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timmy1376's Avatar timmy1376 12:22 PM 11-07-2003
Rumor of the Day:

Cox is coming out with a cheaper internet package with download speed of 256k and up of 56k for $24.95 a month, probably around December 1st. You have to sub to the basic cable package.

Also, and this is the good part, they hope to have ABC, meaning KTKA, and FOX, meaning KTMJ, on their digital lineup soon. I know what you are thinkng about KTMJ, but I called them and they are moving into a new facility around the first of the year and the lady told me they would be digital then, but the kicker is: cable only. No over the air digital.

another rumor on the Wichita thread, if you have a box that will decode QAM and cable internet, the digital gateway is open and you should at least see WIBW. Anyone want to try?
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BJS188's Avatar BJS188 04:30 PM 11-11-2003
We got work from COX today that INHD1 and INHD2 are being added to the channel list on Nov.15th. COX will only offer professional install for COX HD box. Cost is $49.95 per TV. THe promotion for COX HD: $9.95 per month to lease an HD box and the HD channels are free ( I assume they mean local channels). Discovery HD Theater is free for the first six months and $5.95 after. The sheet shows that ESPN is free. Not sure if this is true. COX customer service number is 866-719-2455. Currently the only local in Topeka is CBS.
timmy1376's Avatar timmy1376 03:13 PM 11-17-2003
I am on hold with Cox now for my cable internet, and the lady told that ABC in topeka would be active Dec. 15th along with InHD1 and InHD2.

take it for what it's worth. Fox is not there yet, but coming I was told.
MatthewT's Avatar MatthewT 03:23 PM 11-17-2003

the lady told that ABC in topeka would be active Dec. 15th

Is this standard definition KTKA or is this KTKA passing along an HDTV signal to Cox even though they don't broadcast it themselves?
timmy1376's Avatar timmy1376 03:55 PM 11-17-2003

Originally posted by MatthewT
Is this standard definition KTKA or is this KTKA passing along an HDTV signal to Cox even though they don't broadcast it themselves?

I have a call in to KTKA and she will talk to the engineer and get back to me tomorrow. I hope it's not like Fox where it will be HDTV on cable and SDTV over the air.

I'll post back tomorrow.
snm66's Avatar snm66 02:58 PM 11-18-2003
Can anyone help? I have a Sammy 165 feeding through a Mits 30K via firewire. I can receive all the digital signals, HD or SD, from Topeka or KC (except WDAF) and pass them through the Mits. I cannot get ch 13 HD to pass through the Mits via firewire. The Sammy 165 locks onto the signal and will put ch 13 out via componet cables. I just had the 165 in for repair and it appears they updated the software/firmware. I had this problem with ch 13 digital before I sent the unit in for repair. The problem started about the first of Sept. Thanks.
timmy1376's Avatar timmy1376 03:01 PM 11-18-2003

Originally posted by MatthewT
Is this standard definition KTKA or is this KTKA passing along an HDTV signal to Cox even though they don't broadcast it themselves?


I got bit by some bad information guys. KTKA will not be carried by Cox on their digital tier untill they HD, which the lady told me will be in about a year. So, we will probably miss most of Monday Night Football in HD next year too.

sorry guys.

Cox is terrible as far as getting locals in HD. 2 outta 3 in Topeka are not even being carried.
BJS188's Avatar BJS188 03:25 PM 11-18-2003

Originally posted by timmy1376
Cox is terrible as far as getting locals in HD. 2 outta 3 in Topeka are not even being carried.

It looks like Wichita is not much better. The note I have from COX shows that they only carry the ABC station.
snm66's Avatar snm66 06:58 PM 11-30-2003
KCTV, Ch 5, CBS in Kansas City is broadcasting in HD, Dolby Pro Logic. Noticed primetime this evening. Don't know when they started.
MatthewT's Avatar MatthewT 10:45 PM 12-02-2003
I stopped by Cox in Topeka today and was told the date for leasing boxes has been pushed back to December 15.
kseyedoc's Avatar kseyedoc 10:22 AM 12-16-2003
I get the install tonight. we will report back thursday to tell how it goes. will be using a projector and I have high hopes for basketball in HD.

kseyedoc's Avatar kseyedoc 01:21 PM 12-18-2003
Looks darn good.
the picture is easily 75% better than the ntsc picture. it is great watching the whole half court in one screen.
the projector i am using has only composite and dvi inputs so I am not even looking at the component image yet.
I can only guess what it will look like then. still sucks that we only get cbs local.

BJS188's Avatar BJS188 05:04 PM 12-18-2003
Are the InHD channels available now?
timmy1376's Avatar timmy1376 05:26 PM 12-18-2003
Yeah, if they do have the InHD channels, I might have to break down and try it for a while. Maybe by baseball season they will have more locals.
MatthewT's Avatar MatthewT 12:31 AM 12-19-2003
This may be more appropriate over in Hardware, but I thought I'd try it here first. I got my Motorola 6200 the other day from Cox. While the box seems to work fine, I can no longer get cable on my TV without using the box.

With my old cable box, I could watch cable without using the Motorla box but I obviously needed to use the box if I wanted to watch something on digital cable. Now, the 6200 is successfully sending hi-def to the television and everything else to my VCR, but it won't send a signal to the TV unless the box itself is turned on and I'm watching digital cable. The VCR is properly connected because it can record digital cable and it will play on the TV.

I'm wondering if this is because the 6200 doesn't have an RF bypass. Is anyone familiar with this or provide some assistance?

timmy1376's Avatar timmy1376 12:53 PM 12-30-2003
Any new news anyone know of in Topeka?? I got a note from the GM at KSNT and he said they were still talking to Cox about their carriage on the digital side. He also said they just installed a new analog transmitter?? Anyone notice anything?

Also, could someone call KTMJ to see if you get the same story I did about feeding a digital signal to Cox for HD next season??
timmy1376's Avatar timmy1376 08:43 AM 01-08-2004
Does anyone know where the central location is that Directv is going to use for Topeka locals this spring?? In Wichita, they are already setup at the Fox station. I would guess that might be the case in Toepka since from what I heard from KTMJ that they would feed Cox via fiber, they might do the same for Directv.

Jeff, can you chime in?? Anyone?? Also, I know WIBW is airing some UPN programs, but what about WB? I know KTKA and Cox partner on a cable only WB, but what about us with Directv? Any way to get some WB programming like Gilmore Girls, Charmed, and Smallville?? Would KTKA air those in an overnight time slot??
BJS188's Avatar BJS188 01:35 PM 01-08-2004
Somewhere I DIRECTV's website, I found that the central pickup point will be 301 SW Wanamaker. This is KTWU's tower location.
MatthewT's Avatar MatthewT 05:03 PM 01-15-2004
I received a letter from Cox in the mail today announcing a number of price increases, effective March 1. Fortunately, there will also be some additions to the channel lineup. Although I've never heard of most of the channels - they'll go in the 200 tier - one of the additions is Starz! HD.
notreally's Avatar notreally 12:34 PM 01-17-2004
A lil birdie told me, that Echostar is in town looking for a location to set up their equipment. They want to be up with Topeka locals in February (as is DirectV).
Sliderman's Avatar Sliderman 04:06 PM 01-17-2004
I signed up for Cox HD service now that they are actually leasing the box. As someone else posted above, the lease cost id $9.95 per month plus tax. The "free" HD channels are IN1, IN2 and WIBW. The pay HD channels are Discover and ESPH-HD each $5.95 per month (may be a slight discount if both are ordered). One could also order HBO-HD and Showtime-HD as premium channels. Right now, they are running a special: HBO-HD free for 3 months and Discover-HD free for 6 months. I have only basic cable - I was told I cannot get ESPN-HD unless I have at least extended basic or digital cable. In addition, one is also required to subscribe to their digital programming guide in order to sign up for HD (any HD) which adds another $6 per month to the cost. Furthermore, they are not letting people do self-install - it costs $50 for the 5 minute installation. So....with the package I ordered (IN1, IN2, Discover, WIBW, HBO-HD, box, digital programming guide), the cost with about $19 per month plus the cost of cable. Plus, of course, the $50 install charge. I will, of course, cancel HBO after the 3 month free period and perhaps even the Discover after 6 months. Once Cox gets around to signing agreements with the other network stations, they will be available at no extra charge.

As usual, it was a crappy experience dealing with Cox. First, no matter how much I pleaded, they would not let me do self-install for the box. Then they said I cannot get ESPN-HD because I have only basic cable. Third, they tacked on the digital prograaming guide, which I did not want but had no choice. If one could afford the $750 up front charge, Voom seems like a better deal in the long run (but no local channels in HD). Living in this small town really limits your choices and subjects one to all the disadvantages of having to deal with a monopoly.
Sliderman's Avatar Sliderman 04:10 PM 01-17-2004
Oh..the install is scheduled for Jan. 20. I will post a report once I test it out.
Brett Miles's Avatar Brett Miles 07:48 AM 01-19-2004
Sliderman: Please tell me you've been on a waiting list for that HD box for more than a month, like I have. If not, some Cox employee is about to have an accident (just kidding, for any federal authorities ). I'm in Manhattan as well, and every time I call about it I get the same non-answer. Now I'm afraid I won't have it in time for the Super Bowl. (see my other thread for more on this topic)
timmy1376's Avatar timmy1376 09:00 AM 01-19-2004
I think there is something all of us should read if you like CBS's HD channel.

Now before I link it, I am not saying this will happen. But the GM of WIBW in Topeka basically wrote this saying this was their plans. But I doubt they will go through with them unless the FCC says cable will have to carry all the multicast channels.


Thoughts?? I for one am fine with most of it. Jeff will just have to figure out a way to get those other channels in there without giving up too much on the HD channel.

Jeff, I would love to hear your thoughts on this if you still come here. I wonder if one of the channels would be UPN?? How many subchannels are you guys thinking??
Sliderman's Avatar Sliderman 03:20 PM 01-19-2004

I wish I could remember the exact date when I first went to sign up for HD with Cox. It was, I believe, near the middle of December. After discussing all the issues, I said "OK, I will sign up and when can you install it?" The woman said "Oh, we don't have any boxes right now and there is one person ahead of you in the list." I called again early in January to check on the status and was told that they did not get a response from the person ahead of me in the list and she told me that if they did not hear from that person the next day, I can have the box (which I did and got it). will be about a month between when I first requested it and when it will be installed (tomorrow - Jan 20).

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope you get it soon. I dealt with Bard at 539-5756 - if that will help.

Sliderman's Avatar Sliderman 03:22 PM 01-19-2004

I looked at the document to which you linked but didn't quite understand the implications. Could you please provide a Readers' Digest version for dummies? Thanks!
notreally's Avatar notreally 03:23 PM 01-19-2004
Timmy, i glanced at those pages> It appears to deal with multicasting. While KTWU is already multicasting (1HD and 1SD), it appears that this is the reason they aren't on Cox HD. What would happen to WIBW (the only local on Cox HD), if they too started multicasting? Have you started building a tower, yet?
timmy1376's Avatar timmy1376 04:15 PM 01-19-2004
I think the implications would be a reduction in HD quality, or a loss of HD from WIBW. I really don't think the latter will happen, but I also wonder if the FCC would require cable companies to carry all the multicast channels.

An example:

44.1 The main CBS channel
44.2 WIBW's 24 hour news channel
44.3 State and local govt. channel + KSU, KU, and Washburn sports
44.4 Weather radar

Take the 19.2 mbs bandwidth, and give the HD channel 14 mbs, .2 gets 2mbs, .3 gets 2mbs, and the weather radar gets 1mbs. Try watching football in HD with 14 mbs or less.

I am totally not saying WIBW will start multicasting. I am saying if the FCC forces digital multicast carriage, they could.

If multicasting is why KTWU is not carried, then why is KSNT and KTKA not??? Cox is so totally off the ball on this, it it pathetic.
Sliderman's Avatar Sliderman 02:33 PM 01-21-2004
OK..Cox installed the HD box on Tuesday as promised. The tech came right on time and installed the box quickly using component cables. The channels I get now are DiscoveryHD, WIBW and HBOHD. I have to say the Discovery channels is absolutely spectacular on my Samsung HLN5065W DLP unit. It is 10 times better than the DVD picture with a DVI connection. I was absolutely stunned by the picture quality and clarity. I watched Two and a half men on HD and also the state of the union on HD. They looked good but not as amazing as Discovery. HBO-HD also looks good - a notch better than my DVD picture, but again not as amazing as Discovery. The tech kept saying how amazing the picture was - and for a while it looked like he didn't want to leave! It would be nice when we eventually get ABC and NBC also from Topeka. I am so looking forward to seeing the Superbowl in HD!! I did not get ESPN-HD since I do not at this time have extended basic cable. PM me if yoou have questions.

timmy1376's Avatar timmy1376 03:25 PM 01-21-2004
What a crock you cannot get ESPN because of no extended basic.

Do you also get the INHD channels??
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