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Dick West 10-21-2012 07:01 PM

Does Rockford have a new channel or a new sub channel in the mix of things? For the last few days I have found a channel 35.1 when I did a scan with my ATSC tuner. I heard it would be a MeTV channel.

Channel 35.1 for the last few days has shown a still picture of a woman, always the same picture, with no channel identification. Does anyone know about this?

csworldwide1 10-22-2012 08:28 AM

I live in the Chi, but several months ago, I read that Me-TV would come to WFBN-LD (formerly W33AR), as per this notice on the Me-TV site, but they haven't stated an exact date on when that will come to effect. Then I'd seen this on another site that Telemundo Wisconsin would occupy WFBN from this pic. So I dunno if eiter Me-TV or Telemundo or both would occupy WFBN. I'm hoping Me-TV would use the WWME feed, should the network come to WFBN. Telemundo Wisconsin is already in South Bend via WMYS 69.2. I was highly curious as to what Weigel was going to do with WFBN in Rockford. Is that Analog 33 is still operating there and if it is, what the programming on analog 33?

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