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Local HDTV Info and Reception

Babula's Avatar Babula
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04-30-2002 | Posts: 751
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Anyone receiving KONG using an HD-100? I get audio, but no video. All other DT channels are OK.

msamji's Avatar msamji
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04-30-2002 | Posts: 82
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I get it fine in bellevue.

Kong is currently broadcasting 16-1 with very little power. I can barely pick it up (siginal strenght of 50) in bellevue with a fairly line of sight to Seattle.

If your in woodenville, then your probably going to be SOL, until they turn up the power on the tower that they are broadcasting from.
JasG's Avatar JasG
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04-30-2002 | Posts: 1,068
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Fine here in Shoreline too.
wezar's Avatar wezar
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04-30-2002 | Posts: 1,061
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Fine on my Mits SR-HD5 with signal strength of 100% in Lake Hills
Babula's Avatar Babula
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05-01-2002 | Posts: 751
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Thanks all. I get the carrier and audio fine here, but no video. To me this means there is possibly a problem with the KONG side on their transmission. Are you guys all using HD-100 or other STBs?
artshotwell's Avatar artshotwell
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05-01-2002 | Posts: 926
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I'm not getting it at all, but then I'm in a marginal area. What physical channel is it on?
JasG's Avatar JasG
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05-01-2002 | Posts: 1,068
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Physical channel 31. Signal is 55 on my SIR T150. Location is the top of Richmond Beach road.
Babula's Avatar Babula
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05-02-2002 | Posts: 751
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But is anyone getting it on an HD-100?
IssaquahHD's Avatar IssaquahHD
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05-02-2002 | Posts: 71
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I am using a HD-100 in Issaquah and am having a similar problem with 22.1 and 22.2 (WB and Fox). I get a good signal (around 85) but only audio. I have not tweaked my antenna yet for Kong so I don't know if it is happening on that station too. What is your experiance with 22.1 and 22.2?
Babula's Avatar Babula
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05-02-2002 | Posts: 751
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Thanks very much for confirming that KONG-DT is not ready for "prime time".

I kind of knew that they were not quite right yet, but needed to hear someone else say it as well.

In all probability, it has something to do with their PISP protocol. I just would have liked to watch the Sonics in wide screen SDTV. I will probably drop them an email asking when they will have it fixed.

artshotwell's Avatar artshotwell
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05-03-2002 | Posts: 926
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I don't get a trace of ch 16-1 (31), but then I'm in Anacortes.
GlennHarvey's Avatar GlennHarvey
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05-03-2002 | Posts: 5
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I live in Marysville. I recieved KTWB on 22.1 about a week and a half ago. Then picture disappeared this week. I reprogrammed and got 22.1 and a new 22.2 and 13.2. However, sound only on 22.1 and 22.2 (KTWB and KCPQ respectively). KCPQ was still broadcasting a strong 95-97 signal on 13.1. However, nothing was on 13.2.

I contacted KTWB yesterday and informed them of the reception problem on my Sony SAT HD-100. The technician was very responsive (got a response within minutes of my e-mail) He said that it was likely an issue with the PID codes and metadata lookup tables on their end. He was attempting to fix it when an exciter modulator failed (which appeared on my end as not being able to program (or map) the channel even though it was showing a signal strength of 80-82.

He got the exciter working again -- and I was able once again map 22.1 and 22.2 with sound only. He said he would work on the PID issue. This seems to be a problem unique to the Sony (and I'm told RCA) recievers. I recall last year having problem with strong signal but no picture-sound from KING until I informed them of the problem and they tweaked their signal. Until then, at Magnolia HIFI I was able to tune a Mitsubishi box to KING 5.1 just fine but the SONY box showed nothing on the same channel.

BTW, I'm not recieving any signal from KONG. Must be too weak in Marysville. If OTA Digital is to be viable, these stations are going to have to boost their signal to the level put out by KCPQ. People will not stand for the picture drop outs every time a plane flys by or a car with a leaky ignition system drives by. As it is, I often have to set up my remote control to quickly switch to the analog channel if the digital signal starts to break up. What will happen when their are no analog channels?
Budget_HT's Avatar Budget_HT
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05-03-2002 | Posts: 3,126
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Near Renton, using a DTC-100 I get the following:

With "Off Air Guides ON" (maps channels from physical using PSIP data) I get ...

KOMO 4.1
KING 5.1
KIRO 7.1
KCTS 9.1 & 9.2
KCPQ 13.1 (and duplicate content on 25.3)
KONG 16.1 (no video and sporadic short bursts of audio)
KTWB 25.2 (used to map to channel 22.1, but not now; and 13.2 shows "KTWB-SD" but has no video or audio content yet)

With "Off Air Guides OFF" (physical channels with no mappings) I get ...

KOMO 38.1
KING 48.1
KIRO 39.1
KCTS 41.1 & 41.2
KCPQ 18.2 & 25.3 (duplicates content from 18.2)
KONG 31.1 (16x9 w-i-d-e stretch video and audio)
KTWB 25.2 (no channel labels)

So, I do not get KONG unless I turn Off Air Program Guides OFF.

I too believe that KONG and KTWB have some data content problems to resolve.

I am happy to get all of these channels in the physical mode, but the WAF would be better if they mapped successfully to their analog counterpart channels.
SubaruWagon's Avatar SubaruWagon
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05-03-2002 | Posts: 10
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Hi guys!

I live down in the Renton area with a good size Yagi to get my DTV/HDTV reception. I have a sony HD-100 and I get 16.1, 22.1, 22.2 all Audio NO Video with 92-100% signal strength. What number can I call or e-mail these guys to let them know something is wrong?

The reason I ask is that I actually have 2 Yagi antenna's one for FOX 13.1 and the other for all the rest. And if this 22.1 and 22.2 include FOX and WB I can get rid of my second antenna!!!! :D

Thanks for all the great info!!
GlennHarvey's Avatar GlennHarvey
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05-03-2002 | Posts: 5
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Email your problems with video signal on KTWB 22 to: It will get directed to their director of engineering (who is also the director for KCPQ).
artshotwell's Avatar artshotwell
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05-05-2002 | Posts: 926
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I live in Anacortes and the only digital channel I get 100% of the time is KCPQ. 13.1 (18) and I suspect it's because of their high antenna elevation. I am waiting for 13.2 to begin carrying WB, as I don't get 22 (25) at all well. I like their idea of sending both Fox and WB signals from both antennas. Should cover the Sound fairly well, between the two transmitters.
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