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Old 11-13-2015, 01:16 PM
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I live in Vero Beach and it's almost impossible to get a good OTA signal from any of the West Palm Beach stations, and impossible to get the NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach. I won't pay for cable and, besides, the OTA signals produce a much better video quality on my Panasonic 8000 projector. Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated.
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Old 11-13-2015, 01:44 PM
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According to Signal Legends this is possible, so I ask the obvious, how high is your antenna?

Callsign Network Virtual Channel Band

Strong Signal WPBF ABC 25-1 UHF
Strong Signal WTVX MYTV 34-1 UHF
Moderate Signal WTCE TBN 21-1 UHF
Moderate Signal WOPX ION 56-1 UHF
Weak Signal WRDQ ABC 27-1 UHF
Weak Signal WFLX FOX 29-1 UHF
Weak Signal WFTV ABC 9-1 UHF
Weak Signal WKCF CW 18-1 UHF
Weak Signal WKMG CBS 6-1 UHF
Weak Signal WHDT IND 42-1 UHF
Weak Signal WPXP ION 67-1 UHF
Weak Signal WXEL PBS 42-1 UHF
Weak Signal WPTV NBC 5-1 Hi-V
Weak Signal WRBW MYTV 65-1 UHF

This is my setup

40' Mount
Winegard YA 1713 Prostar 1000
Televes DAT 75 Deep Fringe UHF

Boss Tech DAT-790 LR HD BOSS UHF Antenna - LTE Ready (149741) at 30' may solve some of your issues, due to its gain stage

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Old 11-14-2015, 09:02 AM
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why does Comcast in stuart broadcast ABC (431) in 1080i? ABC has always been 720p along with the channels they own, ESPN, Disney etc. Did I miss something?
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Old 11-14-2015, 11:45 AM
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Hearst cross-converts WPBF into 1080i.

- Trip


Comments are my own and not that of the FCC (my employer) or anyone else.


"Ignorance and prejudice and fear walk hand in hand..." - Rush "Witch Hunt"

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Old 11-29-2015, 10:03 AM
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Anybody in Hobe Sound or (nearby) north using a Channel Master 4228HD mounted above their roofline outside and getting a solid lock on 12.1 and 5.1 (VHF 13 & 12), along with the rest of the WPB true UHF HD stations?

I have a highly directional antenna that I want to swap out for something that can get good locks from ALL of the local HDTV stations. My directional is on a rotor because it's too directional to lock all of them without some rotating (which is not so great in a DVR world). So I'm thinking CM4228HD since it claims to be wider angle in terms of reception. I'm wondering if I can mount it in place of what I have now, tweak rotations around to find the ideal angle for all channels and then pretty much just leave it at that angle. I'm hoping this would make all local OTA DVR-able without having to remember to optimize the angle of the OTA antenna ahead of each recording.

If someone in Hobe or north has one of these, outside, above their roof line, does it lock all of them well (especially the 2 VHF stations)?

I'm trying to avoid the giant VHF + UHF antenna options in considering this one. Alternatively, I'm thinking about using what I have now rotated to the best angle for the UHF locals and getting a one-channel VHF antenna (from Wade) aimed at the 12.1 and 5.1 tower in hopes that it can draw in both of them. I'm thinking 2 runs of RG6 down the pole and into the home, combining them into one cable inside the home. Anyone do that around here? Is 2 independent runs of RG6 all the way into the home (broken only at the ground block) better than merging them into one cable up on the pole? I would guess yes, but does anyone know (with confidence)?

Since I'm going to be going up there anyway, I'm thinking about also sticking a Brita FM-only loop antenna up there too with it's own run of RG6 down and into the home to connect to a dedicated FM radio antenna port on my receiver. Anybody got anything like that going in my general area? Did it make much difference for (better) locking in FM radio reception?

In a final stack, I'm thinking it's either CM4228HD on the rotor pole above this Brita, 2 runs of RG6 down to the grounding block and then into the home... OR existing UHF antenna on the rotor pole "as is," over a Wade fixed (directional) dedicated channel 12 or 13 VHF antenna mounted cantilever over the Brita FM loop, with 3 runs of RG6 down to the grounding block and then into the home, merging the UHF and VHF cable at the best point (inside the home or outside on the pole???).

I would much welcome comments about this. Anyone know if one of those Wade one-channel VHF antennas can also tune the immediate adjacent channel (as we need VHF 12 and 13 here in the WPB area). And if so, would buying the one cut for VHF13 be better for also tuning VHF12 or would buying the one cut for VHF12 be better for also tuning VHF13? OR, are one-channel antennas absolutely one channel so this option will not work for VHF 12+13? If anyone has one of these one-channel antenna's installed, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for the community expertise.

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Old 12-11-2015, 05:27 AM
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Question Xfinity X1 STB's - Stuart Area

What brand HD-DVR's and HD non-dvr "companion" boxes are being issued in the Stuart (Martin County) area for the X1 platform?
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