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RJS's Avatar RJS 09:00 PM 10-03-2001
So I rented Mummy Returns (Collector's Edition) from Blockbuster today. Just popped it in, and there is no 2.35-1 OAR version. Only 4:3 pan and scan, which gets stretched on my 100 inch 1:78-1 screen. I can't believe this. I am so mad - am I missing something? Blockbuster will pay tomorrow.

terrymccracken's Avatar terrymccracken 11:31 PM 10-03-2001
I believe that they have released two versions, one pan and scan crap and one real 2.35 one. You need to read the cover
Chris Moreau's Avatar Chris Moreau 09:45 AM 10-04-2001
From what I've read on other forums, Blockbuster is renting only the P&S version of The Mummy Returns. What's interesting to me is that on their most recent television commercial, they show scenes from it in its full widescreen glory!
Matt_Stevens's Avatar Matt_Stevens 05:41 PM 10-04-2001
People are stupid. people don't care.

Email your comments to them. Many are and we NEED TO, or the trend will continue.

rv's Avatar rv 06:21 PM 10-04-2001
It's not just Blockbuster.

I went to Hollywood video, and sure enough, all of their copies are "Full Frame" as well. Somewhat misleading considering that the front cover says Widescreen. The Mummy (Part I) is carried in Widescreen Anamorphic. Go figure.
LMDA1's Avatar LMDA1 10:19 PM 10-04-2001
After watching the BB-rented version in full Pan&Scan glory, my question is: who the hell prefers watching movies like this ? It's simply horrible the way the movie experience is diminished by the constant visual imbalance. Understand that I have nothing against 4:3, you can indeed compose nicely with this ratio (eg. Eyes Wide Shut) but the result of pan&scan'ing a widescreen movie is simply put, unnaceptable.

Sergio R.
hob's Avatar hob 09:10 PM 10-05-2001
Even when you rent a DVD 'read' the back of the movie to see what ratio it's in. It will save you a lot of grief that you have now.

Hob for Hobby
hob's Avatar hob 09:11 PM 10-05-2001
Even when you rent a DVD 'read' the back of the movie to see what ratio it's in. It will save you a lot of grief that you have now.

Hob for Hobby
Reed W's Avatar Reed W 10:04 PM 10-05-2001
Sure enough, both Blockbuster and Hollywood are only renting the Full screen/Pan & scan, (barf), version of The Mummy Returns. You can BUY IT in widescreen format. Do you think they are trying to make us buy if we want the widescreen version. That sucks bigtime!!!! Reed.
Yahoo's Avatar Yahoo 10:51 PM 10-05-2001
Everywhere I looked locally it is available only in FULL-FRAME (read the bottom of the cover on the box -- in big letters). Even Costco. Maybe the wide-screen version is delayed.

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aviman33's Avatar aviman33 05:18 AM 10-06-2001
I just rented it last night, also from Blockbuster. Very disappointed to find pan & scan. I believe they are bowing to Joe Public who want to use his "whole" TV screen. I never was successful in explaining to the Joe's of the world that they are only seeing the "whole" movie when they see it in widescreen. I plan on having words with Blockbuster today. I'll also write them at the above listed email address.

bjohnson1105's Avatar bjohnson1105 07:51 AM 10-06-2001
If you think about it, most of the people that are renting from Blockbuster, etc. are just coming over to DVD. If you take a look at all the VHS they rent, the bulk of them are Pan/Scan, so naturally when they choose their DVD, they also want to fill their screen, and Blockbuster wants to please the masses, they don't care about what the minority (us) want. BTW, I ordered the wide screen version and received it, so I don't think there are any delays with the release.

Brad Johnson
Reed W's Avatar Reed W 10:55 PM 10-06-2001
I think the issue that's unclear is are the rental chains, Blockbuster, Hollywood... choosing to stock only the pan & scan version to please the masses, or is that all the studio is providing to them. My biggest fear is this is a ploy by the studio to make us BUY if we want to watch in widescreen.
Ernie Smith's Avatar Ernie Smith 06:24 AM 10-08-2001
I'll bet you are really going to bother Blockbuster with your complaining. Simply read the cover before you rent. Gee, you lucky guy you could see all of those pygmy mummies up closer;look at it that way.
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