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Ronald L M's Avatar Ronald L M 04:16 PM 10-17-2002
Hi,Omaha area Hi def enthesists, this is my first post on avs, I have been reading this board for a couple of years. I would like to thank Warren from Ketv, he has kept us all informed on Ketv's progress to digital tv. I was finally able to talk to someone from Kmtv reguarding their digital tv status, I was informed that Kmtv will not be going digital until Jan, 2003, I asked him, why is it taking so long? his responce was that Kmtv has been sold twice recently. and they are going to be full power when they sign on in Jan. Ronald

DevoX's Avatar DevoX 07:16 PM 10-17-2002

Originally posted by johnwcookjr
Next week is looking promising.


Yeah, for people who live two blocks from their tower.

-- Robert
dehlers's Avatar dehlers 10:02 AM 10-18-2002

Unfortunately, I don't know if I was able to receive a picture during WOWTs low power period. I had a conflicting repeater hear in town to get turned off first. More metal on the roof shouldn't bother the wife though...


Your 30-35% seems pretty low for Millard. (I actually grew up there and went to Millard North.) I am getting, by the bar graph on my HD200, 70-80% most of the time from Lincoln.

johnwcookjr's Avatar johnwcookjr 10:49 AM 10-18-2002
Warren sent this out this morning. He's making progress as promised. I watched ABC's Push Neveda last night, it was enjoyable, can't wait to see it in HD.


""Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update.

We did get the low power antenna on the tower yesterday, Dielectric was on
site today to sweep it, all checked out OK.

We are now working on the DTV transmitter itself finishing up the RF
plumbing and doing the power up check out.

Might have test signals on the air by the end of next week.

(See attached file: DL-8 Mounting.JPG)""
DevoX's Avatar DevoX 11:43 AM 10-18-2002

Originally posted by dehlers

Your 30-35% seems pretty low for Millard. (I actually grew up there and went to Millard North.) I am getting, by the bar graph on my HD200, 70-80% most of the time from Lincoln.


Well, I don't know what kind of antenna you're running. I have dual double bow-ties sitting outside... 30-35 is as good as it gets at 144th and L street. Maybe I should try a pre-amp...

We'll see what I can muster up when KETV goes on-line with test signals next week (crossing fingers).

-- Robert
johnwcookjr's Avatar johnwcookjr 12:56 PM 10-18-2002

Warren stated this morning that he expected 34 mile radius coverage via his (city wide) temporary low power antenna.

Maybe there's hope for you.

I tried a Radio Shack pre-amp on my double bowtie, it didn't help. I've a better pre-amp (Channelmaster 0062A) coming in the mail. I'll post results once it arrives.

I'd suggest a whole different antenna, my Radio Shack/Terk stick works much better than my dual bow tie, however it is directional and I beleive a true UHF outdoor antenna would probably work even better. I've heard good results from Radio Shack VU-90XR users. I may try a channelmaster 4228 next year depending on test results when all the locals come online.

dehlers's Avatar dehlers 03:55 PM 10-18-2002

I agree with John. I have a fairly standard OTA outside antenna, with a pre-amp, and have good luck with it. Sorry no experience with the Bow-Tie.

sprnova's Avatar sprnova 08:37 PM 10-19-2002
Hey everyone,

I live in Lincoln & I am located very close to the Ch8 station (I am at 27th and Old Cheney) and I get about a 70-75 signal using a powered RCA indoor antenna (ANT200B) in my basement. While the picture is not outstanding, it is a start at least. But it is no HD NET!

Doug-- Would you mind telling me where you are located in Lincoln? Did you say you can pick up WOWT? I think 27th and Old Cheney is at a fairly high point in Lincoln. Do you think I could pickup WOWT if I placed an antenna in my attic?

Thanks! It is great to have a thread going for the Lincoln/Omaha area!

gpflepsen's Avatar gpflepsen 09:08 PM 10-19-2002
Jeff, I live at about 40th and Old Cheney on the hill. I've talked to a guy who lives in Edenton (70th & Old Cheney) an he gets WOWT with a Master Craft yagi style mounted in his attic. The guys at 56th and Old Cheney (Dish dealer) get WOWT. I'm sure they are roof mounted but I don't know the type of antenna they use.

I plan on putting the Master Craft yagi in my attic when I get all my stuff rounded up. I wish Ch 8 would start passing the HDTV ABC feed. I think Omaha is our best bet for ABC -KETV DTV.

Could we get this thread title changed to Omaha/Lincoln DTV .... ?
mtmdesmoines's Avatar mtmdesmoines 12:05 AM 10-20-2002
Hey everyone,

Here in DSM we have 3 dtv channels over the air, NBC,CBS and Fox, ABC next month. Nothing over cable. From my understanding you have one channel over cable in DTV, right?

We have none.

I would not have liked seeing our Cyclones in HD today!!!


DevoX's Avatar DevoX 03:05 PM 10-20-2002
What blows my mind is how people are picking up WOWT in Lincoln! I am no more than probably 15 miles to the tower and I get crappy signal, even with TWO double-bowties OUTSIDE with directional line of site!

Yeah, the signal is crappy (30% or so) but I don't get any dropouts. The picture is perfect.


-- Rober
gpflepsen's Avatar gpflepsen 03:24 PM 10-20-2002
Do you think you could be suffering from severe multipath? One has to be careful when combining two antennas as they can cause interference between the two.
DevoX's Avatar DevoX 04:02 PM 10-20-2002

Originally posted by gpflepsen
Do you think you could be suffering from severe multipath? One has to be careful when combining two antennas as they can cause interference between the two.

I've actually disconnected the secondary double bowtie from the array, it didn't seem to make any difference whatsoever... good or bad.

So I connected it back up...

-- Robert
johnwcookjr's Avatar johnwcookjr 06:08 PM 10-22-2002
WOWT, anyone receiving it tonight?

I'm not receiving WOWT-D at the moment, Tuesday 7:08pm, anyone else?

7:46pm - I'm receiving it intermittently. Is it weather related or is WOWT experiencing technical difficulties?

JeffreyG's Avatar JeffreyG 07:55 PM 10-22-2002
I just checked, and the signal's fine at 132nd & Maple. I haven't been watching it tonight, though (Wed is my night for NBC). Won't it be nice when we have 2 HD channels, so we know it isn't a problem w/ the antenna?

dehlers's Avatar dehlers 01:38 PM 10-24-2002

I am at 56th just south of O. I would think you would have no problem getting WOWT if you pointed straight at Omaha with it. I am just using a standard VHF/UHF antenna with a mast mounted preamp. The preamp makes all the difference.

Any news on KETV testing yet?

JeffreyG's Avatar JeffreyG 02:49 PM 10-24-2002
I bought a Terk TV55 antenna at best buy, and put it in the attic. All local channels come in pretty well. (The sad part is I ran a coax line to the attic, and after I crimped the ends I plugged it into the receiver and got a great picture, even before I plugged in the antenna!) I don't use the amplifier, as it distorts the analog KETV signal.

As for "pointing at Omaha," the towers for 3, 6, and 7 are to the east (81 deg.). The ones that worry me are KXVO and KPTM (193 deg.). But it'll be a while before I have to deal with those!
gpflepsen's Avatar gpflepsen 06:59 PM 10-24-2002

Originally posted by dehlers

Any news on KETV testing yet?


Channel 7 analog. Any word on DTV???
johnwcookjr's Avatar johnwcookjr 08:52 PM 10-24-2002
I just hung a modified RS double bowtie up from a plant hook on the ceiling in my living room, I now have WOWT-D coming in solid at 76%.

That Terk/RS stick antenna (TV50) will be coming down as soon as other channels come online. I'd replace it now but it does one heck of a job of picking both up uhf and vhf locals without needing a rotor. When there's no cloud coverage, like we've had the last three days (rain clouds don't do it, only snow clouds), I receive 80% from the attic stick.

Anyone know of any good medium sized UHF/VHF outdoor antenna's that aren't real directional? Sounds like an oxymoron good non-directional antenna...

KETV's Avatar KETV 03:11 PM 10-25-2002
Good Afternoon Everyone,

We are currently doing the FCC proof of the DTV transmitter, we had some issues to work through so I am a little delayed with my on the air test.

I still hope to place the transmitter into the antenna and put some test signals on the air later on this afternoon or evening.

I am currently planning on launching DTV programming Wednesday of next week, more than likely in the afternoon.

More to come.
gpflepsen's Avatar gpflepsen 03:18 PM 10-25-2002
Welcome aboard Warren!

Can I ask if you will go with enough power to enable the DTVers in Lincoln?

Gerry P
KETV's Avatar KETV 05:18 PM 10-25-2002
Hi Gerry,

My feeling is the signal will not make it that far, but you never know.

We are still proofing the transmitter at 20Kw, after we save the results we will proof it at my low power operating level so I do not over drive my temp low power antenna.

I still hope to place a test signal on tonight. I will post when I am on the air.
DevoX's Avatar DevoX 06:31 PM 10-25-2002
Great news, Warren! Many of us have been waiting years for this... I, myself, at least two.

I anxiously await the moment of truth... will I be able to receive KETV-D in Millard... oy!

-- Robert
KETV's Avatar KETV 06:36 PM 10-25-2002
Hi Robert,

I would think Millard would be fine.

We are still a little bit away from the on the air test, I will let you know when we switch to the antenna.
jpcullen70's Avatar jpcullen70 07:07 PM 10-25-2002
Make that 1 more person anxiously waiting for KETV to come on line.
gpflepsen's Avatar gpflepsen 07:19 PM 10-25-2002
Warren, any idea when you will be going high power? How about a high power test say... during the Super Bowl?
johnwcookjr's Avatar johnwcookjr 07:25 PM 10-25-2002

My tuners are up and running, hopefully I'll see life "It lives, It lives" when you flip the switch.

KETV's Avatar KETV 07:25 PM 10-25-2002
The next step in KETV's plan is to replace the antenna at the top of my main tower with a dual band channel 7 & 20 antenna. That is scheduled for June 2003. Once the new antenna is installed, we will increase DTV power to roughly 300Kw ERP. That is 1/2 of full power.
johnwcookjr's Avatar johnwcookjr 07:48 PM 10-25-2002
I see a big DT logo on the screen.

DevoX's Avatar DevoX 07:56 PM 10-25-2002

Originally posted by johnwcookjr
I see a big DT logo on the screen.


What? Cripes, I see a nice big "No Signal" logo on the screen.

I do see an occasional flicker of a single signal bar... We're looking for UHF 20 right?

-- Robert
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