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Originally Posted by richsadams View Post

Dredging up this old thread to point folks to a post I made today on another thread about what looks to be a new Frontier charge...

When Frontier switched to their new billing format, they renamed/relabeled a bunch of charges (including renaming "Video Franchise Fee" to "FIOS Video Surcharge" as mentioned in the posts at the link above), but for the most part, you should notice that your bill should be pretty close to the same amount once you've reconciled the renaming. But it can be kinda of tricky. For instance, in my old bill I was seeing a single charge of $139.99 for my FIOS triple play package, and then three separate $10.00 bundle credits to get to my package price of $109.99. In the new bill, I now see $32.00 for phone (digital phone essentials), $89.99 for internet (35 up and 35 down), $70.00 for TV (FIOS Ultimate HD with Showtime), a $20.00 credit for internet, another $52.00 credit for internet, and a $10.00 credit for TV, which all adds up to the same $109.99 package price. And don't even get me started on the taxes and fees. They all got renamed as well. After the new format, my bill actually did end up going up by $2.46, and after sorting through the renaming, I figured out it was due to increases in my local utility and state taxes. It's a little bit fishy because I've been paying the exact same amount (down to the penny) for over a year now and on the same bill where they change the format, I suddenly see some increases in some taxes. I may call in to question/complain, but it may not be worth the effort.

Anyway, on a different topic, I actually peeked into this forum to pose a totally separate and unrelated question. Back when Verizon was still running the show, I used to have voicemail services where I could forward the incoming messages to email. I lost that ability when the Frontier transition occurred, and I guess I haven't cared until now to try to resurrect it. But it appears that Frontier dropped that service. I called a support number (877-600-1511) and the tech I spoke with said very unconvincingly that he thought Frontier must have dropped the service when the transition from Verizon was made. Basically, it sounded to me like he didn't really know and didn't really care to research it further. Anyone know whatever became of the ability to route voicemails to email?
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We've had it with Frontier and are dumping them today. FWIW I posted some details about why here (and the post right after it)...
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