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ladyh 07-22-2014 08:15 PM

SWR meter
I was going to buy a meter to test my antenna strength. Only two channels keep going out. Channel 7-1 and 4-1. The stations don't seem to know why. I don't have issues with any of the other digital channels. I remembered I bought this SWR meter but it says CB/High Frequency Ham (for tuning CB and high frequency Ham antennas to maxmium efficiency... handles up to 2,000 watts 3 30MHZ) Would this meter work for testing the reception strength on my antenna for digital TV? The connectors on the back of this (RG-58U) are too large for coaxial cable, but the coaxial cable will fit inside the connectors if I hold them in :-)

Thank you

ProjectSHO89 07-23-2014 04:56 AM

The CB SWR meter is useless for what you want to do.

You will need either a spectrum analyzer or a signal meter made for cable/TV RF signal work.

ladyh 07-23-2014 06:14 AM

This is for OTA not cable. Just to test the signal from the antenna.

ProjectSHO89 07-23-2014 06:27 AM

Yes. Exactly. The same meters usually do both systems. I have a Sencore 1454 that does both (and more).

George Molnar 07-23-2014 06:32 AM

Broadcast Engineers, Two-way Radio Technicians, or Ham Radio Operators use an SWR meter for checking an antenna system's suitability for transmision on desired frequencies. The SWR meter is not useful for what you want to do.

You desire to check your receiving antenna system's performance on OTA DTV channels. I confirm what ProjectSHO89 says: you will need a spectrum analyzer or signal strength meter made for the OTA spectrum, which mainly occupies 174-216 MHz (VHF-HI) and 470-698 MHz (UHF) frequencies. (Cable TV covers more spectrum/wider frequency range, but cable meters and analyzers can be tuned to the OTA frequencies.)

ladyh 07-23-2014 06:57 AM

thanks :-(

kenglish 07-23-2014 07:55 AM

Give us an idea where you are located (city, zip code) or look up your results from tvfool.com or rabbitears.info and link them here, and we can help you with some troubleshooting ideas.
It's possible that you may be trying for some VHF channels, but only have a UHF antenna, or something like that.

advcomp2019 07-23-2014 01:41 PM

Or you could be using a small inside antenna when you need a larger outside/attic antenna.

advcomp2019 07-24-2014 12:58 AM

I was looking at ladyh's other posts and found this one. It sounds like from that posting that ladyh is having co-channel and adjacent channel interference.

Edit: I think ladyh still needs to post his/her tvfool.com link. Plus tell us what market he/she wants because that antenna is picking up too much and he/she might need to change that antenna.

Trip in VA 07-24-2014 06:04 AM

Our OP is in Alamogordo, as best I can tell. The lineup is something like:

2-1 (27) K27HP-D (translator for Albuquerque)
4-1 (18) KDBC
7-1 (46) K46MM-D (translator for Albuquerque)
7-1 (7 and 17) KVIA
7-1 (21) K21LR-D (translator for KVIA, possibly not operating)
8-1 (31) K31GJ-D (translator for Roswell)
9-1 (9 and 16) KTSM
10-1 (49) K49FX-D (translator for Roswell)
14-1 (14) K63GU-D (local religious broadcaster)
14-1 (15) KFOX
22-1 (42) K42EY-D (translator for Las Cruces)
26-1 (25) KINT
38-1 (39) KSCE
48-1 (47) KTDO
65-1 (51) KTFN

My guess is that since KDBC and KVIA are so far, those signals are not quite reliable for our OP. Without knowing details about the antenna setup or what the full list of stations the OP is actually receiving contains, it's hard to say anything for certain.

- Trip

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