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chezpaul's Avatar chezpaul 01:38 PM 03-13-2004
It was a ground loop. I bypassed the ground on my TV and all is fine... So now, I either leave it that way or I find out where it comes from... Also today I'm climbing on the roof to try and get a better signal as I've never touched my antenna yet. I just put it up in a vague direction and I got 45% on all channels.

The only channel I haven't yet seen is UPN.

To both Gary's... Do I still need a CM7775 if I'm already geting almost all channels with little drop outs. ? Can it only make it better or could I goof all this up ?

Thanks all for the knowledge once again.

GaryJC's Avatar GaryJC 04:58 PM 03-13-2004
Chezpaul, first of all on the vertical line issue...
The fact that it appears as a static line within the video frame means it was synchronous with the AC line frequency, 60Hz. A hint that suggests a grounding problem. You could try defining your AV amp or satellite receiver as the central grounding point, and connect all chassis grounds to that device in a star-like configuration. Then ground only that box to the AC plug and float the other boxes with 2-wire adapters. I hate suggesting this because it defeats the safety aspects of having 3-wire plugs on all the boxes, but sometimes this works best from a noise standpoint. The "star ground" eliminates ground loops between boxes.

It's hard to know whether 45% is good or bad since the signal level scales for the various boxes are all arbitrary. My gut feel is that 45% is probably low. The tendency is to be forgiving when you get any success at all, but after a while you'll probably be dissatisfied. For the low cost, I'd try the preamp to boost your signal levels across the board.

Cjames, living in South Laguna, I suspect you'll be terrain-challenged for receiving L.A. stations from Mount Wilson. The coastal range might be quite a barrier. You may have a clear shot at receiving the San Diego stations because of the way the coastline follows an arc between Laguna and San Diego. The distance won't be significantly different, and a straight shot beats an over-the-hill shot, for sure!

The primary benefit of HD is viewing the major network series shows and special events, since the local news, etc (and many secondary shows) are still carried only in SD. So you could watch the local L.A. shows in SD and network shows from San Diego in HD.

I hate to say it, but your best bet for local HD coverage might be cable, as even Dish and DirecTV don't have all the network HD feeds. They are concentrating on HD premium channels that they can charge more for. Dish for example carries only KCBS-HD and I think they still charge $1.50/month for that one station.

It would be worthwhile to check with some of the local specialty high end video stores, and ask if they've done any installations in Laguna. There's one such store on Lake Forest, just south of the 5. I think it's called "Genesis Audio/Video".
Rich4av's Avatar Rich4av 12:02 AM 03-14-2004

I am in north Laguna. With a small Silver Sensor antenna, I get strong reception on the San Diego HD stations. You should be able to as well. I can't get the LA stations at all.
chezpaul's Avatar chezpaul 11:06 PM 03-14-2004
That's wierd.. I went on the roof today to try to get a better signal strenghs as I'm 45% on every channel. well guess what.. Wherever I turn my antenna, I get 45%.. Wierd... So 45% it is... the image is fine and no drop outs so I'll have to live with it. I'll check back next week when I get my CM 7775.
chezpaul's Avatar chezpaul 12:51 AM 03-19-2004
Can someone please answer this?
Should I be geting UPN (66) 13.1 if I'm geting all the other channels?
I know they only have 2 HD shows... Jake 2.0 and Enterprise but I should be geting it in SD the rest of the time right ?
So what should I do to get it ? just move the antenna around ? It should be coming from the same place as the other stations right ?

(Still no CM7775) (Damn that free shipping sure takes long....)
GGoodrum's Avatar GGoodrum 07:34 AM 03-19-2004
chezpaul -- 13/66 has always been the weakest for me, even with an amp. I think you'll see an improvement across the board with the 7775.

cjames -- My mother's house is in Monarch Beach, just south of the Ritz-Carlton. From there I can get all the SD stations and none of the LA stations. I think it just depends on how high up you are. Some have had good luck from the developments that overlook the Dana Point harbor, which seems to confirm, as Gary pointed out, that the coastal terrain is going to be a problem for you.

-- Gary
inspector's Avatar inspector 09:22 AM 03-19-2004
City of Placentia...at the intersection of the 57 and 91 Fwys.

Last week I picked up the Silver Sensor at BB and I get channels 2; 4; 7; 11 HD with black side bars, 28 HD that fills the screen, 13 is SD and has black side bars, 9 I can't get and 5 is SD and fills the screen (I have a Mit. 65" 16x9 TV).

The one program that advertises that it's HD wide screen but comes only in SD wide screen is "ENTERPRISE"...I wonder why and who is getting it in HD???
Fletch's Avatar Fletch 10:35 AM 03-19-2004
KCOP-DT does not pass any HD.
ratbrain's Avatar ratbrain 10:53 AM 03-19-2004
i thought enterprise was in hd....
Fletch's Avatar Fletch 11:11 AM 03-19-2004
Well, I haven't checked in the past few weeks. Prior to that, KCOP-DT wasn't doing any HD. Maybe they've started...
chezpaul's Avatar chezpaul 11:21 AM 03-19-2004
Enterprise is in HD for sure.. I checked on multiple sites for the info. It even says in HD where available at the beginning of the show. Maybe KCOP in LA doesn't send it in HD ? Could that be possible..
I guess I'll have to wait for my amp.

It's so wierd.. I can twist and turn my antenna in every direction and I still get 45% strenght when panning across 120 degres...
inspector's Avatar inspector 01:41 PM 03-19-2004
They must, it sez right on the screen "High Definition Widescreen Zenith" or pretty close to that.
Fletch's Avatar Fletch 02:09 PM 03-19-2004

Originally posted by chezpaul
Enterprise is in HD for sure.

Yes, it is.


Maybe KCOP in LA doesn't send it in HD ?

Isn't that what I said?
chezpaul's Avatar chezpaul 02:20 PM 03-19-2004

Originally posted by Fletch
Yes, it is.

Isn't that what I said?

Yes it is but Enterprised started in HD in November 2003 so maybe U haven't checked since then ?
I was making the asumption.
ratbrain's Avatar ratbrain 03:46 PM 03-19-2004
i believe enterprise is the only program in HD on UPN so even though i cant get my Zenith SS to receive it, its no biggie, but laker games on the other hand.... waiting to get my CM 7775....
inspector's Avatar inspector 08:38 AM 03-21-2004

By getting the CM 7775, do you think you'll be able to get channel 13 in HD?

I know that some of my OTA HD channels look as though they just need to be tweeked to get them to look perfect...some of them have alot of EE.

Would the CM 7775 make all the OTA channels (HD/SD) picture perfect?
ratbrain's Avatar ratbrain 12:08 PM 03-22-2004
im hoping it will. from the advice of others on this forum, the CM 7775 should help a bit. but if enterprise is canceled, i guess there is no point in trying to get UPN reception as there wont be any more HD programming. im still hoping that kcal starts broadcasting the laker games in true hd so im hoping the CM can help me receive KCAL.
SRYork's Avatar SRYork 10:37 PM 03-22-2004
Has anyone heard anything about how the Winegard SquareShooter (SS-1000) performs in South Orange county. I believe I live very close to GaryJC, just maybe a bit higher up the ridge (off of Lake Forest Blvd, one block from Dimension). I currently have DirecTV all set up to receive their HD offerings with a Triple LNB already installed. I am a newbie and interested in add OTA HD since DirecTV doesn't include all of the majors, NBC, FOX, etc. I know they are planning on adding them, but when... It appears this antenna would be a good fit since it can be installed on top of the satellite dish, then added to the current feed from the dish with a diplexar. Am I missing something here?
GGoodrum's Avatar GGoodrum 12:23 AM 03-23-2004
I think it is great that we are finally seeing some new antenna designs. This is suppose to be a pretty directional antenna, but I'm not so sure. The beamwidth is about 60 degrees for most channels, which isn't all that great when compared to even simple Yagi models. Also, although I've said gain isn't critical, this one is low enough that an amp is definitely going to be required, IMO. Something like the CM 7775. What I haven't tried is connecting the 7775 through a diplexer. The power needs to travel back up the cable to the amplifier from the power supply, which is farther down the line, wherever power is available.

Nonetheless, I'm intrigued by the clean design and it would be great if it works!

-- Gary
chezpaul's Avatar chezpaul 10:07 PM 03-24-2004
Went on the roof tonight.. got my CM 7775... instaled it.. and.... NOTHING....
i'm geting the same channels execpt now 7.1 and 28.1 are not strong enough to come in at all times... Otherwise my signal strenght is still at 45% for all channels.. This is annoying... very... I want to get UPN.. I think I might try the shooter antenna.... Argh... !!!!
ratbrain's Avatar ratbrain 11:25 AM 03-25-2004
sorry to hear that the CM didnt help. i just got mine but havent had the time to mess with it. ill post my results as well soon.
SRYork's Avatar SRYork 11:50 AM 03-25-2004

The best price I've found for it is $75 on e-bay. I'd love for you to be the guinea pig. Let me know how it goes.

I asked about the pre-amp on another thread and was depressed and more confused with the response I recieved. Sorry, I don't know how to add the link to that thread. Its specifically on the SquareShooter in HDTV Hardware. Anyway, I am almost to the point of throwing my hands up and see how much a professional would charge. My head is spinning ...

Does anyone have any thoughts about where I could go locally to get some good advice?
buellwinkle's Avatar buellwinkle 02:47 PM 03-25-2004
It is tough because the amp only amplifies what it can get. A bad signal can not be made better through aplification. What you would need is a better line of sight by elevating it (put it on the chimany or a tall roof vent) or somecases it's just not possible. If LA is not possible try San Diego, even though it's further, their ABC station transmits at twice the power of the LA transmitter. I got a Silver Sensor in the mail yesterday so I'll experiment with San Diego this weekend.
chezpaul's Avatar chezpaul 03:18 PM 03-25-2004
The CM 7775 goes for 54$ from this web site... It's on page one or two of this thread...
I just ordered a Wineguard Square Shooter.. We'll see...

Line of site looks good to me.. Nothing in front of me ... (appart from the Culver City mountain)
hahah... ;-)
musicman40's Avatar musicman40 08:13 PM 03-27-2004
Well I got the $99 deal from D* today and I must say the HD stations are amazing. Watching basketball today in HD had me wondering why I waited so long.

We did run into a problem with the OTA antenna they brought as part of the package. It is a Winegard Sensar GS model. I'm up on the hill in the Las Flores area with an unobstructed view to the Saddleback mountains and a fairly clear shot to LA. The installer told me that the antenna only has a radius of about 45 miles. I'm about 65 miles to Mt. Wilson and about 70 miles to Mt Soledad in San Diego.

Any suggestions on what antenna I should get and how much I should pay for it? My neighbor says he picked up a antenna for about $30 from Frys and he gets HD fine.
chezpaul's Avatar chezpaul 10:53 AM 03-28-2004
Man... that's what this whole thread is about.. !!! What kind of antenna to get.. It's all over this thread... Just read a little... Start at page one too.
ratbrain's Avatar ratbrain 03:12 PM 03-29-2004
my results are in. set up my CM 7775 and i dont think its made a difference. part of me wants to believe its making the channels i already received a little bit stronger. but truthfully, i dont think its made a difference. from where my house is (Sherman Oaks) i have a clear line of sight to MT Wilson and i with or without the CM, i still dont get local KCAL or UPN.... @#$$^%#$ really frustrated now. i think i will be content w/ my silver sensor until i now Laker games are broadcast in true HD before trying more extreme measures to receive it.
dlt21's Avatar dlt21 06:20 PM 03-29-2004
Has anyone in West San Fernando Valley had any experience with the Winegard sensar2. I believe this is the OTA antenna that you get with the D* HD install.
Zipcode 91367,
rttrek's Avatar rttrek 06:55 PM 03-29-2004
KCOP-DT still has no HD. Besides Enterprise (and the cancelled Jake 2.0) they (UPN nationally) show some Friday night movies in HD.

For those of you not seeing KCOP-DTand KCAL-DT, are you aware that their PSIP data is wrong? Those stations aren't being mapped to their VHF counterparts. Try tuning in 43-1 and 66-1. Also, try this during prime time, not in the middle of the day.

I'm in north O.C. and have no problem getting anything from LA.
buellwinkle's Avatar buellwinkle 09:18 PM 03-29-2004
Woohoo, I'm getting the 3 ABC channels. Now there's not channel I'm not getting. I did some antenna tweaking and that helped. They do have drop outs now and then but it's a start anyway. The secret to antennas is simple, get the biggest antenna made and stick it on the biggest mast possible and use the largest amp with the thickest wire. Mine's the Winegard 13' HD model with their 36db distribution amp. I was also able to get San Diego 25 (ABC) for a short amount of time but then I lost it never to be found again.
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