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rivrbyte 01-29-2013 01:53 PM

Time Warner Cable has a monopoly with their exclusive Anaheim, Ca. area. (Oh yeah, ABC, Disney, and Time-Warner.....yup, same big company......no wonder, they keep wanting to be more greedier than ever, even in this economy????)

And the rumor mill is that they are getting ready to raise their rates yet again! I don't know anything about watching TV without having a cable service. I live in a mobile home park with a sound wall about 25-30 feet blocking the signal if I were to switch to OTA. My neighbor told me I would need a LINE OF SIGHT between any roof antenna, and the direction between 340 and 360 degrees, but the wall is in the darn way.

My neighbor also got tired of Time-Warner, so he returned his equipment bought a Linksys N300/E1200 Wi-Fi router, to hook up to his computer, along with a Motorola small DSL Modem. (which is what I presently have through my ATT DSL service) he also bought a Sony BDP-390 Wi-Fi player, which he uses to get Netflix, Pandora, and virtually any movie and TV series that Netflix can deliver for only $8.00 per month!!

The dilemma I have, is that unlike him, I like to watch the local news channels, CNN, USA Network, Lifetime, Food Network, Showtime, and a few other shows, and he can not watch any of that. Even if I did connect a roof antenna to the roof, The height is still not able to peek over the sound wall.

My present setup is this. My computer is about 60' away from my regular HDTV in another part of the house, with a regular ATT silver square modem for desktop puter.

In the TV room, connected to my receiver is my Sony BD-350 player, it's not Wi-Fi, Time-Warner Cable box, the HDTV (not Smart nor Wi-Fi) and another regular CD/DVD Player for jpegs, MP3's and reg. CD playback.

That's one problem. The other question I had is........ if I wanted to use my TV screen as my computer monitor using a Wifi Modem/Router Combo connected to my computer, about 60 feet away, and using a Laptop close to my TV, what would I need to do to access the internet, email, etc. using TV?

Thank you!

retiredengineer 01-29-2013 02:14 PM

If you are referring to the soundwall along the railroad tracks next to Esperanza Rd, then I too live on the wrong side of the soundwall. However, I don't have reception problems looking through the soundwall. I get all the major networks, just can't get the low power stations. I use an outdoor antenna. You can start with a cheap small outdoor antenna. If you can see some of the stations then go with the roof mount.

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