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Local HDTV Info and Reception

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09-27-2003 | Posts: 53
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Hi I'm a newbie here, just had a Sammy hooked up last night by D* and I live out in Union county. Is there any OTA HD channels here, TW do not come out here and I've been inquiring for years and all they say is survey team will come out but no results.
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09-27-2003 | Posts: 43
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Anyone getting the Bama - Arkansas game in hi-def?
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09-27-2003 | Posts: 2,422
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I'm getting it in HD DD5.1 on WRAL-DT 5 (53-1) out of Raleigh NC and it's in HD DD2.0 Surround on WBTW-DT 13 (56-1) out of Florence SC.
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09-30-2003 | Posts: 2,367
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Two Charlotte Items.
1. Did others not get the alabama game in HD? Then it was the second SEC game on CBS in a row in Charlotte and we need to tell CBS local

2. Am I correct that the DVI is turned on by TW? If so how is it? and also is it just like component cables when it comes to the regular channels or how does that work?

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10-01-2003 | Posts: 269
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Here's the latest TWC Charlotte Division information:

Fuel and NBA TV have been added to the sports tier.
NBA TV is supposed to show HD, when available, but I don't know.
INHD and INHD2 will launch in a HD tier with ESPN on Nov. 3rd.
HDNet and HDNet movies will probably be included in this tier, but I can't say 100%.
Pricing is still up in the air regarding this HD tier, I will post more information as it becomes available.
TW is in the process of upgrading their systems. If the correct time does not consistently appear on your box, unplug it for 15 seconds, then plug it back in. If the problem does not fix itself after 30 minutes, call customer service at 1-877-566-4892.
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10-01-2003 | Posts: 137
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Well this is great news with the fact of expanded TWC HD and the fight between sat offerings. I am very interested in the cost of this new HD tier. This could get interesting.
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10-01-2003 | Posts: 2,367
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Jmcurry - thanks a bunch for the information much appreciated.
I have no problem with this - inhd 1 and 2 are new channels and so is HDNET so charging me for it is no problem what so ever. I have also stated in the past that ESPN-HD is an exception to the rule in the fact that I am ok paying twice for it

Lets have a guessing game 10.99? 15.99? - depends on HDNet I think.
5.99 for inhd 1 and 2 we kind of know that - another 5 bucks for ESPN and then 5 for the rest - sounds to much and hoping for 10 bucks or I will have to cancell a bunch of other stuff

Funny there are some other discussion on the HD programming page about how TW and Disney can't come to an agreement and here is a date - sweet
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10-01-2003 | Posts: 137
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I agree! If they do charge too much I will get ride of some movie stations and my DVR. I hardly use the DVR now though I am sure it will change once TWC can offer a HD-DVR. I forgot to say thank you also....THANKS Jmcurry for the information.
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10-03-2003 | Posts: 6
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Ia anyone else having trouble with the two Fox digital channels 240 & 241? I have yet to get a watchable picture. Most times it is just black screen. When there is something there, it artifacts then locks up.

I have the Pioneer BDV3500HD box with DVI. I am using the DVI connection to my Toshiba 57HDX82. I have no problem with any other channel. The Toshiba accepts 480i, 480p, 1080i and 720p. It has 3:2 pulldown. I am located in Concord.

I have tried using the YPrPb and the Fox channels do the same artifacts and or lockups.

Is anyone getting the Fox digitals clear? If so, what TWC box and hookup are you using. BTW, the DVI clarity is awesome. I have a service call scheduled with TWC, but don't hold much hope since I had to request then walk the techs through the Pionner box. Thanks
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10-03-2003 | Posts: 2,367
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No trouble - get good picture. Can't remember the box number (for some reason) but it is the latest one they have for HD. I run it through component, but have the box set to only output 1080i. This way it is much quicker and smoother to get a picture than to have my Toshiba do the conversion. Try that and see what happens - if that changes it then it is the tv that has the problem - note that the Toshiba converts it to 540p and doesn't leave it as 480p. Hookup is just straight from the TW box to the tv

So does the DVI work for all channels or should I just look at it as a replacement for the component cables from the box to the tv?

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10-04-2003 | Posts: 6
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With the Scientific Atlanta Box I am not sure of the settings. I used to have an SA box in Syracuse, NY. It was plug and play with no issues in Syracuse.

With the Pioneer box on TWC- CLT using YPrPb the input is selectable, 480i, 480p or 1080i. The FOX feed is still bad. Using DVI what you see is what you get. No choice of resolution or PIP using DVI input. DVI has HDCP which my Tosh is set up for. No problems on any other channel other than FOX. I suspect this is a local problem in my service area. I live off Weddington in Concord.

All other HD channels are awesome with DVI. The SA box does D/A conversion back to analog to view. With the Pioneer and a DVI cable, the DVI is pure digital - awesome from ch 80 up. These boards say HDNET, ESPN and INHD are coming! Great news.

A chime in update from our friend at TWC on new HD please?

Perhaps our friend from FOX can shed some light on resolution and HDCP with FOX on TWC?

The local ABC analog 9 is unwatchable at my house and neighbors.

bdfox18doe's Avatar bdfox18doe
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10-05-2003 | Posts: 6,488
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I see you have no Pm active.. contact me with your info and I will get you intouch with the TW Engineer. We're not having any problems as I can see,
last I checked our Pioneer box here on Tuesday it was fine.
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10-05-2003 | Posts: 269
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Bob, from what I've heard (could be wrong), is that the Charlotte system is having "issues" getting the WCCB-DT channels to the other area systems, and it seems to be resolving itself one system at a time (Gastonia system is fine now). The Charlotte area system never experienced any issues, probably because they get the signal from WCCB and pass it on to the other area systems. As for the rest of the systems, everything should be resolved within the next week or two.
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10-05-2003 | Posts: 6,488
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Yes, that is what I have been told. Seems to be software issues between
our PSIP, (which exploits some little used features that others may not)
and certain headend processors..Ran into this same problem with the WOLO transport to Columbia..had to send copies of the stream to the MFG's to convince them they had a problem. Did they get a surprise!
FYI, we had the WCCB stream analyzed by an expert this past week, who found no problems. Despite what many think, this is still pretty much a still
a science project in many respects..
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10-05-2003 | Posts: 269
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If anyone's wondering about the "Movies on Demand in HD" it should launch in November when the HD Tier does. If I remember correctly, the pricing is $6.95 per movie. The channel number will be 820 (the channel has been added but is still "hidden"). And, it's also worth noting that within the next few weeks (no specific date), the following two channels will be added to the lineup:
Lifetime On Demand 852
Oxygen On Demand 853
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10-06-2003 | Posts: 2,367
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So I turned on CBS this weekend to watch the SEC game in HD - like the last two weekends they failed to put it in HD. So I found their website and after some searching around found the newsroom number. Called and had them patch me through to the technician who then switched to HD. I told him to leave them a not about it since they failed the previous two weeks - he told me those games were not in HD.........yeah not in Charlotte that is correct. Anyways, if they forget next saturday just call them

Number: Newsroom (704) 374-3698

have them patch you through to the tech room and specificially say HD or they don't have a clue and say it is on!!
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10-06-2003 | Posts: 59
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Thanks for the news about Movies on Demand in HD. It's a shame about the $6.95 fee. I don't mind paying some extra for better picture quality, but double seems a little steep. That's a good way to discourage use.
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10-06-2003 | Posts: 269
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With the last minute addition of the SEC HD game of the week I think it kinda screwed up some affiliates. You see they setup the timers for this stuff in advance (not sure if its days or weeks). If you watched WBTV last night you saw a great example of this, since football ran a little over, the timers were all screwed up. It was switching to commercials in the middle of the movie, but at least you got to see "CBS HD Promo commercial" . Of course the analog channel showed no problems. It was kind of annoying going to a commercial in the middle of the movie, then when the HD movie went off, you had to watch the end of it again in 4:3! I advise all of you who view WBTV-DT to call the newsroom and express your anger about not switching to HD during football. It seems to me by now they should know when the games are going to be in HD, they get weekly memos!!! I would give out the master control direct number, but they'd tar and feather me
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10-06-2003 | Posts: 72
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Kudos to Bob Davis!

Bob, I must say that you deserve recognition for your active participation in this forum. I don't know about the other Charlotte TV stations, but I can say that FOX is well represented.

Maybe others will follow your lead and recognize the value of providing accurate and timely information to their viewers.

(Please take note Time Warner, ABC, CBS, NBC)
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10-06-2003 | Posts: 6,488
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Originally posted by jmccurrytech
I would give out the master control direct number, but they'd tar and feather me

That is correct, and not a very good way to make friends with those at a tv station..Remember, the folks on duty are dealing with actually making money on the analog, not HDTV, which relatively speaking has no viewers,
and generates a negative cash flow.

DJ, you're welcome. Despit HD being a loss-leader, we try to take it seriously, both for WCCB and WOLO. So we try to do the best we can,
and answer the questions that our viewers may have!
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10-06-2003 | Posts: 91
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jmccurrytech just curious about where you are getting your Time Warner information? Do you work at the division? I work at SS up the road from the division and it was my understanding that corporate has yet to ink a deal with ESPN? Also hadn't heard anything about HDNet either...

SS is the last to know anything though so I was excited to see the news of additional channels.
jmccurrytech's Avatar jmccurrytech
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10-06-2003 | Posts: 269
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At least WCCB posts employees phone numbers on their website including Engineering, which I thank them for. As for where I get information regarding TW's additions, I know some people in marketing, and they're pretty on top of things. And they only tell certain people certain things, sort of like an "inner circle" so to speak. I really wished now that I wouldn't have posted some information regarding the HD Tier, I feel I've broken some level of trust. But, I wouldn't post information I didn't believe was accurate and would take form in some way. sccofer, I said I wasn't 100% for sure about HDNet in my orignal post, I've only heard "hints" here and there.
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10-06-2003 | Posts: 9
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Hi all, I'm new to the TWC HD stuff. I moved out of my house last week where I had DirecTV and only used cable for Road Runner. Now i'm living in a condo while my new house is being built and so I'm trying out TWC offerings to see if I want to switch over permanently in my new house. I've been hooked on TiVo for a few years now so that's why I'm trying out TWC's DVR. It's not bad really, not as good as TiVo, but not bad either. I also thought I'd try the HD service on my Sony HD ready TV. I'm really impressed with the service as I'm watching Monday Night Football and it looks awesome!!

Anyway, on to my issue. It seems that both the Pioneer 3510 HD box and the Scientific Atlanta DVR both use the same remote commands. So if I want to change channels on the HD box, it also changes on the DVR. A real PITA. Anyone know if I can do anything about it? Anyone know of a way to re-address one of the remotes? Of course, when TWC comes out with the HD DVR, my problem will be solved!! Any info appreciated!
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10-07-2003 | Posts: 2,367
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jmcurry - don't worry the rumor is out in some other threads someone in the Minnesota thread had a similiar thing and even referred to an email reply of some sort from TW about an HD-Tier. What is new from you is the date - now if the marketing people that you know talk to you about it then you could let them know that if TW had any PR at all then people wouldn't "hunger" for information this way - they absolutely suck when it comes to information. I have not received any info about NBA TV except after you noted it I went and found it - are we going to see their HD games - well we will see once it starts.....

They do a poor job and you did a good job - stated facts and stated what was rumors and that shouldn't be an issue
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10-07-2003 | Posts: 112
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Anybody else getting "choppy" audio from WBTV-DT tonight? Other stations sound fine.
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10-07-2003 | Posts: 269
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Yes, the choppy audio is driving me nuts, seems it only occurs during HD programming. My guess is that the standard def channel, 3-2, caused this issue to arise. But who knows, could be a number of things.
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10-08-2003 | Posts: 6
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I noticed that too. However, I switched to the expanded occasional channel and the problem went away.
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10-09-2003 | Posts: 269
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Ya, that channel is fine, but standard def only
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10-10-2003 | Posts: 2,367
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I am getting my new TV today - got Toshiba to upgrade for free - and will hook to the DVI from the box. Got two questions
1. Are they all activated or do I need to call TW or something
2. Where did you guys buy cable in Charlotte. Tweeter's cable is $200, BB is out and CC's is $100 - to me it is a digital cable and there shouldn't be any real difference - correct? Also how much did you spend on the cable?
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10-10-2003 | Posts: 51
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What kind of cable are you looking for?

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