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Perpendicular's Avatar Perpendicular 05:16 PM 09-04-2009
David Mead: The Luxury of Time
David Mead: Mine and Yours
The Tubes: Completion Backward Principal
Alan Parsons Project: I Robot
Alan Parsons Project: Pyramid
Alan Parsons Project: Eve
The Cars: Heartbeat City (Audio Fidelity HDCD Gold Edition)
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Toe's Avatar Toe 07:03 PM 09-04-2009
Grateful Dead: Dicks Picks Vol 1

Have not listened to this in YEARS and threw it in last week and it has not left my player since. The "Here Comes Sunshine" is absolutely incredible and the rest of the show is very good as well, but that opening HCS....... Jerry is a mad man in this version!
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