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Greg099's Avatar Greg099 07:17 PM 04-16-2002
Anyone else experiencing audio problems with the Digital OTA Feed from Fox tonight? I know its cheesy widescreen and not HDTV, but it's better than their SD signal, and I'm pissed its not coming in.

I'm getting all the other digital OTA signals fine and my signal strength for Fox shows 100% (the video is fine, just no audio.)

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LtgDzinr's Avatar LtgDzinr 08:49 PM 04-16-2002
My receiver kept going into Dolby Digital mode and the sound would drop out. I finally went to the crappy analog signal just to be able to watch 24
Gerryex's Avatar Gerryex 08:20 AM 04-17-2002
Yes, I was also getting poor audio on the Fox digital channel. The audio would last for a second or so, and then drop out for many seconds. I also had to go over to the analog channel to watch 24.

I called the station before 24 started, and I was able to have the news room transfer me to their master control, and I spoke to someone, but he didn't seem to know there was a problem.

Unfortunately it was not fixed all Tuesday night, and as of 7:30 this morning was still out!!

Anyone know who to call to complain?

Gerryex's Avatar Gerryex 03:37 PM 04-18-2002
The sound was back as of Wed afternoon, BUT it is slightly distorted. If you compare the sound from analog 13 to digital 12, the digitial 12 seems to be slightly higher in pitch, as if everything is running faster. However the video is NOT running faster, but the audio is definitely a higher pitch.

I spoke to someone in their engineering dept and he thanked me for my input and said he would check on it right away. I suggested that it sounded like the sampling rate was wrong. I haven't tried it since then so I don't know if it was fixed or not.

We need to keep this thread going to make sure that the digital channel is brought back to where it was.

Gerryex's Avatar Gerryex 08:48 AM 04-19-2002
I don't know it they visit this forum, but CONGRATULATIONS to the Engineering Dept of the local FOX station. The engineer I spoke to thanked me for my input and said he would look into the problem right away. Well, when I checked at about 6:30 PM the sound was perfect, and it has been ever since!!

Again, thanks to the engineers at the local Fox station.

sessamoid's Avatar sessamoid 06:49 PM 04-20-2002
greg099, you have a pm. (actually you've had it for a long time. i just got around to following up on it).
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