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Local HDTV Info and Reception

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12-28-2013 | Posts: 3,742
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I figured you would just "find" it from your usual sources. I paid for it. Good investment since I save a lot of stuff to the server.
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Things like that which are not commonly used are often difficult to find in different places, unfortunately. At least the newer versions. Since I am unsure of what changed from previous iterations, I am hesitant about trying them. Oh well, maybe I can just get a new trial key by using different email addresses until I determine that I will use it often enough to pay the full price. Either that or they will have a sale. smile.gif
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12-28-2013 | Posts: 3,742
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Well, between the plethora of output formats, the speed, and the stellar commercial cutter....I had to get it. Just eliminating the commercials saves me all sorts of disk space.
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01-06-2014 | Posts: 2,056
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LOL, just discovered I had the answer right in front of me the whole time and didn't think to use it. Toast Titanium 11 on the Mac edits and converts files REAL easy. Looks fairly decent, too, so far. It even tells me the approximate size of the file when I choose each option, so if I care about how big it is, it's easy to see what the best option is. smile.gif Hope it keeps working well for me. smile.gif
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01-08-2014 | Posts: 3,742
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What's a MAC?
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01-08-2014 | Posts: 2,056
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Not a MAC. That is a Media Access Control address. I said a Mac. As in an Apple Macintosh computer. Mac OS X. I.e. not a P.O.S. Windows operating system that crashes every few days and has virus and malware all over it. smile.gif
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Oh, what version of Windows is this you speak of? I bought this computer about two or three months ago, installed all my DLNA servers on it, and use it every day. Havent rebooted it except to load a couple software updates. Havent had a virus or malware on it yet either....course, I dont click on links with addresses in Africa or Europe either smile.gif
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01-08-2014 | Posts: 2,056
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All of them. Too many security holes to exploit that Microsoft doesn't get told about or haven't gotten around to fixing or don't care to fix. And you don't have to go to blatantly bad sites. If a normal site you go to has been compromised, you can get it just by going to it. It's a little harder on a Mac. Just too many people out there writing bad crap for Windows. I guess either Apple's OS is too hard to write for or the virus and malware folks just don't think it's worth the time.

I've used Apple equipment primarily for about 10 years now. I haven't had near the amount of problems I've had with my Windows machines during the same time period on them. And I use the Mac's more, so you'd think I'd get something on it before my Windows box. It isn't all about getting virus's or malware, either. I've had problems with Windows machines and networking where things that should work, stop for no apparent reason. And just other stuff like that. Computers running any version of Windows is just not as stable all-around as I have found the Mac's I run to be. Too many years of tech support on Windows machines, too. The only thing I can count on my Windows machine to do reliably (well, almost reliably, with a few exceptions) is to run Windows Media Center and record my shows for me.

Not going to say any more about that because there is always someone that wants to start up a flame war about the topic. It's silly, too. They both do the same exact things (well, except for media center stuff. It's a bit more difficult to do.), just different ways about doing them. There are just areas that are a bit more stable on one than on the other.
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01-08-2014 | Posts: 3,742
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Doesnt Apple control all the peripherals and hardware, to make it more crashproof? I mean, I couldnt run out and buy a video card, or network controller at Best Buy and just pop it into a Mac and load a third party driver like I can with a Windows machine, right? I havent even seen a Mac since the days of the Commodore Amiga ran a Mac emulator, so I have no idea. They used to lock down the hardware stuff pretty tight tho.
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01-08-2014 | Posts: 2,056
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For 99% of the systems, yes, the motherboards and maybe the wifi cards and a few other components are all designed in California by them. It really does help out a LOT with stability. You don't have 300,000 different combinations you can put together to make a computer like you can with a Windows box. They still buy hard drives, LCD's, and maybe even the cd/dvd drives from third party manufacturers. Not sure what else. In the old Mac Pro's that just got replaced with the trash can looking ones, you could buy third party hardware like video cards and fiber boards and stuff to stick in them as long as they had the right stuff on them to allow them to work. This often involved Apple to approve licensing of the tech to do it. There are ways to buy certain Windows/Linux/whatever hardware that works close enough to the Apple stuff that you can make yourself a "Hackintosh". It isn't without problems, though.

The Apple hardware is pretty solid, all in all. Plus, the simple fact that it is all in house made, it makes it insanely easy to take your computer into an Apple Store (if you ever needed to) and to get that help pretty much right on the spot with little effort. That's another thing I love about Apple besides the reliability. I've only needed help maybe 3 times most and each time it was as simple as walking in, telling them whats up, and then walking out satisfied. I haven't had to fight with them like I have had to with Windows vendors. Customer support/service is simply outstanding with Apple. A lot of people complain about how much the computers cost with them. Yeah, it's a little high, but think about the quality of the hardware you get. If you were to go out and piece together a system with as high of quality equipment as you would get in an Apple machine, you would be right around the same amount of money for it. I know this because I tried to a few times. I was going to just build a high end Windows machine instead of cheaping out like I usually do. It was just as cost efficient to buy an Apple box that was far more reliable.

As far as the third party drivers, it really depends on what you are using. They aren't really "drivers" in the Windows sense, but there is software written to allow older stuff like a webcam, for example, to work when the companies that make them stop supporting them. And then there's software to make blu-ray drives work with OS X. But they really aren't "drivers", more like translators I would say to allow them to talk to the OS. The lack of dll's and the other files that Windows uses is another thing that makes the Apple operating system real stable. Not a lot of dependencies in the mix to screw stuff up.

Another thing I love about OS X is when you install a program, it is often a matter of dragging a file out of the compressed disk image to your Applications folder. When you wanna delete it, you just drag that file out of Applications and into the trash. Empty the trash and it's gone. You might have a couple of itty bitty files hanging around. All in all installilng/uninstalling software is a nightmare on Windows in comparison.

If you get a chance sometime, run by the Apple Store over on Chenal and check out some of their computers now. Given what you said was the last time you saw one, I think you would be pleasantly surprised at them. They really do work just about the same as a Windows machine. Just some things are in different places. (I may go look up media center stuff for OS X. It's been a while since I looked into that.)
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01-09-2014 | Posts: 3,742
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I just bought a HP Phoenix Core I7 box about 3 months ago, so its gonna be a long time before I need something else. I just wanted to get one box that would run all my apps, programs, AND function as the server for all my DLNA devices at the same time. I was tired of running two or three computers all the time to make all that happen. Now I just have this one box, with all 7 hard drives in it, and a HP i5 laptop to use in another room or on the road if I need to.
Might check out Apple if I ever get to needing another box, but I figure it will be a LONG time from now.
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02-16-2014 | Posts: 3,742
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Are any of the Razorback baseball games on satellite? I see they are on Razorvision streaming, but Im not paying $13 for a month unless its in HD, and I find no reference to the quality.
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02-19-2014 | Posts: 56
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The baseball telecasts on Razorvision are not in HD, at least they were not on opening weekend. The video quality was disappointing. I signed up on National Signing Day for 1/2 price. So it's $6.49 per month on a month-to-month basis. I'll cancel after baseball season.
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02-19-2014 | Posts: 3,742
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Thanks. Let me know if they have any more 1/2 price sales. No way will I pay full price for Standard Def.
Do any of the Razorback baseball games get uplinked on KU or C band, like maybe to the SEC network?
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02-20-2014 | Posts: 56
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There are several Hogs baseball games to be televised, including some on ESPN networks. Several are on Cox, the cable system in NW Arkansas. I'm hoping some of those may be carried on Watch ESPN (formerly ESPN3). Here's a link to the schedule which shows the television coverage:
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02-20-2014 | Posts: 3,742
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03-01-2014 | Posts: 2,056
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So, I finally get around to watching "Man of Steel" via VUDU tonight in HDX. Seems that all VUDU is capable of outputting as far as surround on my Roku 3 is Dolby Digital Plus....which we have determined my silly Sony STR-DH700 just won't do. So, I had to go change the audio settings on my Roku to be stereo only. Kinda ruined the movie for me. I REALLY wanted to hear it in full surround. So, it made me start thinking that maybe after 5 years almost of owning the unit that I might need to do yet another upgrade to my system.

I was wondering, are there any A/V receivers out there anyone can suggest that will do Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio as well as this annoying Dolby Digital Plus while sticking around the $200 price range? I know that is REALLY low, but it just happens to be all I have at the present moment. Not sure I can talk the wife into much more than that. When doing a quick search on Amazon, one of the first AVR's I ran across was a Yamaha RX-V375. It seems to do the basics of what I want, but then I saw the RX-V475 (which is quite a bit more expensive) and it has quite a few more things like I want like network control, Airplay, Internet Radio, another HDMI input, stuff like that. Just not real sure about the Yamaha name anymore. Figured there might be enough experience on here to tell me if they are worth it or not.

If anyone has any thoughts or advice, I'd appreciate it.

EDIT: Looks like the Pioneer VSX-822-k might be okay, too. I talked to my wife a little about it and she seemed to think we could add in another $100 to spend. Just hoping to find more info about what I would want/need and what is or is not a good brand anymore. All I've ever known is my Kenwood and this Sony. I'll keep looking and maybe add a few more models if I find anything else.

EDIT 2: Actually, the VSX-823 looks better than the 822. It is $301.98 right now on Amazon. But, is Pioneer any good?? I can read all the reviews on it, but I don't know if I can trust those people. I trust you guys here more.

EDIT 3: Someone recommended the Denon AVR-E300, but I am even more unsure about it because I haven't seen one in person I don't think. It is $399.00.
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03-07-2014 | Posts: 599
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Did you make up your mind which one?

Feel free to ignore the question. I quit getting e-mail notifications and thought I would post to see if they start again.

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03-07-2014 | Posts: 2,056
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Nope, never made up my mind. Was waiting for someone on here to chime in. I guess everyone's email notifications have stopped.
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03-11-2014 | Posts: 2
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Sorry to go off topic, but I'm desperate for information and figured this forum is a good place to start.


I have a Happauge tuner/capture card on a Win7 64 bit system I built in December.  Started receiving DTV signals immediately on local stations and recorded some local news content, using WMC, and it worked like a charm.

Fast forward to a week ago, when I scheduled a recording only to find it did not work this time.  At first I thought I had improperly set WMC's timer, but when I tried opening the WMC guide found local affiliates KARK, KATV, KTHV and KLRT missing.  Tried scanning and re-scanning thru the Happauge software, same result.


I'm reading on other market forums here that Comcast is encrypting CQAM availability and wonder if you good folks know whether they've flipped a switch here in LR that follows suit.


If that's the case, can anybody suggest a work-around for this?  Would a Comcast supplied cable card restore my capability to record local stations using my PC?


My service is full HD with a DVR, and the easy solution would be to record locals using that.  The rub is, I need local news content from these stations to distribute to clients; I tried using a USB interface to move DVR recordings to my PC but the resolution was very poor. 


Forgive me for hijacking this thread, just looking for the most current local info.  Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.

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03-11-2014 | Posts: 69
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Does that tuner have and ASTM tuner in it too? If so and if all your after is local content the I would just use an antenna with it, then you'll get access to all of the local stations and sub-channels, not just the ones Comcast passes through QAM.
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03-11-2014 | Posts: 3,742
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Yes, Comcast is encrypting everything here at my house now. You have two choices, get a Comcast DTA box for $3 a month, and record with it, assuming the IR blaster on the hauppauge can change the channels on the DTA. Second choice would be a Tivo Premier or Roamio, which allow you to copy directly from the DVR to your computer, with decryption. I dont believe any cable card solutions will work, and the card will still need to be present to decrypt the signal. Might be wrong on that tho.
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Ok, so the email notifications ARE working for at least a couple other people. Good to know.
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Been a long time since I shopped for audio components of the type you're talking about (Panasonic was still making Technics gear, if that gives you a decade reference.)  I got sidetracked by computer and pro a/v and just never picked it back up. 

Maybe Consumer Reports would be a more objective resource?

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Originally Posted by Davenlr View Post

Yes, Comcast is encrypting everything here at my house now.

Yap, that is a bummer. I used to get about 35 channels via QAM tuner for free, and now only 3 bulletinpage channels. So back to OTA stations.

BTW, what happen to Soul Of The South (30-1) channel as it only shows test pattern screen. That was a boring channel anyway. Hopefully they replace it with more entertaining channels such as AntennaTV.
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04-27-2014 | Posts: 2,056
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Just wondering, would anyone here have a need or want to purchase either a Kenwood TS-B2000 with the remote control unit or an Icom IC-751 ham radio transceiver? They were my fathers radios. He was WA5KQU. He passed away on February 3rd and I inherited them because my step-mother didn't want to have to move them or want to have to store them. I have all the books and stuff that came with them (at least I am 99% sure I do because he was always real good at keeping up with them) and they are in really good shape.

I just don't have the license (Technician class, no plus) to use them and am fairly certain my wife and my homeowners association (mainly my wife) wouldn't let me put up an antenna farm. Plus, I just never was as into it as my dad was. Anything I remembered about operating them, I have since forgotten. It's all a bit too much for me, honestly. I would rather someone else buy them off of me and give them a good home than to stick them in my attic gathering dust and not getting used.

I also have a couple of antennas that I took down, antenna tuner, antenna switch, a couple of desk mics, the transformer he had the TS-B2000 hooked up to, and other stuff of his that I can list out if anyone might be interested in them. Just let me know, I'll be happy to talk about it with interested parties. While I kinda would like to keep them, I don't know what the devil I would do with it all. About the only HF radio of his I am keeping is his HeathKit HW-101 that he built a long long time ago that I also got to use a little while for Navy Mars.

Just let me know. Thanks.
Davenlr's Avatar Davenlr
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04-27-2014 | Posts: 3,742
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Isnt the Kenwood 6M, 2m and 440 as well as HF? Id love to have one of those, but darn if I could ever afford one Smile
The Icom is the competitor to the Yaesu FT757 I have. Good radio, but don’t let the backup battery die. I hear it’s a pain to replace.
He didn’t have any mobile VHF/UHF gear did he? My 20 yr old 2M mobile rig is worn out, can hardly hear the audio on it anymore. Was thinking of replacing it, since I do like to participate in Skywarn, and it’s a lot more productive to be in a car, rather than looking out the back window of the house.
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04-27-2014 | Posts: 2,056
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Yeah, I think it can because, if I remember right, it has a TNC built into it for Packet. That model is supposed to be entirely computer controlled, but can have the remote unit for mobile use. He had the receipt in there for it. He paid like $1,350 for it back in 2002 I think it was. Got the instructions for it and everything, including the cd for the software.

I don't know when the last time the Icom was used. Couldn't find the instructions in the folder with everything else, so they might be in the box, too. I haven't looked at it in a while either.

The only mobile radios he had was a TM-733A which I plan on keeping. I am thinking about getting the cigarette lighter plug cable for it because I don't wanna have to run the wires through the firewall or anything. Then he had this Kenwood TH-G71 handy talkie.

I looked at the antennas...well, the normal antennas. One was a R7 Cushcraft and the other was one of those MFJ Super High-Q loops Model 1786 I believe. Then there was a couple of wire antennas that are those rope like ones that gets wrapped around the plastic handle.

Gosh, there is just a lot of stuff. LOL
Davenlr's Avatar Davenlr
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04-27-2014 | Posts: 3,742
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How much you want for the TH-G71?
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04-30-2014 | Posts: 2,056
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Hey, Dave, meant to ask you when you were here earlier, are they still doing those subsidies for the LED bulbs with Entergy? Or do you know when it might expire? Thinking about talking my wife into getting a few of those Cree's. Everything I have seen about them is really good. Seem to have a great warranty on them, too.

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