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JKD789's Avatar JKD789 06:42 AM 11-14-2013
Purchased Harmony 650 remote & programming seemed to be fine until I tried adjusting volume. Sony TV 40W3000. Volume bar went presented by Harmony went from 0 to 30, but 30 was moderately loud and was unable to make it any louder. Spoke with Harmony tech line and while on the phone with them the tech reset some stuff on his end and then the sound disappeared totally! No clue nor did the tech. The TV and cable remotes both show sound level going up and down but no sound at all. Same for all channels and all levels. Playing Netflix thru BluRay works fine - sound is ok. And picture is good.
So, I've checked the basics - it's not muted, sound is set to TV speakers. Called cable company and they didn't find anything - tried alternate HDMI input for cable box input but still no sound. Did factory reset and still no sound.
Frustrating - you bet! But now what? Wondering if anyone has recommendations? And whether if I switch speakers to external audio whether that might work (don't have any such speakers to try now).
Thank you.

bobby94928's Avatar bobby94928 08:58 AM 11-14-2013
Just for Jeepers, unplug your HDMI cable from your BD player and plug it in to your Comcast receiver. On the TV go to whatever input you had your BD player plugged into. Using your Cable and TV remotes do you get sound this way?
JKD789's Avatar JKD789 10:45 AM 11-14-2013
Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately already tried it w/o success. While it makes no sense to me, cable box may be culprit.
bobby94928's Avatar bobby94928 11:05 AM 11-14-2013
It certainly sounds like it. Does your cable box have component out a AV out? You might try that to see if it corrects the issue. If it does, then you have just about proven it to be the cable box....
JKD789's Avatar JKD789 12:38 PM 11-16-2013
Turns out cable box bad. Good news is sound is back. Still,quite the "coincidence" that sound disappeared while Harmony was "adjusting some settings" for me.
bobby94928's Avatar bobby94928 02:38 PM 11-16-2013
Excellent news. I'm glad you are back together! smile.gif
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