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Please provide any feedback relative to my current specific issues:

Mounted a Winegard ..94P antenna in attic couple weeks ago and oriented to get optimal signals.

I have 100' coax to "temp" test to my master bedroom set and for Indianapolis getting about 30+ channels. Occassionally Fox 59 loses audio and visual for split seconds. Sometimes every 20 secs.

1. no ac outlet in attic; Can signal reception be improved via wires added or extending off the antenna?

2. 100' coax will be threaded outside and into the current comcast box on rear of house: ie. to make use of existing branch lines to different floors. Signal strength slightly lower when checking the temp setup so I will be integrating PreAmp and changing out the current three way splitter in basement to a balanced splitter. Does a PreAmp do anything for improved reception even when downstream? ie. Preamp will be placed at end of 100' coax , but just before splitter in the basement.

3. while the current temp setup is giving me 80 - 100% reception from the main stations (ABC, CBS, etc. HD very clear), a couple of the stations "sometimes" have ever so slight ghostings around the on screen channel labels/text. The full HD broadcasts look very good (for free) but not sure I would say they are better relative to Comcast. Can I do thinks to make images even more detailed?

4. Is it just the ways of broadcasting HD? Core channels fill out resolution to full screen (HD) but alot of the other channels may be only 480P (clear, but smaller resolution). Plus varying displays of ads on all channels. Is this just the nature of Free OTA signals?


TVFool report for my locale:
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You'll get lots of advice from others on these, but especially if you post in the Indianapolis, IN market thread, you can get some real specific advice per even your zip code. But here's my 2 cents...:

1 & 2 - Yes, you can find many packaged antennas which have voltage inserters to drive active electronics (pre-amps, conditioners, etc.) up on the roof antenna via the coax. (it comes with a paired unit downstairs that you plug into the elect outlet/battery) or you could put the amp down below, as in your 2nd question. You don't want to amp too much though. You're close to most. WNDY will be a pain, being in the other direction (you would probably amp that separately if you really really wanted it & had a 2nd antenna up for that direction)

3. "Ghosting" is really an analog artifact, not a digital one. if you[re talkiing about channel names, closed captioning, etc...I'd suspect your tuner box or tv overdriving it's overlay. or maybe suspect cabling. At any rate, those text/labels aren't actually visually in the video from the station. It's all stuff your tuner/display device interprets and overlays. there at our house. If you're talking about program credits & subtitles being "ghosty", then something else is going on...

4. Yes.
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1. living in north Indianapolis, approx 12 miles from many transmitter towers. couple transmitters approx 35 miles away.
2. My earlier initial postings were for how to get started with install of antenna and how to proceed; below is a summary of obstacles I was hit with and overcame after many weeks.

A. Didnt want outdoor antenna since in a nice neighborhood(aesthetics).
B. Home was prewired with coax and 3 branches , 1 branch to each floor, (basement, 1st, 2nd).
C. currently have Comcast and looking to possibly drop
D. Bought winegard .. 94P antenna, would have bought Channel Master but blogs talked of large square profile... access to attic was only 2 feet by 2 feet hatch.
Went with the Winegard because good reviews and had a narrow linear profile that could be expanded when in the attic. antenna was about 4.5 to 5 ft long and easy to expand all fins, rods.
E. Because antenna is very directional, I bought 1 inch pvc conduit to use as mounting pole, couple clamps, joist hanger, basic mounting pieces to secure to attic joists and roof support 2x4's.
F. Coax length was a concern, 100' coax would start the path but then I would have to connect into back of house where comcast enters and deal with impact of the additional pre-wire and splits in the home.
G. Antenna was mounted, and this was time consuming as I would turn the antenna to TVFool mapping degrees, then go down to master bedroom where 100' coax attached to tv and do channel scans and evaluate. I made repeated charts of all channels and the quality of display of the channel for each antenna rotation. Approx 3 target positions. Surprisingly was getting 40 recieved channels from Tuner.
F. 32' lcd could lock on the channel but the resolution was different for different channels (aspect ratio) plus non HD channels would have varying degrees of some border blur.
G. Tossed 100' coax out window and attached to back of house; (obstacle) . As expected my upstairs had about 40% reduction in strength plus lost about 3 channels. Following week I replaced the 3 way splitter in furnace room with a "balance" 3 way splitter plus purchased an RCA pre-amp ($24) and attached right before the splitter. I was getting signal at antenna but needed the amp to overcome splitter signal degradation and additional branch lengths of coax.
H. Sigh!, worried at this point , but continue - only about $150 invested in the project so far. still cheaper than two months of comcast
I. Still some signs of not fully strong signal to basement and family room branches; (obstacle) noticed the prewire of home was Rg59 cable- debatable online but I decided to rule out and spent weekend threading new RG6 coax to the two accessible branches; crawl space and furnace room for family room and basement.
J. Better signal. (obstacle) forums debate better amplification at antenna versus inline downstream. I moved the pre-amp into the attic with the antenna and powered it via the injector in furnace room just before the splitter (ie. about 110' coax) between antenna and injector, just before the splitter.
K. Better signaling on all branches
L. (obstacle) spent another weekend, patching junction box drywall from coax rethread and also permanently drilling hole in soffit in rear of house to run coax out attic and down rear gutter ( I will put line in conduit and strap to gutter/paint to match) to have a clean look. And connected the coax. into box where comcast enters home.
M. Purchased a 47" LG smart TV 47ln5750 SamsClub $698 for the family room. Turned it on and easy tv wizard.
Beautiful Picture and get 40 recieved channels. 15 are daily watchable (others are religious, weather, spanish, etc). But the new tv tuner plus the stretched out coax and all above changes made for a fantastic FREE viewing.
N. 32" lcd in master bedroom, still shows weaker signal strength (bars on tv) but all the channels recieved and good picture. no drop outs. This is accepted, as I did not change this branch line (still rg59) and it is the longest branch , post split.
Conclusion: thanks for everyones input and this week I will drop Comcast but will still have undamaged branches should I have cable withdrawls in future.
PS. for the basement 46" tv I have router and purchased Roku 3 so that tv has the surround sound, ota, and also the streaming capability of Roku3.

Hope this tips help others.
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