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jmccurrytech's Avatar jmccurrytech 12:20 PM 05-12-2003
HD on Demand is the only "new" offering I'm aware of. Channel 820, it's been "hidden" for the past couple weeks and pops up in the guide sometimes. Haven't seen it working yet, hopefully it will be up soon .

kroberts's Avatar kroberts 09:41 AM 05-15-2003
I just got the Pioneer box as well. Its only difference for me it the stretching aspect of the new box. i do love not have to change inputs on the tv to watch regular programming. This box was just right now a waste of time considering there are not that many HD channels yet, and its going to be some time before we get anymore. ESPN HD wants to charge for that. And Fox HD is going to be awhile as well.

I wish they would hurry up and negotiate. I would like to have ESPN HD and Fox HD before the football season starts.
e137811's Avatar e137811 03:56 PM 05-21-2003
I swapped out my SA HDTV box & picked up the Pioneer HD box today at the Arrowood office & installed it myself. All I had to do was to call Time Warner & ask them to activate the box. I was wondering what the proper Output Formats should be. It has 480i, 480p, 720p & 1080i & you can select any one or a combination of all of them. While I am somewhat familiar with what each format is I was wondering what the recommended setting was. I noticed you can select all of them however if you have 720p selected ABC HD channel does not come in. I'll try and call the TW HDTV desk and ask one of the technicians. I was just wondering if someone had TW install this box what they set the Output Formats at? Also when you use the S video output the HD station have a picture. (although not a HDTV quality picture) I was wondering if this had to do with selecting multiple output formats.
I also noticed that the Pioneer box does not have an electrical outlet to plug in the TV & it does not have a coaxial cable out connection. Not a big deal as I have an outlet on my receiver & don't need a coaxial out connection.
All in all I'm pretty happy with this box.
miamijoe's Avatar miamijoe 07:27 AM 05-22-2003
E137811: Couple quick answers/observations... S-Video cable does not send an HD signal through it. You need Component Video Cables for that and the Components will send all the stations to the TV. (I assume your TV has HD capability and component in's)
RE: Selection... I've not got the box, still have the old one but sounds to me like I'd choose the "all" selection and not peg it down to one or the other assuming that the "all" selection is kind of an "auto-select." Example: ABC sends HD in 720p, CBSHD is generally 1080i... if the "all" can automatically identify the signal and send it without problem to the HDTV monitor then I'd just keep it in the "all" setting. If it does not, then you may have to get up and switch the setting when you change the channel from, say, ABCHD to CBSHD. Also, try it when there is HD programming actually being shown. ABC usually has an HD movie in 720p on Saturday nights and CBS is almost all HD for their Primetime programming.
Another note... your TV may not be able to accept a 720p signal and may convert it to 1080i or 480p??? Check the manual/websites for the TV part.
Please let us know of your results with TWC folks. I'd rather keep mine which will pass all signals without "switching" if the new one doesn't do it automatically.
Good Luck
e137811's Avatar e137811 07:57 AM 05-22-2003
miamijoe: sorry I was not more specific: I know you can only get HDTV via the component mode (3 cable video connection). I just thought it was strange that while I had my TV in the S video mode I got a picture on the HDTV stations. (by the way this box also has a DVI connection which a lot of the LCD HDTV have.)
The Output Format option does not have an 'all' selection but it does allow you to select more than one format. I have 1080i, 480p, & 480i selected. I have a windscreen HDTV ready TV set but it does not accept 720p as most HDTV do not (as a 720p will get converted to 1080I).
Anyway I had no problems watching all stations in the component mode on my TV last night. The box automatically adjusts when you switch from a HDTV station to a regular station. It also allows you to use your TVs aspect ratio control in component mode for non HDTV stations. I haven't heard back from TW HDTV folks yet but when I do I'll let you know what they say. If you want to see the press release Pioneer put out on this box it's at:,92401,00.html
miamijoe's Avatar miamijoe 07:26 AM 05-27-2003
e... quick question on the pioneer. I've got a 720p capable set. Can this box automatically pick up the 720p signals (say from ABC programming)? Does the box say "hey looks like a 720p signal" and if you've given the box the "green light" goahead and pass the 720p or will it up/down convert it?
(and thanks for the pioneer press release).
e137811's Avatar e137811 09:58 AM 05-27-2003
Interesting question. From what I have read on other BBs I was
under the impression that the HDTV box made this decision.
(In this case the pioneer box) This is the first box I have seen that
lets you set the format. That might be the reason I can view a
HDTV station while my TV is in S video mode. (converting the signal to 480p) I just assumed on the SA HDTV box I had that it was converting the 720p signal from ABC To 1080i. I would assume if you select 780i on this box and your HDTV can receive 780I that's what you would get a 780I signal. Of course the only way you could be sure is to ask one of the HDTV guys at TW. By the way here is another forum I occasionally check out. (HDTV Magazine forum)
Vash_Stampede's Avatar Vash_Stampede 05:48 PM 05-27-2003
e....the 3510hd should be set to 1080i.thats the "all format" youre looking for.This should not be changed.The box has a built in scaler which converts hd to sd so the channels can still be viewd even through outputs other than component.This is what also allows for viewing of the guide while watching hd video.The dvi connector doesnt work.So far its not been activated for mass use.And for miamijoe ....if you set the box at 720p then that is where it stays.There is no auto switching function or "green light" per say,to tell you theres any difference in signals.This box is still new so twc hasnt had a lot of time with it.But if you have more questons feel free to call'em back!Someone is usually in Mon-Friday.
miamijoe's Avatar miamijoe 02:27 PM 05-28-2003
Thanks e... & Vash... I think I'm gonna keep the current box I've got. Seems like with these "manual" switch boxes HD Cable boxes and HD OTA receivers, the technology is going backwards. I don't want to have to get up from the couch each time I change channels from ABC's Monday Night Football (720p) and CBS's monday night Everybody Loves Raymond (1080i) to flip a switch. As HD programming becomes more prevalent, it seems like the hassle would just grow. Thanks again for all the info.
Mhorn's Avatar Mhorn 04:23 PM 05-28-2003

I have the Pioneer box and it is a big improvement over the SA box, especially if you have a widescreen TV. You can select the output using the remote to match your TV specs. My understanding is that it would upconvert the signal to 1080i if it is 720p for example, but I am no expert. It might automatically adjust instead, but the bottom line is that I don't ever change the output and the picture quality is great. It also seems like I have had a lot less dropouts since switching boxes.
Vash_Stampede's Avatar Vash_Stampede 06:25 PM 05-28-2003
Mhorn is right.The 3510hd is a big improvement over the sa box if you have a widescreen and no you wont have to get up and flip a switch.I have great reception at 1080i.And the aspect controls are better than I've seen on a lot of tv's.But they can simply be changed from the remote if you just have to do it.Ther is no manual switch on the box.Just something 4 u to think about miamijoe.
ksk1186's Avatar ksk1186 04:07 PM 06-03-2003
Hi Vosh_

How did you know the DVI didn't work on this hd box. I have the Pio plasma with the A303 card and can't get HD through DVI With Time Warner cable. Ugghh. The HD dept has yet to return my calls, and I am frustrated, so close to the promise land. Can you or anyone help?
Vash_Stampede's Avatar Vash_Stampede 04:52 PM 06-03-2003
I know the dvi connection doesnt work because its part of my job.I work on hdtv on a daily basis and had tested the box before it was ever given out.Dont know yet if it will ever be made active on this particular box but i doubt it.Call twc again.The HD dept is small but working hard to help.But is there a reason you want the dvi to work? I was sure all plasma's(at least mostly) had component connectors.Do you have an hdtv box yet?I have yet to hear of a reason for dvi to be an absolute need.
ksk1186's Avatar ksk1186 07:50 PM 06-03-2003
I did not get the 5002 board for the Pio plasma 433 CMX, I got the Aroura A303 which has s-video, DVI and, composite hook ups. There is no component plug-ins. I assumed, T.W. had DVI on there boxes. I can go sat. receiver instead, but why.
mhdiab's Avatar mhdiab 05:58 AM 06-04-2003
I finally found this thread - not letting go of it
Ok I am picking up the new box today, swapping it for the old SA box - couple of questions:

My Toshiba already has input memory so it maintains the right stretchmodes for each input - how is this affected?

Is the stretchmode good? - once again the Toshiba is supposed to be better at this so don't want to loose on the PQ.

If I think the PQ is worse because of the stretch - can I set the box to receive a normal signal and then stretch it in the tv.

Which is normally better at upconversion - the box or the TV. It sounds to me like ABC should either be converted by the box or the TV (assuming that you have that function) by the unit that is the best for doing this.

Finally this is my major problem - I have had tons of blackouts on ABC - is this happening to everyone else out there??? I have called ABC, TW and they can't send someone until Saturday so going to miss the rest of the games this week - hoping the new box will solve some of it but we will see tonight.
Vash_Stampede's Avatar Vash_Stampede 11:04 AM 06-04-2003
i do know their is a patch cable for component to dvi connections you can buy and this will get you hd on your set.Just ask at a local a/v store or someplace like comp usa.others have had to do the same thing and it works on their sets so that should solve your problem!So its component from the box to dvi on the tv set.the cable does exist and once you have it and an hdtv box you'll have finally reached the promised land!
bdfox18doe's Avatar bdfox18doe 11:26 AM 06-04-2003
Got my DVI cable on ebay $6 delivered..
ksk1186's Avatar ksk1186 08:04 PM 06-04-2003

I couldn't help but notice the input for an upload on this box called control. Does this mean I can upload and activate the DVI? Or just give in to the adapter and return my 90 dollar DVI male to male cable. 6 dollars, is that dvi-d. Oh well thanks
Vash_Stampede's Avatar Vash_Stampede 01:10 PM 06-05-2003
The IR control port is for an external remote sensor that can be connected to the box for long distance use in the home.Its not for downloading anything and the dvi connector is on the box but not internally connected.So the cable I mentioned is what you will need.
Mhorn's Avatar Mhorn 02:51 PM 06-05-2003

Any chance that we will get the digital fox on Time Warner in the near future?

It's my understanding that you guys and TW have been talking for quite awhile about adding it, but it looks like no resolution yet. I for one would watch Fox more if it were on the digital tier.

Thanks for any update you can provide.
bdfox18doe's Avatar bdfox18doe 03:14 PM 06-05-2003
No news to report yet, hopefully any day now..
shine5555's Avatar shine5555 08:58 AM 06-06-2003
I hope soon..... Fox is one channel I use to watch the most. But since I have had the TWC- HD Box, for the year and a half. I do not watch FOX much at all. I miss some of the shows

- Scott
mhdiab's Avatar mhdiab 10:53 AM 06-10-2003
NOt Fox regular, but four FOX-sports to broadcast - HD, did you all see that? Fox-Net South will broadcast from Raleigh we should get Hurricanes, ACC, BobCat (NBA-Charlotte), Panthers in HD - so sweet when it is fully up and running!!!
Mhorn's Avatar Mhorn 10:58 AM 06-10-2003
That is great news about Fox Sports South, but I was in fact referring to the digital version of Fox 18. I wonder if the local affiliate is already equipped for true HD transmission, since according to the rumor mill, Fox may be gearing up for that in the larger markets.
bdfox18doe's Avatar bdfox18doe 11:18 AM 06-10-2003

Originally posted by Mhorn
Fox 18. I wonder if the local affiliate is already equipped for true HD transmission,

jmccurrytech's Avatar jmccurrytech 12:55 PM 06-10-2003
Bob, since Fox doesnt send out any true HD, it seems you should have enough bandwith even with the SAP and the weather radar to run some sort of hd "demo loop". Would there be any possibility of this happening?
bdfox18doe's Avatar bdfox18doe 01:04 PM 06-10-2003
No, as we do not have any local HD playback gear on hand, and have no plans to add that capability. Actually, we don't have any spare bandwidth, as we are running 18-1 at 15m/b, so there is no room for additional video.
(18-2 is the same video as 18-1) and 18-3 Weather takes up the rest.

Should FOX deliver us an HD feed, we can have it on-air on about 10 minutes, as the system is designed for it...
mhdiab's Avatar mhdiab 02:10 PM 06-10-2003
Well FSN might not be Fox regular in HD, but to me it states that Fox is moving towards HD. Hopefully when copyright issues etc are solved they should be onboard

It is good to know that you are equipped - to much good stuff on Fox and now when it seems like we will have more and more HD they run a risk of falling behind in the ratings (I realize that it takes a while for enough people to turn on HD for it to make a dent in the ratings, but still)
Mhorn's Avatar Mhorn 05:31 PM 06-10-2003
This must be a fairly new addition to the local Time Warner website.

They are now advertising HD. Interestingly, they only advertise the SA 3100HD box (not the Pioneer 3510HD), but they also state that later this year they will be using the 8000HD (or some other HD DVR). Right now I have a DVR on a secondary TV, but wish I could have it on my widescreen HD (right now, I have the Pioneer HD box hooked up to it). I'm glad to see that we will be getting the HD DVRs this year. If they do so, I will have become a loyal satellite to cable convert (it's hard to believe that I would ever say that).
jrmckinn's Avatar jrmckinn 08:26 AM 06-11-2003
Where did you see the news about Fox Sports South?
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