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Local HDTV Info and Reception

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02-05-2002 | Posts: 3,333
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Apologies if this has been posted before ...

HOUSTON - February 1, 2002 - The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), today announced the launch of Houston's Digital TV Zone activities. As one of only three cities in the entire nation to be honored as a Digital TV Zone, Mayor Lee P. Brown kicked off the fully integrated educational campaign - focused on generating excitement and increasing awareness of Digital TV - by issuing an official proclamation at a press conference at the Houston Visitors Center.
"I am pleased to officially proclaim Houston a Digital TV Zone," said Mayor Lee P. Brown. "It is with great enthusiasm that I recognize the contribution of our local broadcasters, and more importantly, kick off a program supported throughout the community and designed to provide all Houston residents the opportunity to experience and truly understand the benefits of Digital TV."

Houston was chosen as a Digital TV Zone because the city is a diverse region where all local stations -- KHOU-TV (CBS), KPRC-TV (NBC), KTRK-TV (ABC), KRIV-TV (FOX) and KUHT-TV (PBS) --have made the transition to digital broadcasting. Consumer electronics retailers in Houston also have made a strong commitment to promoting and selling Digital TV. Residents and visitors of Houston will learn and experience the benefits of Digital TV over the next eight weeks through the following planned activities: · Digital Landmarks: HDTV sets and educational information will be placed in high-traffic areas throughout the city providing residents and visitors a first-hand view of Digital TV. Houston Digital Landmarks will include locations such as: The Compaq Center, The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Space Center Houston, and The Houston Visitors Center.

· Digital Families Search: HDTV sets will be installed in one Houston family home for 30 days, where this family will experience HDTV in the comfort of their own living rooms. Families can submit applications to participate in the search on starting today. Applications for consideration are due no later than February 15, 2002.

· Watch Parties: Select restaurants and bars in Houston will be outfitted with HDTV sets, where HD sports and primetime programming will highlight the quality of HDTV.

· Station Tours: Local Digital stations will allow community organizations to gain understanding into the difference between analog and HDTV broadcasting.

Additionally, marketing and advertising efforts will support the Digital TV Zone activities. The advertising portion of the campaign, entitled "Time Marches On" and featuring families watching television through the ages, can also be viewed at Local broadcasters will contribute advertising time to drive consumer awareness and manufacturers will work with local retailers to tie-in their Digital TV promotions with the overall campaign.

"Houston's Digital TV Zone campaign launch marks a significant step in the adoption of Digital TV," said NAB President and CEO Edward O. Fritts. "The Digital TV Zone activities we're kicking off today aim to promote the future-thinking broadcaster transition efforts while educating consumers and visitors about how Digital TV can improve their lives."

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CEA, stated, "With more and more Digital TV sets being sold every day, DTV is quickly revolutionizing television and capturing the imagination of consumers. Manufacturers are proud to recognize the important role Houston plays in the overall nationwide transition."
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02-06-2002 | Posts: 130
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I still can't believe that Portland's main cable CO not only doesn't carry HDTV, *BUT* the customer service people don't even know what HDTV *IS*

Ye gods.
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Oh, for what it's worth ATT broadband is working towards HD tv, maybe in a year or so:

We do have the ability to add a UHF antenna to allow the reception of
locally originated HDTV broadcasts as an adjunct to our digital cable
product. We are not currently offering any HDTV cable channel (HBO etc)
content and while our engineering team in Denver is working through network
design etc, my best guess is that it will be the end of the year at the
earliest that we might have this option available.

that's at least slightly good news.
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02-06-2002 | Posts: 767
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Is it me, or does that sound like all they would do would be to add an OTA receiver to their digital cable box? That doesn't sound good at all, we want HD broadcast over cable.
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02-08-2002 | Posts: 140
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So here's an odd question -- how much Error Correction is employed in HTDV broadcasts?

I live in Houston, TX within a few miles of downtown. I cannot get cable and currently get local channels via my satellite dish.

My off-air reception is absolutely unwatchable -- snow, ghosts, EMI and RFI from nearby hospitals, I get it all.

I'm wondering if enough redundancy and/or ECC in the digital broadcasts might overcome the rotten reception found here?
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02-11-2002 | Posts: 134
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I think you either get it or don't with the digital signal - if you have enough signal strength you get a picture, but can get occasional dropouts from intermittent signal blockages.

You live near the med ctr? Can't get cable?

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