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KETV's Avatar KETV 05:29 PM 02-11-2003

Try channel up / down, if that does not do it, try power off / on the HDD-200.

It is OK here at the moment.


Ronald L M's Avatar Ronald L M 05:37 PM 02-11-2003
Thanks, Scott , I thank you for the quick response, and the good news!
johnwcookjr's Avatar johnwcookjr 05:38 PM 02-11-2003
Hi all,

Due to the lack of repsones I take it that no-one has yet to see 480p from KPTM. is this correct?

Just wondering when I need to start tweaking the antenna for this weekends 500 event.


Thanks for the update, please keep us appraised of your progress.

Regards, John
gpflepsen's Avatar gpflepsen 08:26 PM 02-11-2003
Welcome Scot! We're waiting in Lincoln for you signal. Good luck and here's to you keeping on schedule. Hope the weather cooperates too.
suretytek's Avatar suretytek 08:33 AM 02-12-2003
Jay (WOWT),
Any chance of getting your station via Cox anytime soon? My wife would be ecstatic if I could get rid of all of the weird antenna things and the wires running into my OTA receiver. Right now, the only station that I watch OTA in HD is WOWT, only because I can't get you on Cox.
KETV's Avatar KETV 11:30 AM 02-12-2003
Good news & bad news.

I have noticed a few times when monitoring 809 on Cox cable, the audio would be chopping in and out. I could power on / off the HDD-200 and the problem would clear up. I called Cox Cable this morning and asked about this problem as I thought it was more frequent on KETV-DT. Cox informs me this problem is a software bug in the HDD-200, and Motorola is going to discontinue this box. They will not offer a software fix for this problem.

The new box will be the DCT-5100 (I posted earlier in this thread). I asked Cox if they would be renting this box. I was told no, but NFM will be offering this box to purchase.

I contacted NFM and found out this is true. Matter of fact, they have one demo model now. NFM will be offering this box at roughly $499.00, to be available in March 2003. This box has the decoder inside it and no more side car.

I understand Cox Cable is waiting for software to add to their system to address / control this new box, this software is due in soon.

I would be curious to know for those of you who receive KETV-DT on 108.01 if you have ever had any problems with the above-mentioned audio chopping? If so, do you experience this on any other HD channel? This would confirm to me the problem is only with the HDD-200.
dimer0's Avatar dimer0 05:44 PM 02-12-2003
I guess they're the same box anyways, but I've seen this on both my HDD-200 and HDD-201.

I've never had audio choppiness on any of the other channels.. Also - I noticed when I switch to 809, there's some crazy artifacts right before the channel comes clear -- and this also is unique to 809.

Methinks there's something funky going on with 809.
mdg's Avatar mdg 09:17 PM 02-12-2003
I definitely like the idea of Cox going to the Motorola DCT5100. Hopefully they will also support the DCT5200. It has integrated PVR functionality. I do not know if it will be able to record HD. I think I will wait until it is available before I switch to Cox. I currently have Qwest cable. I tried calling them to ask about HD a few months ago. Got the standard . Yes we have digital cable......, Anyone have anymore info about Qwest and HDTV?
redwood's Avatar redwood 07:39 AM 02-13-2003
I agree the 5100 or if we are lucky the 5200 look like better boxes.

Here is a link to the manual for the 5100.

Also, that seems to confirm a discussion I had with a Cox rep that stated they were going to stop renting out digital converters, since the 5100 is a digital converter and a HD converter. I guess I am kind of hoping they start renting them anyway.
WOWT's Avatar WOWT 08:19 AM 02-13-2003

I was informed that WOWT should be on the bird anyday. I know there has been a hold up in a market not associated with Omaha, and is in the process of being resolved.

Sorry for the delay.

csschrot's Avatar csschrot 09:41 AM 02-13-2003
Everyone, Here is an email I got from Rick at KPTM about there DTV broadcast. I hope he doesn't mind that I forwarding it to all of you but here it is.

The information that he talks about in the first paragraph is:
- Antenna height about 300 ft.
- Both antenna on the same legs
- Directional toward Omaha


I received your fax, and your phone message. I have been too tied up with
other tasks to respond until now. The information you have so far is correct.

The published ERP for the antennas is 17.3kw, each channel. Actual ERP is a bit less than that. Because of the geographic location of the KPTM/KXVO
tower, we used a single lobe antenna system, directing 100 percent of the
signal towards Omaha. This was necessary to maintain 48dbu signal strength over the city of license. Beamwidth of the lobe at its widest point is 60 degrees. A compass bearing from Lincoln should be about 43 degrees. Our transmitter site is 2 miles south, and 1 mile east of the Gretna Outlet Mall. Unfortunately, this leaves Lincon out of our digital coverage for now.

Any signals received in Lincoln on 38 or 43 would likely be from reflections
off structures or terrain near the tower. Testing so far appears to back up
the predicted pattern of the antennas. I was unable to decode any digital
signal 1-1/2 miles south-southeast of the tower site, which tends to
reinforce that any signal towards Lincoln would be from reflections. I have
not yet been able to test towards the southwest, but the results will likely
match the other direction.

Power increases to replicate coverage of the analog channels are scheduled to take place in 2004.

I am curious, what brands and models of DTV reception equipment are you
carrying, and what do you have in stock? My search for consumer level gear
in Omaha has been abysmal so far. I have no aversion to directing potential
viewers your way for gear, even if the KPTM / KXVO signals cannot be picked
up at your location.

Thanks for your interest!

Rick Graham
Chief Engineer
Pappas Telecasting of the Midlands

Hope that this helps everyone out.
gpflepsen's Avatar gpflepsen 10:35 AM 02-13-2003
Thanks Shawn.

So do I read between the lines correctly that in 2004 the power will be increased...

------------------------------------- Lincoln will be covered?

I'm guessing the answer is no. Is KPTM an Omaha DMA while Lincoln's DMA is served by Fox from Grand Island. TW cable offers KPTM 42 and not KTVG.

Can we as Lincoln viewers secede and join the Omaha DMA? Perhaps a violent revolution?

This Omaha/Lincoln DMA split has always been a thorn in my foot. Their is no possible way for us to get the NBC KHAS affiliate. I cannot get LIL via satellite or through TW cable.

[rant off]
csschrot's Avatar csschrot 10:45 AM 02-13-2003
From talking to Rick, in 2004 they would cover the Lincoln and Omaha area similar to there analog coverage.

I agree with the Lincoln and Omaha split. Also with the different laws that allow Time Warner to broadcast out of market stations the a laws not allowing satellite to do the same. Help one and screw the other. The weird thing is that there are other markets out there that are in the same boat as Lincoln/Omaha. I don't know how to get it changed.
sbswrmd's Avatar sbswrmd 03:40 PM 02-13-2003
Warren. I watch KETV on 108.01 and have NOT noticed the audio issues.
KETV's Avatar KETV 06:05 PM 02-13-2003

Thank-you for the information, this supports what Cox told me. I wonder if this bug with the 200 series box is more prominent when decoding the 720p format, as it sure seems to appear more on 809 than other HD channels.

Ronald L M's Avatar Ronald L M 06:26 PM 02-13-2003
Hi, Omaha area hi-def fans. I have a question? Anyone in Omaha receiving Kptm or Kxvo dtv? I live around 90th and Pacific and have no signal. Thanks
dehlers's Avatar dehlers 07:04 AM 02-14-2003
Shawn, Thanks for the post.

Soap box mode:

I doubt there is any law saying that KPTM - KXVO can only transmit to Omaha and not Lincoln. After all, their analog coverage includes both plus a lot more. Basically it sounds to me like that just did the minimum to get up and going. Pretty poor right out of the gate. KETV and WOWT have done a great job getting something to their viewers. (KMTV is trying to save face by saying they are doing it right... no signal? not right yet!) Beside KPTM-KXVO can't broadcast anything but upconvert right now anyway so the analog is just going to have to do.

Soap box off.

redwood's Avatar redwood 07:16 AM 02-14-2003
Anyone else think it is less than ideal that Cox is not making the 5100 available for rent? I always thought that was one of those positives about Cox against satellite, didn't have to buy the equipment, heck they even use that in their advertising. Now I have to drop $500 for something I usually had to pay $4 a month for.

Any idea if Cox will even support the box if there are problems? I can't imagine having to ship the cable box back to Moto for repair and be without cable, beyond the basic, for two months. I have read other cable companies are providing the box so why isn't Cox? Anyone know? I think I will write them and see if I can get an answer.
PlumPeach's Avatar PlumPeach 03:14 PM 02-14-2003
Cox is very secretive about HDTV for some reason. I e-mailed them about the box and their only response was that they would not be renting it. They would not say why. I'm glad I found out about getting the HDD-200 from KU-SAT in Canada because it saved me a lot of money. I'm sure there will be some benefits to the new box, but I'm happy with the HDD-200, and I have not experienced any of the audio problems on KETV. Maybe it's due to the fact that I have the digital audio going from the digital cable box directly into my receiver and not from the digital cable box and then through the HDD-200 and then into the receiver. I'm still experimenting with things, but as of right now I am more than happy with HDTV.
sb60634's Avatar sb60634 03:31 PM 02-14-2003
Here is a link that gives the schedule and channel info on the NBA games in HD...............
DevoX's Avatar DevoX 06:57 PM 02-16-2003
Originally posted by mdg
Anyone have anymore info about Qwest and HDTV?

I have Qwest cable. I am pleased with their service and the fact that they offer affordable "business class" internet service that gives me a static IP with inbound and outbound traffic without any hassles or issues.

I also know the story behind Qwest's cable offering...

In the early 90's, when the techno-rage was offering "interactive TV", USWest (now Qwest) wired up half the city with fiber optic with the plans of test marketing interactive TV services. Well, of course that all fell through, because of obvious technical problems, lack of standards, etc. So, rather than throw the many millions of dollars out the window, they decided to offer regular cable TV service and compete with Cox. This was well before Cox had a digital offering. USWest TeleChoice offered more channels at a much lower rate. Then, in late 1996, the began to offer broadband internet service through a proprietary backend with cable modems built by LANCity.

At any rate, HDTV via Qwest really is probably not possible without major equipment changes at the head end as well as the neighborhood hubs. TeleChoice has always offered cable service without the need for boxes because they just send an analog signal to your house from the neighborhood hub. Channel descrambling is not done in home but rather at their CO and the neighborhood hubs (every 10 homes has a fiber hub of sorts).

Obviously, Qwest has the bandwidth for HDTV. If I recall, each home has close to 500 megabits of network capacity. Of course, you couldn't have too many HD channels, but then... how do you tackle the issue of not having to provide a cable box? You could encode everything as 8VSB and run that to each home that wanted it, but I am sure that that sort of thing would require new hardware in the hubs to deal with and to modulate the new signal.

In short form: Qwest will never offer HDTV via their cable system because it's not design to make money, it's designed to keep Qwest's partial fiber deployment from being written off as a loss. Qwest makes enough money from the system to justify its existence and that's pretty much it.

-- Robert
Mike Gann's Avatar Mike Gann 07:06 PM 02-19-2003
Hi to all!

Great information being posted here on the board. Just thought I would let everyone know that tomorrow we will be proofing our DTV transmitter.

There is a picture of our new KM-home theater located under the gallery button.

The transmitter is a Thales (formerly Comark) with two IOTs. The transmitter will enable us to run 800kW ERP.

As soon as the tower mods are done in the next three weeks or so (weather permitting), we will be on the air with 250kW ERP at first.

I know that this been a long time coming, but I think it will be worth it.

(P.S. My picture was removed. Another source of home theater entertainment ie: OTA HD, doesn't seem to be important to the web master. I guess they feel that DVD's are the only thing to watch.)
Ronald L M's Avatar Ronald L M 07:16 PM 02-19-2003
Mike good news, I have a question? How many more good weather working days needed to complete the tower mods?
Mike Gann's Avatar Mike Gann 08:21 PM 02-19-2003
I wish the tower crew could tell me. Due to the complexity of the project, it would be very difficult to get a definite number of days left to complete the project.

The tower crew is very professional and safety is their biggest concern as it is to us. They will not be rushed or cut corners.

They have 2/3rds of the redundants and bracing completed. Next they will hang the last 400 plus feet of six inch feed line followed by the replacement of four levels of guy wires. Lastly, they will hang the antenna.

This has been a major engineering project. Completed so far:

Extensive tower studies, new building with all of the mechanical, tower base enlargement, moving KGOR and KQKQ FM antennas , the removal of an additional FM, lower 75 feet tower leg beefing, removal of old dishes and feed lines etc. etc.

This project has been painful at times but mostly a lot of fun, especially now that the end of the project is nearing.

We haven't been sitting on our duffs here. Jay can attest to that. Remember KMTV was the first in the nation to provide an HD signal on a cable system, Jay had a big part in that.

Soon we will all rejoice as we watch our favorite soap in HD.
WOWT's Avatar WOWT 08:04 AM 02-20-2003
Mike is correct, HDTV in Omaha has been a hugh project. KM3 has performed extensive modifications and a hugh buildout to provide HDTV. I toured the new HD transmitter building last week, and was extremely impressed. Warren at KETV did an excellent job in determining a resolution for HDTV on his current tower. Purchasing a Dual-Band antenna to transmit both 7 and 20 was an excellent decision for thier situation. Although we are fierce competitors in our news ratings, the engineering staffs are very familiar with each other and communicate on a regular basis.

Thanks for the kind words Mike!

gpflepsen's Avatar gpflepsen 03:23 PM 02-20-2003
Thanks for the info Mike.

Not to put the pressure on, put check out this link;

Sears, CBS team up to broadcast 2003 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, including the Final Four and Championship games in HDTV

5.1 sound too!
KMTV's Avatar KMTV 04:22 PM 02-20-2003
We were shooting for a March 15th deadline for the very fact that the NCAA games would be broadcast in HDTV. Depending on the weather, we may need to extend that to March 20th. After next week, the transmitter will be tuned and ready to go. We'll keep you posted.

And, when we do hit the air, it will include 5.1 surround!
Eyedox's Avatar Eyedox 07:17 PM 02-20-2003
Jay - I saw a post today that says your parent company signed with DISH Network for your Colorado Springs and Omaha (WOWT) stations on retrans consent. Can you confirm this and do you know when they will be online?
sb60634's Avatar sb60634 08:20 PM 02-20-2003
Anyone else having trouble with Wowt-dt tonight? I have a dish 6000, usually wowt shows up as 006-01, but tonight its back to 022-01, and there is a strong signal, but no audio or video. KETV-dt seems to be working fine..........
gpflepsen's Avatar gpflepsen 08:26 PM 02-20-2003
No 6-01 or 22-01 here for me.
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