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Ia am in the Ivywild area. The house is at 6,000 ft elevation and the antennas are mounted about 20 feet off the ground. I am using two antennacraft antennas mounted on a 6 ft pole over a rotor connected to a 4 ft pole roof mounted. The MXU59 is a 59 element UHF antenna mounted 5ft over a 10 element Y10713 ch7 and above VHF antenna. I am using a Radioshack 15-321 premap that is mounted on the pole about a foot above the VHF antenna. It's rated at 35 db with a 3.5 db noise figure and 15db FM trap that is turned on. There are separate 4 ft RG6 cables connected from the ant baluns to a Pico macom UVSJ combiner. My home is only about 5 miles from Cheyenne Mountain where all of the high power TV and FM transmitters are located. I have used Rabbit Ears to locate the Denver channels I want to receive and they are channels 7, 9, 19, 34 and 35. The maps do not show much signal from these stations in my area.
I am able to get very strong signals from channels 29 and 43 which are located over 100 miles away but the transmitters are on a heading of 357 degrees which puts the towers in the plains and not the mountains. These channels also show no signal in my area on Rabbit Ears. I can pick up with good signals ch 13 and ch 15 which sometimes degrade when it's very hot; that transmit from the mountains west of Denver about 70 miles away. Ch 13 is at a heading of 327 degrees and ch 15 is at 341 degrees from Lookout Mountain near Golden; also the location of the channels I want to receive. Of the signals I can get are 4 in Spanish, 3 PBS that I also get locally on a translator here, ION, Qubo, shopping, GetTV and Bounce. I am trying to get some of the other subchannels that provide programming that will allow me to "cut the cable."
Looking at the signal strength meter on the TV for the channels I want to get I see a bouncing signal strength ranging from 0 to 40 very quickly and no amount of rotor movement can make the signal solid. I am getting two stations with signal strengths in the 30s and 40s but they are solid signals. That stations that are 100 miles away have signal strengths in the 80s. Indeed, ch 15 came in after I put the preamp on and without it the signal strength never got above 35. The radioshack amp has a switchable box next to the TV; it provides DC to mast preamp mounted at the combined output of the UVSJ. Whenever I turn it on and increase the amp gain signals got to zero so I keep it off and the only amplification is the preamp at the antennas.
I think I need help in detuning some of the local signals. I also recognize there may be multipath issues. I would appreciate any advice to help improve the signals and I am very patient in trying a number of options. I have tried both antennas separately without the UVSJ and have not had any improvement. As a matter of fact the UVSJ doesn't seem to have any signal loss. I have moved the antennas from one part of the roof to another and there are no close in obstructions between me and the horizon but there may be an 8 to 9 thousand foot mountain in the way. I am picking up ch13 with the antennas aimed at the mountains north of me.
Thank you for your patience in reading this tome. I would rather give more info than less. I know must be there a solution to my problem.
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