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jm4duryea's Avatar jm4duryea 08:16 AM 10-09-2012
I apologize if this has bee posted and responded to. I tried searching first, but did not find my problem. Please point me to the response, if there is one.
Problem: Intermittently, mostly in the evening, my cable box [SA Explorer 8300HDC] stops responding to my remote. I hit channel changes, or guide, and nothing happens. Then maybe after 3-5 minutes it responds, jumping thru all the entries I had made. It sometimes won't even respond to power off. No it's not the batteries in my remote. Last night, I actually went to to box to see if I could change chanels directly, but it did not respond either. I have to boot the machine to get it back. Even still, when it is working, it is very slow esp when I want to do a search. It takes forever to load. Anybody else have this problem? Better yet, anybody have a solution? I have made an appt to have my box replaced, but I'm not convinced that's the problem. I think TW is lacking bandwidth, esp in the evening. Any advice is much appreciated!!

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