new Pioneer Elite DV-37 which works well with my Elite 510 TV. If you want to you will need to contact Toshiba, then box up your player and then send it to them for the upgrade. I am not sure how much it costs. I've heard somewhere around $ 40 plus shipping. Let us know what you end up doing.