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Local HDTV Info and Reception

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12-31-2012 | Posts: 2
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I have shut off my Directv and looking for a converter box. I have read so many things on many boxes. The info that I have read has not been a real clear comparison between a few boxes. I am in a fringe area and most of my signals are in the 38%-56% with an amplifier. I have a very large antenna and it is at 30ft.

I have on box that is a RCA DTS800. It does better than the first gen digi-tuner in my old tube tv.

I have been looking st several boxes including the Zinwell 970a, zenith/insignia, and the new RCA 800B1.

In real comparison for signal strength is there any difference?
The features of the RCA I like is the unified remote that does the tv and box. The sub channels can be remove from the list, but can be accessed manually entering the channel. Those are great for me. The Ideal box would be a directv menu guide, delete sub channels, and the unified remote. Also, with a good tuner that can get a better signal without breaking up so much.

Does anyone know a box that is under the 100dollar range or maybe just above that that will not a be a junker with a unified remote?

Thanks so much for your replies,

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I haven't tried the Zimwell or RCA but the Zenith is the best of the seven or so boxes I have owned at capturing and locking onto weak signals. It is way better than 1st generation tuners but mine is hardly ever used because it is neither HD nor an HD-DVR. The menu in it is nothing like Directv's. It lists the name of the program and not a lot more. Unwanted sub channels can be deleted. Not sure if the Zenith remote will control the TV because I have a couple of unifying remotes which do all of that stuff.

Since you live in a fringe OTA area and are looking for something to take the place of Directv at less than $100, I would look into getting a streaming media player like a Roku. Lots of free channels and movies to watch and easy to operate.
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The Channel Master converter box is also very good at receiving weak signals and also has an S-Video connection for better pic quality. And it has more extensive channel guide and program info.
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The roku box is good. I do have one now. The sub channel delete is great, The guide is not a necessity, just what is on would do me fine.

What model is the channel master box? Does the channel master control the tv volume?

Have you compared the channel master to any other box for weak signal stability?


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