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RichNorthNJ 08-20-2012 03:57 AM

Well, AGAIN today for the 2nd time since going digital (OTA), I experienced choppiness watching the ball movement AND movement of the pitcher, regarding the NY Mets on OTA wpix nyc 11.1 from Northeast NJ. I have not had a chance yet to watch the yankees on wor my 9.1 or fox 5.1 to see if the problem is there too - I would not be surprised if it was/is (see tennis below).
My dad said he hated watching the Mets game like that & wished it was the early 1950's (or 2 weeks ago when we stil had analog cable!) - baseball motion was perfect & smooth even in the old days when he watched his 1951 admiral tv set!! . mad.gif
To our eek.gif today we ALSO saw choppiness in the movement of the TENNIS ball earlier in the Fedderer/Jokawitz match on ANOTHER OTA channel--> cbs 2.1 mad.gif - one second the ball is here , the next partial second, the ball moved a foot or 2 instantaneously from where it was. mad.gif
Perhaps none of you people notice (or care about?) the choppiness because you have had DIGITAL cable or satelite, &/or OTA for a long time? Not here in Garfield NJ area - I had ANALOG basic cable thru late july 2012!! - NO CHOPPINESS !!! & I just BET when Cablevision switched totally over to digital & if I kept/changed over to THEIR digital service, I have a feeling I would see the choppiness from there too.
On the other hand, if it's because I have a 1995 crt tube set & a Zinwell dig to analog converter, then maybe I am amoung the few with this "new" problem?
I do also have a magnavox dig to anal converter & I have not tried that one instead - but it's immaterial - only my Zinwell has an 8 event timer - a necessity if u tape with a vcr, unless u want to get out of bed/drive back home all hours of the nite & day to change the converter's channel for taping different shows on different channels . lol
Bear in mind, my Zinwell converter said I was getting 100% signal strength & 100% signal quality from BOTH the mets channeL 11.1 & tennis 2.1 today mad.gif
After reading all the horrible reviews of dvD recorders & dvr's that you can BUY that supposedly work with free OTA (not the rented ones you pay for with cable or satelite), I'll stick with my vcr's thank you. lol
I could understand the choppiness if the signal quality or strength was say 50%. Or if it was 1951.
Jeez, what progress over the last 60 (count em - SIXTY!!!) years!
Did you notice all the refurbished flat screen tvs & monitors out there? Ever see a refurbished crt tube tv or monitor? Or a pixel go out or bad on a crt screen? Not me.
Me & dad really believe flat screen tv's & digital service should NOT have been rolled out till the bugs were worked out.
Glad at least I'm not a football fan - nfl or collegiate. At least I won't have to watch those "choppy" games. But my dad is. mad.gif

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