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I think most of us feel that Widescreen is the way to go. Now why are some people, often referred to as Joe Six Pack, not taking to Widescreen. It's all semantics! Full screen just seems bigger to the ignorant (not used in a negative context.) Some half informed consumers think you need a widescreen tv to watch it. (Maybe someone at BB told them this!) The terminology used to be known as "letterbox" and now "widescreen" is more often used. I don't think there is a difference, but maybe there is. Anyway, I believe that if the studios changed "widescreen" to something more easily absorbed it would help. I was thinking Original Presentation Edition. It seems to me that Full Screen vs Widescreen is misleading. You aren't actually getting the full movie or full "screen" as people somehow believe, you are getting just the opposite, less screen. Anyone have a better description than Original Presentation? I think they should call all "fullscreen" dvds PAN and SCAN. Let's see who buys them then.

- Down with Disney, NBC, FOX, Cheap Channel and other lame media companies with short-term tunnel vision.

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I think studios should label dvds with an Original Aspect Ratio banner. This would at least get my fellow Joe 6 Packs to ask questions about what an aspect ratio is and how much more image they stand to gain. Believe it or not, a lot of people don't know that 4:3 TVs and theater screens are different aspect ratios. A lot of people don't know that there are different aspect ratios for different programs and movies. That is one of the main causes for the problem. They believe that everything is the same size as their 4:3 Tvs and if something doesn't totally fill up their screens then something is wrong and they are getting ripped off.

Owning a DVD player and a computer does not make you a film scholar.

Just because I don't care, doesn't mean I don't understand.

Just because I don't care, doesn't mean I don't understand.
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The problem I have with "pan and scan" is that it implies
that the 4:3 version of a movie is always missing the left
and right sides of a picture.

This isn't always the case.

"The Big Lebowski" is a good example.

There is a 4:3 version on one side of the disc and
a 16:9 version on the other side of the disc.

Watch the scene where John Goodman sits down
in the bowling alley with a dog in a cage.

In the 16:9 version, the dog is offscreen.
Below John's waist - sitting on the floor.

In the 4:3 version, you can see John's feet
and the dog cage sitting on the ground.

Given the dialogue at that point in time,
I would argue that the 4:3 version works
importantly, the 16:9 version seems to be
"pan and scan" version for that specific
scene because something clearly IS missing.

I believe if you compare the two versions
of the movie, you won't find a clear winner.
In many cases the 16:9 version will appear
to be a better shot - but in some cases, to
my surprise - I thought the reverse was true.

Its almost like in the old days where recording
artists would make a mono mix and a stereo mix
of the same album. The Beatles to this day
still prefer the mono mix of the Sgt. Pepper

And there are tangible differences in both
(different tape loops used - check the laughing
at the end of "Within You, Without You" if you
have both copies of the album.

Personally what I would prefer to see is
more discs like The Big Lebowski - where
someone (perhaps the Coens themself) carefully analyzed each shot and chose the best shot for each version of the movie. Just like in the old days when George Martin
would make both a stereo and a mono mix.

I'm happy with my 16:9 tv but I keep refraining
from buying my father a DVD player because I
KNOW he will hate watching a 2.35 movie on
a 4:3 TV - and he aint about to buy a new
TV. But give him a two sided disc - and
he's happy - and he can start to think about
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