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hob's Avatar hob 03:37 PM 10-02-2001
I'll stick to the 2 disc set of 1978-2000, the sound and ambience is really great, it's really Bruce Springsteen and the E street bands best hits, compiled on a video anthology. My Favorite 'Dancing in the Dark' and the young woman he pulled up on stage to dance with him.

I'll try answering you with a yeah buddy she is too cute, my other 2 posts in a row are not showing up maybe my editing of my older post will 12:07AM Early thursday.

Hob for Hobby

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Robert Packman's Avatar Robert Packman 10:18 PM 10-02-2001
Anyone seen bruce springsteen's DVD on sale from any on line retailers yet?? due out nov 6th
Mr. Hookup's Avatar Mr. Hookup 04:45 PM 10-04-2001
Hey Hob:
I heard from several sources that the girl that Bruce Springsteen pulled up on the stage for Dancing in the Dark is none other then Courtney Cox, who got discovered because of her little dance with Bruce. It pays to be in the front row looking good, doesn't it? I wonder what she paid for those tickets? Well worth it, though, don't you think?
Robert Packman's Avatar Robert Packman 05:03 PM 10-04-2001
I knew that ,it was filmed by depalma i think..she was a young unknown then it ,launcehed her ...
hob's Avatar hob 10:01 PM 10-04-2001
Yeah Buddy I really liked that gals face she is too cute. How comes when I put down a C note to be in the first row center of "Olivia Newton-John" concert. She didn't want to become "Physical" with me, just dancing ya know? lol

The gal I became 'Hopelessly in Love' with and still am.

Hob for Hobby
hob's Avatar hob 10:03 PM 10-04-2001
Yeah Buddy she is too cute.

Hob for Hobby
b4z's Avatar b4z 07:41 AM 10-06-2001
I wonder if Olivia Newton John's 1982 concert in San Antonio
with Tom Sott's Orcheastra will ever be available on DVD? She was at the height of her "powers" then.
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