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longranger's Avatar longranger 02:35 PM 09-04-2012
Some time back, I dumped DirecTV and put up an antenna. I bought a Tivo Premiere to go with it. Remarkably, I get great reception up here in my area of Windsor. HDTV never looked better.

Fast forward to about a month ago when KNTV 11.1 suddenly started showing "To Be Announced" in the Tivo channel guide. I could tune to that channel and watch whatever is being shown, but could not use the Tivo to schedule shows, etc. I finally decided to redo the guided set up on my Tivo today. After scanning my channels....poof! no more KNTV 11.1 . It's nowhere to be seen.

I can't find an NBC affiliate anywhere in my OTA lineup now. Has it moved? I'm relatively ignorant to the finer points of all of this, so excuse if I'm missing anything obvious.



tylerSC's Avatar tylerSC 03:05 PM 09-04-2012
Did you enter the correct zip code when you did your guided set up? For some reason it appears as if the NBC station has been removed from the Tribune data base. But if you do a channel scan it should still tune in the channel even if no guide data is provided. Also try entering the actual RF# which may or may not be 11, and that should at least tune the channel. Or try a different zip code for the KNTV coverage area.
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