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Frank J Manrique's Avatar Frank J Manrique 02:06 PM 04-20-2001
From various sources I've found that the following movies will be released by their respective studios sometime this year:

Snow White Platinum Edition from Disney; an anomorphic, 5.1 remix Special Edition of Tombstone from Touchstone; The Beast; two-disc set special edition of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind; Ghandi; Casualties Of War; From Here To Eternity; Apache (Burt Lancaster); Return Of The Magnificent Seven; Southern Comfort (Powers Booth); The Apartment (Jack Lemon); Salvador (James Wood); Barefoot Contessa; Moby Dick; Special Edition of The Terminator' Its a Mad, Mad, Mad World Special Edition; Dressed To Kill; Robocop; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (widescreen this time, I hope); Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia; To Live And Die In L.A.; Casino Royale; The Bridges At Toko-Ri; Uncommon Valor; In Harms Way; The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance; Donovan's Reef; Once Upon A Time In The West (hopefully ready for release by year's end); The Elephant Man; Special edition of Apocalypse Now, Forrest Gump, and The Godfather trilogy from Paramount; Special Edition of ET (with expanded footage, or so it is being rumored); Citizen Kane, Giant, Dr. Zhibago, and Blade Runner special editions; Bus Stop, How To Marry A Millionaire, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Seven Year Itch, and There Is No Business Like Show Business in a Diamond Collection set, as well as 5-Star Edition, 2-disc sets of the Die Hard trilogy and The French Connection -all from Fox; and The Hidden Fortress from Criterion. Enough variety to satisfy most everyone!

In 2002, perhaps we finally get to see the Indiana Jones trilogy and The Phantom Menace on DVD...but I wouldn't hold my breath just yet...


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Scott_in_NJ's Avatar Scott_in_NJ 02:28 PM 04-20-2001
Awesome! Seems like I've been waiting forever for them to release To Live and Die in LA on DVD. Great movie. Thanks for the news.

SFWidescreen's Avatar SFWidescreen 02:57 PM 04-20-2001
Thanks for the list.

Any news from your sources on the aspect ratio of the Godfather movies? The LDs were pan and scan.

tomdkat's Avatar tomdkat 04:08 PM 04-20-2001
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by SFWidescreen:
Thanks for the list.

Any news from your sources on the aspect ratio of the Godfather movies? The LDs were pan and scan.

ACtually, I found some widescreen versions of the LDs (at least Godfather I and I think II) on eBay....... THX mastered and maybe even w/ AC-3 audio tracks.... I'll have to double check, it's been a while since I've watched them.....

SFWidescreen's Avatar SFWidescreen 04:24 PM 04-20-2001
Thanks t-kat,

I've never seen a widescreen version on LD of I or II (I've seen the letterboxed VHS, though). My local LD guru told me that they hadn't released them in wide format (something about a pissing contest between Coppola and Paramount) and IMDB (not always definitive) says they're only P & S. I've given up the LD player, though, so for me it's an academic discovery that there are wide versions out.

Here's hoping the DVDs are 1.85:1, I and II are two of my favorite all time movies.

digitalboy's Avatar digitalboy 04:33 PM 04-20-2001
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Frank J Manrique:
In 2002, perhaps we finally get to see the Indiana Jones trilogy and The Phantom Menace on DVD...but I wouldn't hold my breath just yet.....</font>

The Phantom Menace will be out on dvd before the end of the year!

Frank J Manrique's Avatar Frank J Manrique 06:02 PM 04-20-2001

Yes, there was a THX widescreen LD version of The Godfather 1 and 2, but not TG 3. In any case, Paramount also issued a LD box set (4:3 AR) that chronologically told the story about the Corleone saga from its beginnings in Sicily and onward, which was put out shortly after the first LD box set was released...


Frank J Manrique's Avatar Frank J Manrique 06:07 PM 04-20-2001

Okay...that is even better...Thanks for the heads up!!

KBK's Avatar KBK 06:39 PM 04-20-2001

To Live and Die in LA... one of my personal favorites. I can't watch it very often, but it does the trick each time.

'The Beast' is the small film about the Afgani war? I hope this is it, is a great flick.


Ken Hotte
Hugomed's Avatar Hugomed 06:46 PM 04-20-2001
I thought the back to the future series,
And Shindlers list was also coming out this year?
Hey digitalboy any news.

Thanks Hugo
David600's Avatar David600 07:29 PM 04-20-2001

On October 16 you'll be happy to be able to knock Ja Jar's head!
but I am anxious to compare it to my mother of all bass laserdisc...

Also, Universal will correct their BIIIIIIG mistake in December and release JP and LW encoded by DTS themselves this time!!! ( confirmed in an interview with dts by Homecinemachoice ). The two movies will be released with JP III dvd.

for cinema sound in your HT, use cinema speakers and cinema amps! unbeatable.

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digitalboy's Avatar digitalboy 08:57 PM 04-20-2001
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Hugomed:
I thought the back to the future series,
And Shindlers list was also coming out this year?
Hey digitalboy any news.
I also think that the Back To The Future series should be out this year. But don't expect a Shindler's List dvd release soon. In fact, I think that it will be the last Spielberg's film to hit the dvd format.

rudolpht's Avatar rudolpht 09:04 PM 04-20-2001

Great news on It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World & hopefully a good Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang.

I thought The Wind & the Lion would be on the list and I would have a heart attack. (Actually I know you would have given that it's own thread.)

35mm Man's Avatar 35mm Man 09:10 PM 04-20-2001
Hey Frank!, I've been reading online about Sergio Leone's Masterpiece "Once Upon a Time in the West" coming to the DVD format for over 6 months now, hopefully Paramount will give this incredible western the proper treatment that a movie of this magnitude deserves Then if were really good kids, maybe Warner Bros. will release a Region 1 DVD of Leone's "Once Upon a Time in America", as well as MGM finally releasing Mr. Leone's "A Fistful of Dynamite". You know me Frank when it comes to Sergio Leone Films, I'd much rather see these films on DVD than that waste of film stock that George Lucas called Episode 1. "See you on Saturday", 35mm Man.

"Here's to Swimmin with Bowlegged Women"

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Frank J Manrique's Avatar Frank J Manrique 02:00 AM 04-21-2001
Hi, Tim,

Yeah...for me The Wind And The Lion would be one of the last pieces to top off an incredible year for movies on DVD. Sorry to say...but not a word as to whether will it ever be released. But I am keeping the faith that it will happen soon...

Frank J Manrique's Avatar Frank J Manrique 02:16 AM 04-21-2001
35mm Man,

Oops! I had the movie's title incomplete; it should have said: Once Upon A Time In The West, which is one of Leone's finest "spaghetti Westerns."
I corrected my original post.
Indeed I agree this one should also be given the royal treatment, so I hope it occurs this year. Ditto For A Fist Full Of Dynamite...

I'll be seeing 'ya tonight!

Rachael Bellomy's Avatar Rachael Bellomy 12:09 PM 04-21-2001
What'ah happened to auh de long'a wieghted new'ah edidtun of ze monkeyboy fayforate BUCKAROO BANZAI? Mi auh overthruster is'a red-e! Best wishes from the eighth dimension!


Rachael,la gata del disco Grande, meow meow!
Frank J Manrique's Avatar Frank J Manrique 03:52 PM 04-21-2001

Indeed it appears that the JP flicks will be repressed and re-released by Universal with the corrected DTS tracks (but will they have true extended low bass and not just peaky 30-something frequencies?). Question is: will we be given the opportunity to swap our flawed DVDs at no cost to us?

And talking about errors...I guess Cleopatra is missing the exit music. Fox will apparently repress to fix the mistake. Since I did not wait for the movie to end and gone to check the supplement material instead, did not catch the problem -if indeed exists. I will be checking it out as soon as I can...

Same thing with the Lawrence DVD; TS-Columbia apparently will correct the intermission music break problem.

And never mind MGM's seemingly myriad problems with some of the James Bond flicks -most notably The Man With The Golden Gun- as well as other movies.

I am becoming more and more irritated by the number of problems that have been affecting a lot of DVD releases, something that has to stem directly from seemingly poor QC exercised by the movie studios. Things got to change for the better...


J.Mike Ferrara's Avatar J.Mike Ferrara 04:16 PM 04-21-2001
I'm crazy about the transfers LofA and Bridge/Kwai (who doesn't love David Lean's lush movies!).

I've been concerned over Dr Zhivago. I've heard that the negative is in bad shape, thus the delay in its release on DVD. My life will not be complete without Dr Z to fill out the other two Lean titles.

Enjoying HDTV in DC (for now)

My DVD Collection
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David600's Avatar David600 04:57 PM 04-21-2001

I hear you but I think DTS will do the right job and I hope thus a flat response till 15hz.
As for more and more glitches and "wrong" releases, shame on the majors indeed.....

PS: argh, I used David600 because I was at one point looking at a Barco 600 ?? now, it's a Barco 801 most likely or an ECP as a starter....

for cinema sound in your HT, use cinema speakers and cinema amps! unbeatable.
KennyG's Avatar KennyG 05:34 PM 04-21-2001
The list is huge, here are a few more, and some dates (I keep a list on another forum)
Snow White Oct
Close Encounters 5/29
In Harm's way, Hell is for Heros, Uncommon Valor, Catch 22, all 5/22
Von Ryan's Express, the Sand Pebbles, 12 O'clock high, all 5/15
Salvador, Man who shot Liberty Valence, both 6/5
Kubrick's movies enhanced 6/12
Fall of the house of usher and the Lion in Winter, in june
Dressed to Kill SE, the Howling, Scanners, Twice told Tales, all in Aug

AND alot more!!!
KennyG's Avatar KennyG 05:45 PM 04-21-2001
P.S. Phantom Menace is supposed to happen just before Thanksgiving.
It is happening, I got a look at an inter office memo from the company doing the transfer (PDSC Compression & Authoring)
If you want a look go here...sorry link didn't work...

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Frank J Manrique's Avatar Frank J Manrique 05:51 PM 04-21-2001

Thanks for the heads up!

In addition to The Fall Of The House Of Usher, The Pit And The Pendulum will be released as well...for those interested in E. A. Poe's stuff...which I am (I have both on LD)...

Indeed there is a $&@#load of movies appearing on DVD this year!

Art Sonneborn's Avatar Art Sonneborn 07:25 PM 04-21-2001
All I can hope is that you will be there to give your critique of each of the best of these since I've found your very in depth evaluations blow away anything in the print media and are some of the best out there on the internet.
rudolpht's Avatar rudolpht 08:09 PM 04-21-2001

It appears Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang & It's a Mad. Mad. Mad, Mad World (Q4)are both special editions. Here's hoping Special means Enhanced for Widescreen.

Also looking forward to:

All the King's Men (Columbia in Jun)
Zulu from MGM, let's hope this is a good transfer, finally
Citizen Kane from WB

Frank J Manrique's Avatar Frank J Manrique 02:41 PM 04-22-2001

Yeah! Zulu (60s version, right?) is a movie that cries to be released on DVD. New HD anomorphic mastering to produce the DVD would very be nice, so let's hope it happens...

Frank J Manrique's Avatar Frank J Manrique 02:59 PM 04-22-2001

I am extremely flattered and humbled by your kind words. Thanks a million for the encouragement!

I will try giving it my best, even if doing so may further alienate certain posters who consider me not a movie critic (I never said I was one -it is just a hobby of mine!) but a pompous bore (thank you!

Larry Davis's Avatar Larry Davis 02:59 PM 04-22-2001
Howdy Frank!

Here's a partial list of upcoming releases, some good, some great, some not so good. Enjoy.


Big Trouble In Little China 5/22 fox
Point Break 5/22 fox
Vertical Limit 5/22 cts
Requiem For A Dream 5/22 artisan

Bus Stop 5/29 fox
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 5/29 fox
How To Marry A Millionaire 5/29 fox
Marilyn Monroe: The Diamond Collection 5/29 fox
Seven Year Itch 5/29 fox
There's No Business Like Show Business 5/29 fox
Traffic 5/29 usa
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind 5/29 cts
Shadow Of The Vampire 5/29 universal
Death Before Dishonor 5/29 anchor bay
Boys Next Door 5/29 anchor bay

Pit And The Pendulum 6/5 mgm
Platoon 6/5 mgm
Salvador 6/5 mgm
The Fugitive 6/5 warner
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 6/5 cts

Farscape #4 6/12 ADV
Cast Away 6/12 fox
2001: A Space Odyssey 6/12 warner
Clockwork Orange 6/12 warner

Misfits 6/19 mgm
State And Main 6/19 new line
The Pledge 6/19 warner
Proof Of Life 6/19 warner
Kiss Me Deadly 6/19 mgm

The Claim 6/26 mgm
Unbreakable 6/26 bv

V: The Original Miniseries 7/3 warner
The Body 7/3 cts
Snatch 7/3 cts

Malena 7/10 bv
Thirteen Days 7/10 new line
Die Hard: The Ultimate Collection 7/10 fox

City On Fire 7/17 bv
The Gift 7/17 paramount
basket case 7/17 image (full frame)

Nightbreed 8/21 warner

Audrey Rose 8/28 mgm
Blow Out 8/28 mgm
Dressed To Kill 8/28 mgm
Dunwich Horror 8/28 mgm
The First Power 8/28 mgm
Howling 8/28 mgm
Planet Of The Vampires 8/28 mgm
Scanners 8/28 mgm

bv = buena vista
cts = columbia tri-star

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Frank J Manrique's Avatar Frank J Manrique 08:53 PM 04-22-2001
Hi, Larry!

Thanks for contributing to the list of movies to be released on DVD soon...

Gar's Avatar Gar 10:51 PM 04-22-2001
How about "Say Anything" on DVD? Anyone heard news about this flick. Also I must say the Transfer on Lawrence of Arabia is great.
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