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El Pollo's Avatar El Pollo 06:49 AM 06-19-2001
I was originally going to jump on the latest version of ABT I and II, but after they were released, word was that the audio were screwed up on them or something. Like 1 had the remixed Speed score thrown back in, while 2 had the original but mono audio track. Anybody know the latest status on these? I would like to get anamorphic versions, with the correct music, of these flicks eventually.http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/frown.gif

Chad Varnadore's Avatar Chad Varnadore 07:08 PM 06-19-2001
Please somebody correct me if I'm wrong. I've got a couple of the original copies that I'd like to replace myself if I am. But, I am under the impression that rather than fix the 5.1 track in the "fixed" version they just omitted it.

coug7669's Avatar coug7669 11:32 PM 06-19-2001
Who distributes the new versions? I own the Media Asia versions of 1 and 2 which are not anamorphic and have dolby surround. Is the picture quality better?
Larry Davis's Avatar Larry Davis 11:39 PM 06-19-2001
ABT 2 has the correct soundtrack and always has. It's the first one that had the screwed up sound. I listened to it with the English dub (yeah heresy I know) and I enjoyed it. The correct version that was re-released is DD mono, not 5.1. if it says 5.1 on the back cover, it's the one with the wrong soundtrack.

Anchor Bay is the company that handled the new releases. I had the Media Asia versions too. Visually, Anchor Bay's treatment is a huge leap above the crappy composite source versions from HK.
Matt_Stevens's Avatar Matt_Stevens 07:02 AM 06-20-2001
So there is no question here, ABT 1 & 2 were always MONO films. The so called 5.1 soundtracks were abominations created by zit faced tech heads at Media Asia who decided to "improve" the film by replacing the music score with music off of CD soundtracks from films like SPEED and FORREST GUMP, plus replace all the gunshots and just ruining everything.

They told Anchor Bay this was the original soundtrack and they were stupid enough to believe them. Then the disc hit the street and people flipped (myself included).

Media Asia refused to give Anchor Bay the correct soundtrack, so they were forced to port it from multiple sources.

Still, the "Corrected" MONO version is the best version of the film available in the world. Media Asia's version is a disgrace. The transfer is as bad as the sound.
coug7669's Avatar coug7669 07:27 PM 06-20-2001
Thanks Larry. I guess I am going to now have three versions, first the laserdisc which i thought would have a better picture. Then I bought the Media asia dvd versions which I thought would be better than the laserdisc. And now I guess I will only buy the Anchor bay's dvd version but only for ABT 1. I feel that somehow, someway George Lucas is to blame for this.
Chad Varnadore's Avatar Chad Varnadore 09:54 PM 06-20-2001
Thanks for clearing that up.

Does anybody know how to go about exchanging APT 1?

joekun's Avatar joekun 12:14 AM 06-21-2001
Media Asia refused to give Anchor Bay the correct soundtrack, so they were forced to port it from multiple sources.
Man, that's harsh, but Anchor Bay rules for puting the original sound back on and releasing a top notch disc with great anamorphic WS.

Now if Columbia would just give up the rights to the "Once Upon a Time in China" series, sheesh, talk about doing it wrong.
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