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David600's Avatar David600 03:59 AM 01-05-2001
maybe this is a title I will look at in zone 2, maybe there's a remote chance it could be better but I doubt... just did the review and Peter Bracke is VERY disappointed.

anything not new and Paramount screws up, playing it "Ã* la MGM": Bonds and very recent movies are well done, the rest is just copy-paste..... from the past
and that goes for Braveheart too! they could have done it better.

LeeAntin's Avatar LeeAntin 05:57 AM 01-05-2001

I feel your pain. For some unknown reason, Paramount just can't get the transfer correct on any format for this incredible film.

I had the pleasure of seeing this in new York City at a great theater in a 70mm 6 track presentation. I woned it on VHS and twice on LD. All those are long gone. Now I will be "stuck" with a murky copy on DVD.

At what point do the studios either use the orginal Camera Negative or spend the money to create a new interpositive or a new internegative.

I get the feeling that their are studios who really don't care about how they present their "crown jewel" products.

And then they bitch and complain that we shouldn't be able to copy their stuff. Well if it all looks like this one, they can keep it.

Sebastian_M's Avatar Sebastian_M 11:41 AM 01-05-2001
And the only extra is a theatrical trailer, not even a commentary.


"You know what the difference between you and me is? I make this look good."
Robert George's Avatar Robert George 10:57 PM 01-05-2001
I've seen the disc and I find the video transfer is actually quite good. Colors are exceptional. Only a hint of grain here and there.

I do have some issues with the quality of the soundtrack, but I'll leave that for my review

Sebastian_M's Avatar Sebastian_M 11:11 PM 01-05-2001
Any idea when it'll be up Obi?



"You know what the difference between you and me is? I make this look good."
David600's Avatar David600 06:47 AM 01-06-2001
Hi Obi

anxious to read your full review. yet, I would agree that difficult discs more than the best ones need the best possible video system to fully assert them ( I read you have excellent hardware ). hence, not every common mortal has such material.
an excellent disc should play well on most systems.
hopefully, an Iscan V3 + Barco 801 should soon do well over here


Rachael Bellomy's Avatar Rachael Bellomy 07:48 AM 01-06-2001
As much as I liked this film, I never bought the LD, it wasn't very good. I don't trust Paramount, in general. They're not as bad as MGM, but I always take a wait and see attitude with their titles. If they don't lower prices, I may just rent their titles only. I'm to the point that if these hoodoo's won't sell their discs for $20 or less, screw 'em. It's a cryin' shame that Paramount controls so many good titles....


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Robert George's Avatar Robert George 01:05 PM 01-06-2001
My review is now posted. You can find it from the link below. Also, if you are curious about my rig, you can get a list of components and a pic on the "About Obi's Reviews" page of the site.

Thanks for reading.
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