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Indoor Antenna at an apartment

I am looking to get my daughter an indoor antenna for her TV.
I have been looking around trying to figure out which one to buy. There seem to be thousands out there.
I would like to keep it $40 or under, if possible.
I would appreciate any input you can give .
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Wow - wow - wow. There are "thousands" because it depends on several factors.

It would be good to know where are the broadcast sources and how far they are. Info are available online. Armed with this information, you then will decide whether to buy an omni-directional or a directional antenna, and if directional, can you mount it out the window and have a line-of-sight to your broadcast tower. If on top floor, attic accessible? and THEN, you have to know whether you will be pulling in VHS channels 2-6. Antennas suitable to channels 2-6 tend to be larger because the elements have to be of a certain size to capture those frequencies. No need for channel 2-6, the antenna can be more compact.

Lots of threads here already, browse? Check out Stickies?
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I bought a mohu leaf antenna (amplified) a couple of years back for i think $80. It is on amazon for 69.99 currently. Great, uncompressed picture, and great digital sound. I really only use it occasionally for things like weather forecasts, the new years ball drop, and most recently the superbowl (which looked Amazing).

The only drawback i have is that i live right on a big truck route, and when we get the odd rumbling trailer it will cut out on us for a few seconds. Which is a pain, but to think of how much i have saved not having an expensive, power sucking cable box wasting space in my entertainment center, i'd say its worth the minor annoyance, and well worth its cost.
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Old 02-05-2015, 12:20 PM
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Read the instructions, follow the instructions, provide the needed information.

Antenna recommendations are location and situation specific. Simply suggesting an antenna without any knowledge of what is actually needed is simply foolish.
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Location: White House TN. 37188

Location for request is White House TN. 37188
Link to TV Fool is below.
My daughters apartment is on the third floor. A corner apartment.
The TV is an LG model 32LK330. Nothing else attached.
RG-6 cable length is about 4 foot.
Currently she has borrowed a Terk indoor antenna which is on a temporarily loan. The only markings on the antenna is: Terk 1919GM. It is powered.
With this antenna she is currently getting about 20 channels.
I do not have the list of channels but if it will help I will get a list.
This antenna will need to be mounted indoors, no attic access.
If there is any more information I should be providing please let me know.
This is just something I am trying to help my daughter with. She and her husband have just started a new family and are trying to budget any way they can to save money.
I know I should have researched this more before posting. But looking at The Official AVS Antenna and Related Hardware Topic! and the 545 pages made me feel overwhelmed.
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Old 02-15-2015, 07:20 AM
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Why don't you try posting that info in the Nashville thread? The people there will have more insight and possible knowledge of local quirks and tips for your city....
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Always use existing threads before starting a new one. See the stickies at the top of the section for the directory.

Walking the fine line between jaw-dropping and a plain ol' yawn.
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