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tonyv's Avatar tonyv 04:34 PM 06-14-2002
I agree that you can't insert gray panels in HD mode on the Mitsu, but I am using the Dish 6000 to drive the Mitsu which allows some limited formatting on its output. One of those is to add gray panels. I guess that we will have to put up with all of these differences between TVs and STB until some standardization is established and everybody sticks to them.


George33027's Avatar George33027 08:46 AM 06-15-2002
Why do you think Mits does not use grey for black panels?
Do you think owners and viewers would rather have black than grey?

Then this may be only a projection TV problem which may not be the masses?
ewalker3's Avatar ewalker3 11:05 PM 06-15-2002
There was an article in last weekend's paper that Channel 25 (WPBF ABC) and Channel 29 (FOX) have started broadcasting a DTV signal.

The CBS and NBC stations were said to be bringing their digital signals up by the end of summer.

Incidentally, that DW building on the link below, is in front of my townhouse, and adjacent to my office.

Convienient eh?

I am in the process of trying to get a HDTV receiver. I tried to buy a Panasonic HDS20 decoder at brandsmart for $298 but they said I would have to subscribe to directv.

These home theatre pc's also look interesting!

Ed on Embassy
next to Forum Place in West Palm Beach
tonyv's Avatar tonyv 08:05 AM 06-18-2002

Originally posted by George33027
Why do you think Mits does not use grey for black panels?
Do you think owners and viewers would rather have black than grey?

Then this may be only a projection TV problem which may not be the masses?

I have no idea why Mits does not allow any formatting in HD mode. I think it is an oversight on their part. Luckily my Dish 6000 will put the gray bars in for me. As far as best appearance goes, I would prefer the black bars, but knowing the reason for the gray bars, I have NO objection to them.

Although the CRTs in direct view TVs are not driven as hard as in projection TVs I believe they still have the same problem to a lesser extent. I have no direct view TVs that will show HD, so I really don't know much about this.

friendlytrader's Avatar friendlytrader 08:56 PM 06-18-2002
HDTV in spanish. Channel 52.2
jluzbet's Avatar jluzbet 09:16 PM 06-18-2002

Originally posted by friendlytrader
HDTV in spanish. Channel 52.2

You Might want to take this back ....
I don't see anything in HD .. Do You ??
Carlb7's Avatar Carlb7 03:32 PM 06-19-2002
OK, am I the only one in Martin or St. Lucie county that has a problem with WPBF 16-1 in the day time ?!? The signal breaks up all day long and "sometimes" it will be strong enough by night to watch. I know its not a problem down in the southern region. Is it a problem to others in the northern counties? Any one else ?!?
George33027's Avatar George33027 04:20 PM 06-19-2002
Grey/Black bars.
That is the answer, black looks better, but grey is better for longer viewing.
ANd, Mits forgot about it.
Maybe it may be added in an update.
The real answer is to put out true HD.
hardrock's Avatar hardrock 07:58 PM 06-19-2002

I have the exactly same problem you described with WPBF; but, I'm in Broward County.

WPBF is currently broadcasting at only 670 kilowatts under a "Special Temporary Authority" that was issued by the FCC on April 22, 2002; and, which expires on October 22, 2002.

I'm sure their coverage area will improve once they complete construction and go to 1000 kilowatts. They received an extension of time which gives them until November 1.
lwhitefl's Avatar lwhitefl 10:52 AM 06-20-2002
I don't believe either the ABC or FOX WPB affiliate stations are broadcasting the network HD feeds yet. I received an email from Clifford Thomas/WPBF-TV on 6/4/02 saying "We should have the HD from ABC sometime this month." So far I've seen no HD programming.
DeletedUserPost's Avatar DeletedUserPost 11:30 AM 06-20-2002
Im in St Lucie and have no prob with WPBF as far as i can tell. I dont watch it much though since they are not broadcasting HD yet..
james_h's Avatar james_h 05:46 AM 06-21-2002
Anyone else notice that WFLX-DT went dark from about 8:15 to 9:15 last night?

I was watching the 2002 Music Mania thing (amazing what I'll watch if it's in anything higher than 480i ). At 8:15pm - signal went dead - poof - at 9:15pm - back it comes, now in 480i, for a few minutes, then, back to 480p. I guess something must have happened.

Man, I can't wait for WPBF to pass through some HD! I watch every ABC HD show, in the hope that "this'll be the one"!
DeletedUserPost's Avatar DeletedUserPost 01:08 PM 06-24-2002
OK WPBF.. Its now June 24th. Where is the HD feed??????
DeletedUserPost's Avatar DeletedUserPost 02:36 PM 06-24-2002
David, do you by chance have a contact # for Butch Figurella, the C. E. at WFLX?? You had suggested i contact him about the remapping prob on my DST but via email i had no luck..
hardrock's Avatar hardrock 04:12 PM 06-24-2002


Originally posted by hardrock
His cell phone is (561) 310-9177.

Carlb7's Avatar Carlb7 05:27 PM 06-26-2002
Now here is a good one for you. I have posted a few threads stating my problems with WPBF and how it kept breaking up on me. I went into menu and cleared my zip code, then cleared all of my channels, then did a re-scan. Low and behold my problem went away. But wait, a new problem arises. I was one of the lucky ones who would punch in 28-1 for the Fox channel and it would not re-map to 29-1 and my channel would stay digital. Now I am like everyone else and it maps to 29-1 and soon goes analog. When will it end?!? The pain of the digital era. By the way, yes it is a(Mits.HD-5) Hughes receiver.
ElectricPickle's Avatar ElectricPickle 06:14 PM 06-26-2002
Same with my HD5. Perhaps we should contact Mitsubishi and file a warranty fix. I have heard from others though that it's a "finger pointing" circle between the hardware manufacturers, the broadcast companies, and the FCC (government). I would think that if enough of us threaten to return our receivers to Mits and Hughes then something will happen.
DeletedUserPost's Avatar DeletedUserPost 06:50 PM 06-26-2002
Dont forget to add the Toshiba to that list of Hughes clones. I spent abut a half hour on the phone with DTV and dealt with a fairly knowledgable tech who in the end couldnt help me. He finally decided it was a station issue. Toshiba would just gove me an address to send my box for service but i dont think thats the answer either. Its all in DTVs APG. No dish NO PROBLEM. Add dish and load APG, say goodbye to 29-1.. makes no sense to me. I have emailed the guy from WFLX but as of yet have not got back a reply. I dont think im going to call his cell phone though. The DTV guy checked and said he has had no other calls about WPB Fox specifically.. You guys should call them.. Im so sick of this crap.. If this was a channel that was actually transmitting HD i would have went crazy by now for sure
George33027's Avatar George33027 08:52 AM 06-27-2002
Who changes the programming for the Hughes (Mits, Tos, etc) ?
Is it DirecTV, Hughes, or both?
Carlb7's Avatar Carlb7 11:23 AM 06-27-2002
Another member of this forum has had success with this problem by contacting Ron Garrison at 301-548-6811. He apparently talked with Direct TV and had the problem resolved. I have a call into Hughes and left a message for him. Waiting now for a reply. We all should call and let him know that we all have the same problem.
Carlb7's Avatar Carlb7 01:14 PM 06-27-2002

Just got off the phone with Ron and he says that he is going to get in touch with Direct TV immediately to fix this problem. He says it is not the 5099 update that is causing this to happen. Originally you could get the OTA digitals with the receiver only, Direct TV wanted to have Full control over what you were able to view in your zip code area. Thus the 5099 update that was required to give this control to Direct TV.
The good news is that Ron said that he has the proper contact at Direct TV to fix this problem. He says to do a soft re-boot to your receivers on Saturday and the problem should be gone. If not try again on Monday, that is when he wants me to call back and let him know how we made out. Lets keep our fingers crossed that we can put this behind us!
ElectricPickle's Avatar ElectricPickle 01:25 PM 06-27-2002

You are a wizard if this works. I was going to call the guy but I will wait and see if he gets it fixed. Thanks for the effort.

Carlb7's Avatar Carlb7 12:15 PM 06-28-2002
Is anyone getting a signal from WPBF? This morning 16-1 was black and as of now still is.
Rudy1's Avatar Rudy1 12:20 PM 06-28-2002
And, speaking of signals, does anyone here know if WFLX is broadcasting at full power yet?
Carlb7's Avatar Carlb7 05:49 PM 06-28-2002
anyone else not getting 16-1 ???
Carlb7's Avatar Carlb7 06:06 AM 06-29-2002
Yes Carl I am getting a signal now, the station was down for most of the day. Hope this answers your question.

Is everyone on vacation ? I hate talking to myself this way.
ElectricPickle's Avatar ElectricPickle 07:03 AM 06-29-2002
I'm here Carl. You don't have to talk to yourself. You have to understand that the Palm Beach County broadcasters are still testing DT and they are not 100 percent yet. There will be outages, etc., while they install hardware.

I'm waiting with fingers crossed to see if our IRD gets fixed this weekend. Hang in there.
George33027's Avatar George33027 08:43 AM 06-29-2002
Why does DirecTV want control over local stations, or , maybe the question should be is:
Why does DirecTV want control over local OTA stations ?
DirecTV (even though it does use the STB) should allow all OTA without any interferece!

Problem is that they do control the software updates!
DeletedUserPost's Avatar DeletedUserPost 09:56 AM 07-01-2002
Nothing yet here on the 29 issue. Anyone else find it working correctly yet?
ElectricPickle's Avatar ElectricPickle 10:02 AM 07-01-2002
My Mitsubishi HD5 is still at update 5099.0. Nothing has changed. Time to start a campaign. I'm calling Mitsubishi today and filing a problem report.
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