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Local HDTV Info and Reception

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01-31-2009 | Posts: 2
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There were some guys burying cable in front of my house today....stuck some ATT/D Distribution flags on the lawn where they ran the line.

Could this be the sign of a fiber run? U-Verse coming?

This is in 28226 near Prov Rd and Hwy 51.
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02-02-2009 | Posts: 6
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Originally Posted by lrdiver View Post

I got Uverse in Pineville out near Ballantyne last Thursday. It really rocks!

Hi Larry,

Where exactly are you located in pineville? I am in Cardinal Woods and the website says I cannot get UVerse yet.

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02-13-2009 | Posts: 1
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Taking my walk today I asked an Att tech about u verse in my area. I was told the equipment is all in place it just has not been turned on. The criteria seems to be a max of 3400 feet from the box. He says a 25Mbps input to the service point is all they`are offering at this time which includes the HDTV capability. He also said there is a lot a push available we can expect it to be pushed from 18Mbps downstream 1.5 upstream to 30Mbps downstream to 3 upstream.

I could really use the faster service I have the 6Mbps fastaccess now and I love the service. I need faster access to get in on a job that requires a 12mbps downstream and 2Mbps upstream minimum that involves testing equipment. God knows I don't want to go back to cable for any reason but the change in my job status seems to be a go by July at the latest. The tech thinks I'll be OK because they have to get the service off the ground now that the equipment is in place. I'm in 28215, I'm going to go for the full service including the hdtv service we have 2 hdtv sets. If anyone has any more info about the service please post it or email me, a good job is hard to come by.
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03-21-2009 | Posts: 109
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The rollout for uverse must be pretty slow right now. For the people that have it, are you still loving it? I'm still waiting for it here in the northlake/wt harris and reames road area...
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03-24-2009 | Posts: 21
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Saw a guy marking utilities in my backyard today and was told AT&T was having the utilities marked to roll out UVerse to all of Beverly Crest.

Has anyone using UVerse hooked it up to an HTPC? Does it support clear QAM for the HD channels? Thanks for any info.
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03-25-2009 | Posts: 673
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Help Charlotte poeple, please give me your input on current Uverse for our area?

I live at The Vineyards on Lake Wylie(newer DR Horton development). We are a Fiber Optic neighborhood with a Big problem right now and its looking like ATT Uverse may be coming our way.

We had YRT2 service, see

it was DirecTV, phone, internet and Security bundled into one package.

They just went under, and its an absolute mess. DR Horton has to figure something out ASAP or they are as screwed as us since they need to sell homes. Keep in mind Dishes are forbidden by our HOA so only other option is an indoor Antenna.

YRT2 used a specific(apparently rare) version of IPTV fiber optics that ATT or Time Warner or Windstream, etc. have ever heard of they claim. So nobody wants to buy their infrastructure and move into our market. Time Warner started to but it fell through.

It is sounding like ATT is most likely option(they have the feed close by), problem is they will not use existing infrastructure and will run their own lines and they will have to connect to our boxes(which is in my garage) fom the road, from there our Cat 5 outlets will work with UVerse now, hopefully.

My question is how is the service, how is DirecTV thru it? I've grown to like DirecTV for most part and would prefer to keep this TV over Time Warner or something worse. I have concerns about ATT's limitations though with DVR.
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03-25-2009 | Posts: 673
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my current Internet thru YRT2 is testing at:

4111 kbs up
1942 kbs down

although I think it has detorated recently with this problem, everything is being filtered.

will Ustream be worse, better or about the same?
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03-26-2009 | Posts: 673
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03-26-2009 | Posts: 6,488
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Originally Posted by jpniner View Post


Please do not "bump". If anyone had an answer for you, they would have posted one.
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04-15-2009 | Posts: 2
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Charlotte NC Folks, here's an update...

Currently "Project Lightspeed" has taken off in most areas of South Charlotte (Pineville, Steele Creek, Lake Wylie, etc). Signs have been placed near neighborhoods that are in the process/or already capable for the upgrade.

More information can be obtained by calling 704.378.7132 (ATT Project Lightspeed Info Line).

I live in the Steele Creek area and was notified of the upgrade about a couple of weeks ago.
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05-01-2009 | Posts: 241
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Just found out I can get Uverse... $181/mo for best package and fastest internet package. THey are offering $275 cash back if you sign up online.

I live in Sedgefield off of Marsh Rd... near Park Rd.
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05-07-2009 | Posts: 241
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Oh well... UVERSE came out today and the installer told me I was 3000 Ft from VRAD... only 1 HD stream. That sucks!

It will be a while before they add anymore VRAD in this area according to him... but he said that was his opinion.

He even had a 320GB DVR waiting for me.
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08-05-2009 | Posts: 137
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Just ordered, Piper Glenn area. Voice still not avail yet, but chose U450/Max package. Dropped over $60 what we were paying TWC for less internet and channels. Didn't try and see what TWC retention would offer, curious to give UVerse a try anyway. No contract, so we can always go back. We were going to do DTV for NFL Ticket, but, can't go back to Sat again after all the issues we had before, and this deal (esp $250 cash back) is hard to resist trying.
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08-05-2009 | Posts: 9
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On the fence in NW Clt. Keep us up to date on how it goes. When is your install?

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09-28-2009 | Posts: 611
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If they are running fiber to within 3400 feet of the Customers house where is the bottle neck? I'm trying to figure out why they have to compress the signal so much. I was really hoping this would be a solution to TW but not if they have to compress the signal so much. It's funny to hear so many people are looking to ditch TW.
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09-28-2009 | Posts: 6,488
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Yea, I hear it from viewers ALL the time.
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09-28-2009 | Posts: 611
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Well if HD with heavy compression is all AT&T has to offer than I will stay with TW. Not that TW doesn't compress the crap out of their signal.
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09-28-2009 | Posts: 281
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Originally Posted by rcase13 View Post

Well if HD with heavy compression is all AT&T has to offer than I will stay with TW. Not that TW doesn't compress the crap out of their signal.

When U-Verse first came to Charlotte, if they had been in my neighborhood, I would have ditched TWC in a hearbeat.

But now....with TWC adding more HD content and people not all that happy with the PQ with U-Verse, I'm not so sure that I'd change, if the opportunity presented itself.
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09-30-2009 | Posts: 2
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Uverse install scheduled for FRI 10/2 - any stories from your install or your Uverse service from these areas? Thanks!
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10-03-2009 | Posts: 2
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Installation was flawless!
Took less than 2 hours for everything....techs intitially worried bc I live more than 3500 feet from VRAD, but after testing line, said line was only at 60% capacity, so we went ahead with it.
HD picture is the equal of my previous the DVR's ability to record and then watch on any TV! Internet is faster than my previous DSL line, which was rated at the same speed. And although I can't get the VoIP home phone yet, AT&T agreed to give me the discounted price anyway for my existing landline service (I am also an AT&T/iPhone wireless customer - don't know if that had something to do with it).
All in all, loving it so far!
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11-05-2009 | Posts: 9
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28216 and I have had no problems. Installed on Tuesday, tech was good. I have easy access to crawl space so he gave me some cat5 and I ran it and he connected it for me.

Initially skeptical, but watching the Yankee game last night, looked just as good as my twc. Been too busy to play with it in depth so I plan on putting it through its paces tonight.

Any tips? Where do you find what firmware you are currently running on the RG?
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11-16-2009 | Posts: 281
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28210. Got my post-card in today's mail and just went on-line and signed up. Waiting for my e-mail with installation date.
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11-22-2009 | Posts: 140
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If you look back on this thread around the first of the year, you'll see that I was an enthusiastic and happy U-verse customer. Well, not anymore. I've waited and waited for the HD quality to improve, and, if anything, it has deteriorated. When support has come out, they've seen various errors and "fixed them," but I see no difference in the PQ. It is NOT as good as DirecTV was, nor is the guide or DVR functionality. One TV continually resets, and swapping STB's has no effect. I am paying for 6mbps Internet download speed and seldom see more than 3 on a consistent enough basis to use Amazon or Vudu in HD.

Earlier this year, tech support was in the USA/Canada. They were polite, efficient, and knew their stuff. Guess where it is now? India, just like Dell, Microsoft, and so many others! As expected, first tier personnel are clueless and do nothing more than read from a script and have been of no help whatsoever. For example, why check for line errors and ask repeated questions about whether all of the TV's are working (hard wired, of course) when the complaint is regarding an inside the house wireless connection issue between the fully functional gateway and a computer? I have had to resolve every issue on my own using various forums, such as this one. I spent three hours on the phone with them yesterday trying to resolve a networking problem. They made it far worse with the resets from their end and my following their instructions. After spending most of the day today researching, reading, and trial and error, I fixed the network myself. However, they did "generously" offer to have a fee-based service called AT&T Tech Connect come out. Gee thanks.

When the 12 month freebies/discounts end in January, I'll be looking elsewhere, even if I have to split up the services. All in all DTV was pretty darn good in comparison. U-verse is providing a triple play, and soon, I'll give them one as in three "outs."
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11-29-2009 | Posts: 281
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Originally Posted by chuckf1 View Post

28210. Got my post-card in today's mail and just went on-line and signed up. Waiting for my e-mail with installation date.

UPDATE: The horror, the horror.

I'll try to condense this as much as possible, but bottom line, stay away from U-Verse. Far, far away.

My installation for internet and HD-DVR was set for the Friday after Thanksgiving between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. The installer arrived at just before 11:00 a.m.

Too about 4 hours to install and he had some trouble picking up the signal from U-Verse. Finally solved at about 3:00, I started playing with my new toys. The DVR has some really cool features that the TWC equivalent does not have....such easier to set up season-long recordings of shows and they have sports and news tiers, although I'm not sure they use the word tiers, but it sets up sports or news programming on the side of your screen and you use the remote to downward scroll until you reach the game or news show that you want.

I really can't speak to the HD PQ because it was mid-day and my windowblinds were open, flooding my living room with light.

I moved on to setting up my internet. About 5:30 I lost my internet and turned on the TV and that was gone too. Called the U-Verse tech service and they had me turn off and on the main router, connected to the phone line, which is the gateway for the U-Verse service.

No joy and the tech put me on hold came back and told me that she had called the installer and that he would come by my place between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. He never showed. Later other people in the tech department and the installer denied that the the appointment was ever made by the first tech I spoke with.

Figuring that if Day One's service was so bad....imagine what it would be like after the 30 day trial period ended, and they actually had my money, I decided to cancel the service.

Saturday morning I spoke to the cancellation department and they told me that I would have to UPS the equipment back. I refused for two reasons: 1.) I only had 2.5 hours of service and didn't feel the need to box up the faulty equipment and haul it to UPS and 2.) somebody needed to come back and unstaple the cables they ran from the phone jack in my bedroom to the TV/internet in my living room.

The cancellation department agreed and transferred me back to the tech department to set up an appointment. Then it started going downhill. The tech department refused to set up and appointment and I ended up talking to a manager who hung up on me, because as he said, I used "foul language." Guilty as charged because I was pissed off at his obstructionism. But not as pissed off as I would become.

Called back the cancellation department and spoke to a manager who set up an appointment for someone to come by after 2:00 p.m. and pick up their equipment and destaple my baseboards. When I asked if nobody had come by by 5:00 p.m., if I should call back, the manager said yes and gave me the department (dispatch) and the name of the person to contact.

Ran a couple of errands and was back at my place prior to 2:00 p.m. Nobody showed up. Shortly after 5:00 p.m. called back and through the U-Verse automated phone lines found out that the cancellation department had just closed. Ter - frakkin' -riffic!

Got the number for the tech department and called them back. They would not connect me to dispatch and denied that an appointment had been set up for that afternoon. Ended up yelling at both Tier 1 and Tier 2 managers. Finally the Tier 2 manager set me up another appointment for Sunday morning between 8:00 a.m. and noon for somebody to come by and haul away their stuff.

Shortly after 10:15 a.m., the original installer showed up and did what they were supposed to do on Saturday afternoon between 2:00 and 5:00.

All in all, between the end of the installation and when I cancelled my acount, I was a customer for 20 hours with an actual 2.5 hours of U-Verse service.

The moral here: If U-Verse comes to your neighborhood --- move away. Far, far away!
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08-29-2012 | Posts: 2
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Does anybody have any idea when uverse will be active in the 28278 (southwest Charlotte) code? My mother lives literally 6 minutes from my house and can get uverse. Any ideas guys?

Thanks : )
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07-08-2013 | Posts: 611
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Not a very popular thread.

Does anyone know when or if U-verse will be available to Highland Creek residents?
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11-30-2013 | Posts: 156
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Maybe once more people know the thread is here things will pick up. I found out U-Verse was coming to my neighborhood when they started digging in the backyard to remove the coils from the phone lines so they can do U-vers over copper. They accidentally cut the Time Warner cable. Time Warner says it happens all the time and they got someone over quickly to repair the line and they credited me for a day's service. AT&T guys said the Time Warner guys cut into their cable too!

I'm Happy with Time Warner for the most part but I won't be if they raise rates again. Maybe some competition with AT&T will put a stop to that.
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11-30-2013 | Posts: 6,488
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Nice resurrection there Mike! smile.gif

I have U-verse phone and internet, no video due to distance from V-Rad. Been working superbly for YEARS. Several weeks ago day my son called me saying the phone and internet was out..but that there was an AT&T truck next door doing an installation at the new neighbors. I told him to go tell the guy he killed our service. Of course, the tech said he didn't do anything, My son asked him to double check, which he replied we need to phone in a trouble wifey put in a trouble call. Shortly thereafter, another AT&T tech called me on the way over..I explained to him my theory..Once he got here he found my pair disconnected at the pedestal. Guess that pair just fell off the punch downs all on their own..Of course, once he connected us back up he determined the underground cable was suddenly bad, and in the early snow flurries pulled a new temporary line across the yard and restored our service. I noticed this week they had buried the new drop. I sure hope their plowing thru the roots of my two river birches don't kill them..rolleyes.gif
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11-30-2013 | Posts: 34
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I have U-verse for TV/internet love when we get the thanksgiving free preview of stuff like the hd channels (though this year for some reason the local ones still wont come in I guess they couldn't get a deal?) so much nicer picture. They charge more for hd if your pack isn't u-450 so I don't normally get them.
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12-01-2013 | Posts: 1,221
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Originally Posted by Skynet2029 View Post

I have U-verse for TV/internet love when we get the thanksgiving free preview of stuff like the hd channels (though this year for some reason the local ones still wont come in I guess they couldn't get a deal?) so much nicer picture. They charge more for hd if your pack isn't u-450 so I don't normally get them.

I have noticed they charge for the HD unless your in their premium package, supposedly it is for HD equipment.rolleyes.gif The programmers do not charge for HD channels and it always puzzles me how providers are squeezing customers for that last bit of change by charging for equipment at the customers premise which is allowed.

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