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Jeff Williams's Avatar Jeff Williams 01:12 PM 07-17-2003
Sorry for the long delay in responding, but I have been on vacation. I have to ask, where do you get this information? I love to be part of wherever it comes from. I think that it is all great news of course. 5 locals in HD and free to all sure sounds good to me. I just wish there was a time frame on the WYOU/WBRE upgrade.


dwmoss's Avatar dwmoss 10:52 AM 07-24-2003
good news on wyou and wbre, lets just hope its for real!!!
Pelican123's Avatar Pelican123 10:43 PM 07-27-2003
Are they currently broadcasting in HDTV?
I get PBS and Wnep with no problem here in Tunkhannock.
WHat is the story with WBRE and WYOU?
dwmoss's Avatar dwmoss 09:34 AM 07-30-2003
only WNEP and WVIA are currently broadcasting any HD
wyou and wbre are both owned by the same company and IMHO are not in a hurry to broadcast in HD

review this thread for a better summary/history


(edited to fix brain cramp)
jhutchey's Avatar jhutchey 11:23 AM 07-31-2003

Originally posted by Chezbrgr2
I am told WYOU is currently in the orcess of running a fiber optic line to the tower, this i am told will allow both WBRE, and WYOU to start sending an HD signal.

I hope they are going to increase their output power then too!

Jeff Williams's Avatar Jeff Williams 10:23 PM 07-31-2003

I doubt the power increase will happen. Nexstar is cheap and the idea of HD seems even seems far fetched. I wish Stu was still around so he could left us know if they were doing work up at the tower.

jhutchey's Avatar jhutchey 04:16 PM 08-02-2003
If I am interpreting the data on the FCC database correctly, WYOU and WBRE applied for 30KW on their construction permits but are currently running with only 1.45KW output. My other HD CBS option would be WBNG out of Binghamton (I receive ch 12 analog great), but they are currently only at 1.2KW, not their 20KW max.

Hopefully someone will turn up the juice soon!

I do agree that Nextar is cheap. I get local channels on DirecTV, and WBRE and WYOU look terrible. The color is washed out, and WYOU has very visible ghosting. (I usually choose to watch CBS on WBNG because their OTA picture is better than WYOU's DirecTV picture). The other locals look fine, so one must assume that they are too cheap to provide a decent source for the uplink.

Jeff Williams's Avatar Jeff Williams 09:36 PM 08-16-2003
Any info on FOX 56? It is only a few short weeks to September 1st. I assume they received another extension or we would have heard or seen something by now.

And of course I must ask, any word on the WYOU/WBRE upgrade? Football season is drawing near and I would like to see some in HD other than on Monday night.

Chezbrgr2's Avatar Chezbrgr2 10:04 AM 08-22-2003
The word is FOX56 does not know as of this writing if they got an extension or not! Most people there are on vacation so I will check back in a week or so.

The WYOU, WBRE situation is no to expect them before and I say Possibly not on for the SUPERBOWL! This is a direct quote "we would like to be on for these events but equipment seems to be the issue."

As for the ghosting problem on WYOU they know what the problem is and are in process of fixing it.

This to me is a shame with the amount of programming CBS has committed to and have a local station not willing to broadcast it to its consumers demands a stand by us until they get the message!
So it goes like this Call 570-823-2828 and speak to everyone you can about this!

Let the General managers know that we want HD and we are prepared not only to not watch their channel but to also not support any of the advertisers that the station Carry's either!

Call everyday, lodge a complaint , we are getting nowhere here, this is a good info source but it isn't the way to handle these people, we need to let them know we are out there and we will make a difference.

Happy calling, I enjoy it so will you!
Chezbrgr2's Avatar Chezbrgr2 03:33 PM 09-04-2003

I spoke with a programming director at FOX 56 about when they would be on with a Digital signal, and before I even finished my sentence she said
"We will be on the air in 2 Weeks!"

This is great news for Football fans, because as of my last conversation
with one of their engineers the would be doing 720p as FOX as a network will be doing 720p next year anyway, so for now it will be 480p up converted, I assume, Any one from Fox 56 feel free to correct me if I am wrong and your reading this.

Don't forget although the nascar Season is over on Fox now, Technically we are only 5 months away from the Daytona 500.

Please contact the viewer feedback line for FOX 56 and let them know how pleased you are that they have stepped into the digital era and that you are watching and supporting them.

Remember 2 weeks, today is 9-04-03 so I assume they should be testing
check channel 45.1, 45.2, 45.3 and see if you catch anything!

Take care!
Jeff Williams's Avatar Jeff Williams 11:27 PM 09-04-2003

That is truly amazing news. I feel safe saying that we may have one of the first 720p FOX stations in the country.

Do you know what other channels they will be multicasting? I would hope only one additional channel at the most would be multicast since the 720p channel would start to noticeably degrade. Right now it isn't any issue, but it would be next year.

Of course, I must ask about the WYOU/WBRE upgrade. Any news?

dwmoss's Avatar dwmoss 10:12 AM 09-05-2003
this is good news about Fox56, i'll be interested to catch the testing!!

Let's hope its not long until Faux is broadcasting in 720p. I'll have to review the Faux thread in programming. I will contact them and give them a way to go.

I'm just disgusted with WYOU/WBRE and their lack of HD broadcasts. I won't be holding my breath for them. It stinks that for our area that NBC and CBS are owned by the same company so we lose out on both!!

Any comments on WNEP's MNF game last night? I think they need to be able to do weather alert's with the HD broadcast, which is why i'm guess they didn't go HD until ~9:53. It looked great once they did flip the switch and the DD 5.1 was very nice. I still get audio and video dropout though anyone else??

Chez thanks for the info on Fox!!


dwmoss's Avatar dwmoss 10:30 AM 09-05-2003
OK a quick review of the FOX HD thread here at AVS gave me this info:

FOX HD thread

and these interesting points:

Ken H from 7/28/03:

No, the info in the article is incorrect.

Fox does not have network transmission capability for 480p at this time.

Live Fox Widescreen events are acquired via 480i 16:9 cameras, and digitally (601) sent to stations for broadcast, where it's upconverted to 480p, 720p, or 1080i.

Ken H again 7/28/03:

Here's one that get's it right, and from no less an authority than Jim DeFilippis, vice president, television engineering for Fox Television.

How will Fox broadcast the game in both NTSC and EDTV formats? Fox's Jim DeFilippis told Craig Birkmaier, moderator of the OpenDTV newsgroup, "The production of the game, pre-game, and halftime show will be 480i60 widescreen (16:9). All cameras will be set for widescreen and the show will be produced in the shoot wide/protect 4 X 3 mode. All graphics will be centered and kept within the safe 4 X 3 area. Any legacy or 4 X 3 elements will be converted to a 16 X 9 frame with a backplate (instead of black). The 16 X 9 is the full production mix, with the 4 X 3 derived; thus for the first time the DTV viewer will have everything the NTSC viewer sees and more.

"The output of the truck(s) will go to LA as a full 16 X 9. In LA, an ARC (aspect ratio converter) will cut out a 4 X 3. There will be individual net rooms: one for 4 X 3, the other for the 16 X 9. We will deliver a 4 X 3 to all stations and for the DTV stations they'll get a digital 16 X 9 480i60 feed. Our stations will then convert this to a 480p60 signal for broadcast." In short, Superbowl cameras will operate in 480i, and the stations will do the line-doubling, not unlike what happens when a DVD player's output is fed to an upconverting video processor. The result will probably look very good, but won't be true high-def.
Jeff Williams's Avatar Jeff Williams 11:37 AM 09-05-2003

I recorded the game last night and watched it later on. It was annoying that I had to fast forward so far just to see some HD. I think that getting the equipment to generate the graphics over the HD material would be rather expensive. I don't think we'll see that on the local level for a while.

I didn't notice only audio or video dropouts that were occurring regularly. Now and then a little glitch, but nothing to bad. Mainly it was some small pixelation.


Two more things. Do you know what power FOX will be using? Please let it be more than WYOU/WBRE. And can you please relay the message to WYOU/WBRE to fix their clocks on the digital channels. They are ahead an hour so recording them with my Samsung T165 and JVC 40k combo isn't always an easy thing to do. It's not that bad now since there is a lack of HD, but I would rather get it fixed before the HD roll out. And again, thanks for all the info.

Chezbrgr2's Avatar Chezbrgr2 06:39 AM 09-06-2003
Wow alot of questions!

Well here goes, one I know definitely is FOX will be broadcasting at LOW POWER!, I was not told what the actual power is but I assume by the comment it wont be where WNEP is but somewhere in the range of WBRE,WYOU.

On the WNEP weather alert thing while I agree these updates and warnings are important, in this instance they did not apply to me so here goes. This is what multicasting is for, if the storm was a concern for me I could have easily switched to WNEP analog for updates! Lets remember they are still on the air. In the event the analog was not on, as in the future any updates on weather should easily be able to be run on 16.2, or 16.3, thus not interfering with the normal ABC HD broadcast! Stations across the country really need to start seeing the possibility's of their Sub channels, and flexibility of them rather than just blindly sending a duplicate signal of their original signal. For instance your sitting at home tonight watching MNF in HD, you hear some thunder, maybe heavy rain off in the distance, CLICK! you switch to 16.3 Radar to see what the situation is and there on the screen you have accurate radar with scrolling text or voiceover from Tom telling you what the situation is! WOW!
If it applies to you you continue to watch, if it doesn't you switch back to MNF on 16.1 undisturbed by updates that dont apply to you at 9:09, 9:11,9:21, 9:27, you get the picture! Tell me all us HD viewers haven't checked 16.3 when we have heard bad weather coming, I know I have!

On FOX56 it was my understanding months ago that when they started it was going to be a 720P upocnvert from the get go so we will see how this plays out.

On WYOU, WBRE I cannot stress enough the importance of calling them and letting them know DTV is unacceptable in the face of all the networks HD offerings. Call and lodge a complaint with Randy Williams at 823-2828, let him know you ware not happy and will not be supporting their Broadcasts, or the advertisers that pay the bills.

Pressure is the key, Look at DirecTV, HD now available after ,months of customer pressure. Also remember these 2 stations refused to go on Sat. until they got more money Right? Well they didn't get the money and were forced by owners to start sending D* a signal for fear of business lost in this area.

Keep it up guys were gettin there!
Chezbrgr2's Avatar Chezbrgr2 06:54 AM 09-10-2003
Here is a E-mail I received regarding FOX 56 and WB 38

Here is the information that you requested regarding the digital sign-on
for WOLF-TV and WSWB:

DTV-45 (FOX 56 ) will be on the air by September 25, 2003.
DTV-31 ( WB 38 ) is expected to be on by July 2004.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not
hesitate to contact me.

Linda Greenwald
Program Director

Hopefully all goes well with the equipment for transmission, remember WNEP had problems in the beginning so lets Hope with testing all the bugs will crawl out before the 25th.

The 25th is a Thursday so we should count on Football for weekend of the 28th, and also don't forget Baseball is a big part of FOX fall lineup so hopefully we can look forward to some digital widescreen playoffs.

I had an opportunity to see FOX's 480p football coverage courtesy of D*
this past weekend and I can tell you although it isn't 1080i you will be impressed with it.

Happy viewing!
dwmoss's Avatar dwmoss 11:25 AM 09-10-2003

Thanks for the update.
It's definitely a step in the right direction!!!

Do you have any contacts with the station that we "viewers" can help them when they are going through their startup. As we've had with Stu at WNEP?

Chezbrgr2's Avatar Chezbrgr2 03:43 PM 09-10-2003

The chief engineer at FOX 56 is Rich Choffey, (hope I spelled that right)
he can be contacted at 1-800-221-9653, follow the prompts to his phone/voicemail.

The person who sent me the email and has been most helpful is Linda Greenwald, she is the programming director for the station and usually has good info, and if she doesn't she will find out and let you know.

all in all I have found the people at FOX56 to be very helpful with questions and have even spoken directly with the General Manager on occasion. I try to keep it brief when speaking with them, but they are one of the more viewer friendly outfits in the area IMHO.

They also have a viewer feedback line at that same number which I'm sure would be great for just leaving messages when they get on they air that we see them and appreciate the effort.

Now on to these other Two jokers, time to put some pressure on.
Jeff Williams's Avatar Jeff Williams 10:01 PM 09-10-2003

Thanks for all the info. I will definitely be thanking FOX 56 and letting them how things are going. It's nice to hear that they are so personable on the phone. It seems to be a rear thing anymore.

OK, that's one down and two to go. We're slowly getting closer.

dwmoss's Avatar dwmoss 02:38 PM 09-11-2003

Thanks for the information.

Could you check with Fox 56 to make sure they will be able to pass-through the Fox Network widescreen 480p signal, or will they be doing an upconvert of their analog signal as WYOU and WBRE are doing?


Jeff Williams's Avatar Jeff Williams 01:30 PM 09-12-2003
Bad news guys! We now have one less HD channel to watch. I was watching the PBS loop for fun as usual, need a little HD kick now and then, and at about 3 p.m., it went SD. I thought it was maybe a switching problem, but it doesn't seem to be. We now have 4!!!! SD PBS channels. Just when we thought things were getting better with FOX 56.

I am almost positive that this will stay as it is. Last year I spoke with the head of the engineering department at WVIA and he had mentioned that they wanted to switch to four SD feeds to provide more content to their viewers. If it wasn't for PBS's announcement about doing some actual HD programming next year, I wouldn't mind so much. Now, I am aggravated.

On the plus side, the SD looks damn good.

Jeff Williams's Avatar Jeff Williams 02:36 PM 09-12-2003
I stand corrected. The HD is now back on. I assume things are in the testing phase since it did not stay on. If it happens again, I'll have to start making some calls.

Chez, I called WBRE today. I spoke with some Bob guy who had no idea what I was talking about. Is Randy the best person to talk to? Isn't he producer and something similar?

Chezbrgr2's Avatar Chezbrgr2 06:37 AM 09-14-2003
Thats interesting with WVIA because I was under the impression that when they did make the change their main feed would remain 720p with the sub channels being 480p.

As for WBRE Bob seems to me like one of the engineers, and sometimes you will get three different stories on three different days with them.
Randy however is a programming director and should have better info, at least in line with company lines anyway.
I think the next step is to find out how to get in contact with someone representing Nexstar directly, I am personally sick of the local disinformation. I know that Barry reads these boards and I wish he would give us some info, Maybe he has been told not too, I could swear he has posted here earlier in this thread.

As for FOX, my impression was that for now they will be 720p up converted until such time that FOX main starts sending a 720p signal, therefore negating the need to transition later next year when FOX goes 720p.
That info was from engineering months ago though, I will try to confirm this this week.

All in all it will be a great weekend for football in HD, Do either one of you guys have DirecTV. If not I would highly recommend getting it!
Heres the breakdown for this weekend!
College football Saturday night on ESPNHD
3 Games (2 FOX widescreen 1 CBS 1080) on NFL Sunday Ticket
ESPN Sunday Night In HD
Monday Night for all here to see!

Hopefully some info this week, see ya!
Jeff Williams's Avatar Jeff Williams 03:39 PM 09-14-2003
There's no turning back now for FOX 56. They have added the WOLF DT-45 to their local promo commercials. I noticed it during the games this afternoon. One step closer to the launch!!

dwmoss's Avatar dwmoss 09:50 AM 09-15-2003

It was a great weekend for HD football!!
It's actually been a great season so far for HD football.

I find myself watching the HD football games just because of how nice it looks. If i turn back to an SD game, its really hard to watch!!!

(yes i have the sunday ticket and the cbs 1080i games look great, i'm surprised at the quality of the 480p games as well!!

Chezbrgr2's Avatar Chezbrgr2 12:13 PM 09-19-2003
I have been given an email address for you to send your thoughts and complaints about WBRE, and WYOU here it is...


here is what I sent a few days ago, so far no response..........

To Whom it may concern,

Let me start by saying I am glad to see that our two local stations are on the air with a digital signal as it does provide a clearer picture than conventional analog, however they will be sadly the last ones in my area to pass along their networks High Definition broadcasts with no set date in sight as to when they will do this. This to me is unacceptable.

The whole point of going digital, even though the FCC has set digital as a standard, is for these stations to pass along their networks HD programming at some point. This sadly seems to be not a focus or concern for your affiliates here, and also across the country from what information I can find.

CBS as a network has made a huge commitment to HD as illustrated by their Prime-time lineup, and rather large array of Sporting events carried in HD this year alone, I however have seen none of them. NBC has several shows in HD with a broad assortment slated for the fall lineup, including the Tonight show which has been in HD for several Years, again I am able to see none of them.

I write this e-mail in hopes of a response from someone within your organization to tell me what the status of HD in my programming area is in regard to these two stations. I have been talking with program directors, engineers, and receptionist concerning this matter, and have been told several different stories regarding the stations status and plans for HD programming. I know this seems early but I don't want to miss out on the Superbowl in HD this year simply because a station isn't ready for it, That would be a shame.

In closing I would just like to point out to you that I am a big viewer of CBS as a network, and Also NBC, however with the quality of the digital signal these two stations are sending you are slowly losing me as a local viewer. The signal on WYOU has had a terrible ghosting problem since the day they came on the air last December and no one has fixed as of this writing. WBRE's signals color is so overdriven that it is almost unwatchable, and again nothing is done about it. The station EPG has not functioned since its inception and often has the wrong time on it completely! These problems in my eyes are unacceptable. Sadly I have made several calls to these stations regarding these problems and each call has gone by the wayside with no Fix in sight!

I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you in regard to this matter. I would love to continue to support your stations, and it's advertisers however under the current circumstance I am finding it hard to continue to do that.


Again I have had no response yet to this email, If I do receive one I will post it here. Good luck if you decide to send one, I think everybody should as I am told all mail like this will be forwarded to the proper people.

See Ya
Jeff Williams's Avatar Jeff Williams 04:38 PM 09-24-2003
It's the two week mark for FOX 56 this week. I haven't seen any testing as of this afternoon. Any update on the launch date?

Chezbrgr2's Avatar Chezbrgr2 06:44 AM 09-25-2003
Well its 8:30a on 9-25-03 and at least I am not getting any Digital signal on 45.1 FOX DT. Guess its time to call and see whats going on!

Still no response to the above email to nexstar so maybe I'll send it to a few more people and see if I get any response from someone else.

Is anyone else receiving FOX?

See Ya!
Chezbrgr2's Avatar Chezbrgr2 10:12 AM 09-25-2003
As of 12:08p today I am receiving FOX 56 at a signal strength of 77 on My ProScan PSHD105!

Looks very good so far will update as the day goes on!

BelB64's Avatar BelB64 10:25 AM 09-25-2003
I have the Sony sathd200 receiver and you have to punch in the station to lock it in ie. I had to type in channel 13 for 22.1 to lock in, and 49 for channels 16.1 16.2 and 16.3 to lock in. For Fox 56 do I punch in 45 to get Fox? Thanks
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