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trmas's Avatar trmas 12:15 AM 09-02-2003
Supposedly it's going to be a while before Adelphia gets their HD content out. That's direct from their HD department. I guess we'll see.

I'm pretty happy with DirectTV right now, so it doesn't really matter to me unless they can add the locals. Then maybe I'll supplement my DirectTV with the local channels.
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Frank Zimkas's Avatar Frank Zimkas 08:09 AM 09-03-2003
Here's a link for ya, it shows the start dates for the new season. We might get some use out of these HDTV's yet!!,00.html
Vaggeto's Avatar Vaggeto 03:08 AM 09-04-2003
I was wondering if everyone else is seeing pixelating on any of the football replays on KKTV? Up until they did these I never noticed it... so I don't know if they are somehow limiting the bandwidth now... or why it's doing it... but when ground level cameras follow a play... it pixelates very badly here.
TallGuy's Avatar TallGuy 07:57 AM 09-04-2003
I haven't caught football on KKTV yet. I didn't think there were any NFL games on CBS last Sunday because of preseason. Are you referring to last Saturday's college games? Only 3 days until the Broncos though.
Vaggeto's Avatar Vaggeto 01:29 PM 09-04-2003
Sorry... when I said replays I meant the news coverage of Air force etc... they hsow clips of practice every night and it pixelates pretty badly.
Vaggeto's Avatar Vaggeto 01:29 PM 09-04-2003
Sorry... when I said replays I meant the news coverage of Air force etc... they show clips of practice every night and it pixelates pretty badly.
TallGuy's Avatar TallGuy 05:25 PM 09-04-2003
OK. I haven't seen that, but it's always seemed to me that programming produced by the Colorado Springs stations is often a bit lower picture quality than nationally produced programming. (No offense to Tim.)
drvais's Avatar drvais 01:34 PM 09-05-2003
I completely disagree, TallGuy, with respect to HD programming PQ versus HD programming PQ off DirecTV
Vaggeto's Avatar Vaggeto 01:49 PM 09-05-2003
I'm not sure what he meant... we have no locally produced HD.. so he's not referring to HD. I think he means local shows like the news, compared to let's say a dateline type show that's national. I actual think the news is extremely detailed compared to other SD. But that pixelation is still there... I hope it doesn't do that for the Broncos game.
TallGuy's Avatar TallGuy 03:25 PM 09-05-2003
Yes, I thought we were talking about the KKTV-DT feed of local news coverage of Air Force practice, not HD at all. I do have to remind myself though that fewer flaws are noticeable on SD programming on regular-sized 4:3 TVs than on the big screen, whether stretched or not.
Frank Zimkas's Avatar Frank Zimkas 11:51 AM 09-07-2003
The picture for the Bronco's game is terrible. I haven't seen pixalation this bad before!
Vaggeto's Avatar Vaggeto 12:20 PM 09-07-2003
Looks decent to me... only seen pixelation in a few closeups.
Frank Zimkas's Avatar Frank Zimkas 12:46 PM 09-07-2003
The wide shots aren't too bad, but the close ups are nasty.
royrose's Avatar royrose 01:41 PM 09-07-2003
I am getting no pixilization at all. Could your reception be affected by the weather?

drvais's Avatar drvais 01:42 PM 09-07-2003
The game isn't in HD anyway, so why do we care?
rajkej's Avatar rajkej 02:41 PM 09-07-2003

Originally posted by drvais
The game isn't in HD anyway, so why do we care?

What happened here? I've waited months for HD football and not even the half time show was in HD. Fox's first game was in 4:3 too, what a disappointment.

Is there any way to tell ahead of time what games will be broadcast in HD?
Vaggeto's Avatar Vaggeto 02:44 PM 09-07-2003
Raj... I'm not sure... it should be listed in the HD programming forum though, even Fox WS games get listed there.

The Chiefs game looked amazing, and sounded amazing too!
I only watched little clips of it though because of the Broncos. There is a fox widescreen game on now locally though. There was one on earlier, but I think they decided to put on the better teams rather then the WS game.
TallGuy's Avatar TallGuy 03:09 PM 09-07-2003
Broncos PQ was pretty decent here considering it wasn't HD.

US Open final in HD on KKTV-DT now has incredible detail, after getting used to the football game...

But I'm having a lot of trouble receiving KXRM's digital signal. Got it a little bit around noon, with 77% signal strength, though the picture was jerky and sometimes with a lot of pixelation. The last few hours it can't receive the signal at all. I'm trying to figure out whether it's the weather (which is clear now), my antenna setup, or the station. Has anyone else had any problem receiving channel 21-1?
Vaggeto's Avatar Vaggeto 03:13 PM 09-07-2003
My signal moves around a bit too... but I no longer think weather messes with it. Somtimes when it's pouring out I have 100 signal, and when it's nice out I can go as low as 77. I have no idea... but I've never had any problems receiving it though.
TallGuy's Avatar TallGuy 03:17 PM 09-07-2003
Here's a link to CBS' NFL schedule. The first 4 weeks have the HD game denoted, and none are Broncos games. Don't know if any of these will be shown in the Colorado Springs market. Of course, no Fox games are HD and all ABC Monday Night Football games are HD . . . just not transmitted here.
Vaggeto's Avatar Vaggeto 03:33 PM 09-07-2003
I'm guessing wither week 5, week 8, week 11, week 13, week 14, or week 17 have better chances of being HD. They are normally good games especially the Oakland or KC games.

I wish they'd tell us now.. but they might be waiting to see what teams might be closer matchups before the decide.
Vaggeto's Avatar Vaggeto 03:19 AM 09-08-2003
BTW... did anyone else notice the CBS Sunday night movie was SD? I figured they weren't sending the HD signal out at all. Turns out it was a local problem.
drvais's Avatar drvais 03:46 AM 09-08-2003
Yeah, I wondered if it was a local issue or not.
drvais's Avatar drvais 03:22 PM 09-13-2003
Does anyone else notice the horrible block artificacts during fast movement shots in the South Carolina @ Georgia game? I wonder what data rate KKTV is sending out their signal because this looks horrible!
jackheneghan's Avatar jackheneghan 04:43 PM 09-13-2003
Yes, I am showing off the set to my brother and artifacting in motion is very bad. I also noticed that the scans of the crowd were very blocky. But is things are still the pictures are awesome.

Vaggeto's Avatar Vaggeto 05:43 PM 09-13-2003
I didn't see this, but I'm guessing it's the same thing that I was talking about on the football highlights for Air Force etc on the nightly news.

Why wouldn't they be sending full data rate?
Vaggeto's Avatar Vaggeto 05:45 PM 09-13-2003
Also.. was the game HD??
drvais's Avatar drvais 06:50 AM 09-14-2003
Vaggeto's Avatar Vaggeto 01:15 PM 09-14-2003
I haven't really seen any football OTA yet from them since they keep scheduling it for the Broncos games... I'm guessing the NFL football would be doing the same. Hopefully next week the HD football isn't on the same time slot.
Jeremy Tebo's Avatar Jeremy Tebo 02:19 PM 09-14-2003
What's up with no HD game on CBS today? I figured the Broncos game would be, but it's not...
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