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Saam47's Avatar Saam47 01:33 PM 04-11-2002
Does anyone know whether KMAX(UPN) is ready to start their digital broadcasting as scheduled on May 1?

hearth's Avatar hearth 03:59 PM 04-11-2002
I asked this question a couple of weeks ago. No definite
answer was given:

Link to other thread

Maybe it is time to flood the station with requests...

hearth's Avatar hearth 05:26 PM 04-11-2002
Well, so I followed my own advice, and emailed the station. Bad news, but not unexpected...

Here is their reply:

Hi Don,

The FCC has just granted KMAX a construction license for its HD transmitter
tower. The building construction will begin soon and the tower will be
installed at the beginning of 2003. I'm not sure when KMAX will begin
broadcasting in HD...the deadline is 2006. And, you are correct in the
channel designation being Channel 21. Thank you for watching UPN 31.

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Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2002 3:21 PM
Subject: Request about Promotion & Contests

From Donald Hearth
About Promotion & Contests


Could you tell me when your High Definition channel (I believe that it is
Channel 21) will be ready for broadcasting?

I know that UPN does not currently have HDTV programs, but I would like to
have at least 480i broadcast quality while watching the Kings, Enterprise,
Smackdown, etc.

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