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RobNBill's Avatar RobNBill 07:11 PM 04-22-2002
UPDATE: Thanks to those in the VA area that indicated you had been receiving Ch 4-1 (48). We had been receiving it w/ a strong signal until approx. 10 days ago. It then dropped out completely - I had assumed Ch.4-1 was having a problem. This drop out was under 5046. When 5099 came along - same thing. I rescanned local channels - still no Ch. 4. Last night I unplugged the unit for 20 minutes. After powering it up - Ch. 4-1 came in just fine -- but, the channel started to deteriorate (in 10 mins. or so) to the point that the signal dropped out again - not completely according to the meter around 50-60. Perhaps this was just an intermittent problem w/ Ch. 4-1 at that particular time. I choose to power-off the unit (as opposed to unplugging the unit) for 10 mins. - now 4-1 is back - strong and the unit has been on for 12 hours. So, it's either a software problem that unplugging / powering off the unit 'fixed' and/or the hardware has intermittent problems. I would have thought heat could be the culprit -- but I also think after 10 mins. it would be hot and start to act up again -- and it hasn't acted up again. Clearance around the box is good -- it's on top of the stack w/ a cool unit below it and plenty of clearance.

Orig. Post: We have been unable to receive ch. 4 in the DC area for quite a few days now. Anyone know why Ch. 4 is not broadcasting on their HD channel?

mr b's Avatar mr b 07:33 PM 04-22-2002
Been coming in fine in Beltsville. In fact, I've been getting a pretty strong signal for the past few weeks.

hpierce's Avatar hpierce 08:06 PM 04-22-2002
Picking it up loud and clear in Baltimore.

FYI There is a new forum for these types of posts now.
RobNBill's Avatar RobNBill 09:07 PM 04-22-2002
Could you share which forum I should have posted this in please? I thought Local HDTV . . . reception fit just fine. Thanks - Rob.
Ken H's Avatar Ken H 09:14 PM 04-22-2002
I moved it here from another forum.
RobNBill's Avatar RobNBill 09:22 PM 04-22-2002
Ooops - Thanks - I thought that's where I put it -- guess not! Rob.
Aliens's Avatar Aliens 02:15 PM 04-23-2002
Coming in fine here in Ashburn home of the Washington Gators.
hpierce's Avatar hpierce 09:49 PM 04-23-2002
Originally posted by ALIENS
Coming in fine here in Ashburn home of the Washington Gators.
lol, I think you Redskins fans will be pleasantly surprised. I'm certainly not a Redskins fan but I think Spurrier knows what he is doing.
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